Tired of using heating styling tools? Want to try something to replace it? Using heating iron everyday to style your hair is not a good option if you want healthy hair. The heating styling tools may give you some amazing hairstyles but they also damage your hair to a great extent.

It is always advisable to use heating tools as little as possible and definitely not on a day to day basis. It may dry out your hair from the core and weaken your hair too. Not only that, it also decreases the quality of your hair over time and degrades them every time you use the tools.

There are a number of easy heatless hairstyles that you can do in your everyday routine. We have listed some of the best heatless hairstyles for you. Go ahead and read the article below to know more about these hairstyles. 

Heatless Hairstyles That Can Save Your Day

  • 11 Cute Heatless Hairstyles To Do This Summer
    • Space Buns
    • Half Up Half Down
    • Dutch Braid
    • Scarf Bun
    • French Braid
    • Rope Braid
    • Waterfall Braid With Flowers
    • Twisted Side Braid
    • No Heat Beach Waves
    • Air Dried Waves
    • Bubble Ponytail

10 Cute Heatless Hairstyles To Do This Summer

1. Space Buns

Space buns are some super cute heatless hairstyles that do not take too much of your time at all. Need to rush to a party or want to wear it to your school? No problem. Space buns are good to go for any occasion and place.

For space buns, you can go for complete top knot buns or half up half down looks. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, space buns are perfect for all hair lengths. You can add in some extra accessories such as cute scrunchies or a headband to give an extra touch to your buns. 

heatless hairstyles - Space Bun

Style Tip- You can make a braid on either side and wrap your space buns with braid for a very decorative look.

2. Half Up Half Down

A half up half down look is one of the easiest heatless hairstyles for short hair. If you are in a rush, go for this hairstyle. A half up half down look can be done in many different ways and different accessories. You can see which one you want to go for.

You can do a half up half down look with a braid, a ponytail, a top knot or space buns too. All these hairstyles look best on all hair types and hair lengths. If you are looking for a  fuss-free hair-do, this is the one. A half up half down look is ideal for all events from formal to casual to party.

Style Tip- Throw in some accessories like scrunchies and hair clips to make the bun, ponytail or braid more lively and fancy.

3. Dutch Braid 

Dutch braid is technically the opposite of french braid with the ends coming outwards instead of inwards. This braid is also one of the heatless hairstyles that keep your hair in place all day long.  For short haired women, you can go for a dutch braid on the top of the head followed by a ponytail. 

And if you have medium or long hair, you can try a complete dutch braid if you want. A dutch braid looks really fancy when decorated with clips and pins. You can go for two dutch braids as well if you want to keep it casual.

Style Tip-  You can wear two dutch braids as pigtails and keep some face-framing tendrils out from the front of your face.

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4. Scarf Bun

It is the summer time and this means you need to take out all those hair scarves and bandanas to wear. Nothing suits the scarves more than a breezy summer morning. You can try getting some cute heatless hairstyles using these accessories this summer.

You can do many hairstyles with a scarf such as a braided scarf look, a ponytail wrapped in a scarf, free curls or waves with a bandana headband and many more. You can also go for a messy bun with a bandana headband if you are in a hurry. These accessories provide you with abundant choices of heatless hairstyles for your everyday life.

heatless hairstyles - Scarf Bun

Style Tip- You can use a scarf to decorate your braid or tie your ponytail with the scarf. You can also weave the scarf into the braid.

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5. French Braid

Braids can never go wrong as stylish heatless hairstyles and a french braid is a pretty fancy braid to do. Not only does it look very charming but also keeps your hair in place tightly throughout the day. You can go for this hairstyle if you are up for braids and want your hair out of your face.

A french braid may take some time to get perfect if you are a beginner but the end result is all worth it! A french braid is a perfect hairstyle for everyday use and for all occasions. You can also try different styles with it such as a side twisted french braid or two french braids for hairstyle.

heatless hairstyles - French Braid

Style Tip- You can take some tendrils out from the front of your head and wear a bandana or a headband before braiding a french braid. Other than this, you can use pearls to decorate the braids for a party effect.

6. Rope Braid

A rope braid can be one of those really cute heatless hairstyles when you are in a hurry to style your hair. Rope braid is one of those easiest braids out there for you to do within a few minutes. Rope braids can be a go-to hairstyle for any occasion and it is especially the best idea for long hair.

Rope braids do not need much effort and if you are in a rush, you can use this hairstyle. You can do a ponytail and section it into two equal parts. Twist both the sections clockwise each and then twist them both together in the opposite direction. Secure it with a rubber band and here is your rope braid!

Style Tip- You can use some fancy pearls or pins or even a scarf to decorate your rope braid. 

7. Waterfall Braids With Flowers

Waterfall braids are really cute heatless hairstyles to do for any occasion and you can also do this hairstyle with your long hair. Not only is it easy and quick but also does not require much efforts. 

Waterfall braids can also be done with different styles and making a flower out of the braid is very popular among them. You can mix waterfall braids with other braid types such as french braid or rope braid or even bubble braid and get an outstanding look as a result. 

heatless hairstyles - Waterfall Braid

Style Tip- You can use pearls or fancy pins to ornate the flower and the braids to get a decorative look. You can also try waves at the bottom for a voluminous look.

8. Twisted Side Braid

A twisted side braid is also among the easy heatless hairstyles for long hair. If you have medium length hair or long hair, you can easily wear this hairstyle. The hairstyle does not involve much hassle and effort. A side braid can be worn on any occasion, be it formal or casual. It gives an adorable look to the regular braid by adding the twist.

You can partition your hair into three-fourth sections and take all your hair towards the bigger portion. Twist the hair from the front to the back and secure it with a clip or bobby pin. Then finish your braid on the side and secure it. Here your twisted braid is ready to roll.

Twisted Side Braid

Style Tip- You can use some fancy pins to secure the twist or do fishtail or four strand braid or any other easy braid. You can also twist on both the sides and do the braid at the back.

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9. No Heat Beach Waves

Among the  heatless hairstyles is the no heat beach waves that can be done without using the curling iron. Beach waves give a lovely flair to the hair without doing much and can pose as a hairstyle for any event and occasion.

You can get beach waves overnight by several methods such as twisting your damp hair and sleeping or tying them with a scrunchie into a bun. You can also tie them into french braids and sleep overnight to get beautiful waves the next day. Beach waves look good on all hair types and lengths so you can choose this hairstyle without any hesitation.

No Heat Beach Waves

Style Tip- You can accessorize your beach waves with a bandana or hair scarf. You can also twist the front and clip them from one of the sides for a simple pretty hairstyle.

10. Air Dried Waves

Not using a hair dryer might also actually give you good natural waves. These waves can be the perfect heatless hairstyles for short hair. If you don’t have a clue how to air dry your hair, we can help you. You can claim these easy, effortless waves or defined curls within a few minutes.

After washing your hair, twist them and remove all the extra water. Remove all the tangles and when the hair is semi-dry, partition it into two sections. Secure the two sections into buns and only release when dry. Detangle and comb the hair properly and here they are – your air dried-waves.

Style Tip- You can use a smoothening product on your hair before combing your damp hair to get a silkier finish.

11. Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail can be extremely cute when done on long hair. And when we say it is easy, we mean it to the core. Bubble ponytail is simply a ponytail tied at some intervals that make it seem like bubbles. The length and number of bubbles can vary depending on your hair length and preference.

A bubble ponytail does not require much time to style as you just need to do a ponytail. You can use various colored or fancy hair ties to get a more lively look. You can do a high ponytail or a low one, whichever you like. The hairstyle looks the best on long hair but you can do it with short hair as well.

Style Tip- You can do a bubble ponytail with a fishtail braid as well! It can turn out to be a gorgeous hairstyle if you want to do your hair for a party.

Final Words

You can try any of these easy heatless hairstyles for your parties, school, college, office or even a fun date night. Why use those styling tools when you can style your hair effortlessly without them. 

Rome was not built in a day and it may take you more time than expected in the first try. Though perfection may take some time, you can try these cute heatless hairstyles out. See which hairstyle suits you the best and let us know which you loved trying out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3 types of dry hairstyles that do not require heat?

Braids, ponytails and buns do not require any kind of heating tools to style unless you want properly defined curls or waves for your ponytail or are going for a half up half down look. These three hairstyles are pretty simple to do with some practice and can be your daily hairstyles to avoid using heating tools.

How can I style my hair without heat?

You can style your hair into buns, braids or ponytails using different types of accessories to style your hair without using heating tools. French braid, dutch braid, rope braid, waterfall braid, bubble ponytail, high ponytail, a side twisted ponytail, top knot, space buns, or half up half down looks are some hairstyles that can be done without heat.

How can I style my hair overnight?

You can start an easy overnight hairstyle simply by slipping an elastic headband around your head. Then, starting from the left side, tuck one or two inches of sections of your hair over and around the top of the band. To get tighter curls, wrap the hair around the band more tightly and  for loose curls wrap it looser. In the morning, you can notice curls in your hair.