In a puzzle what hairstyle to do during this warm spring weather? Wondering how to braid your hair for school or college? Want to try something interesting with your hair? This is the time you can try braiding your hair in a different way than usual. 

Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays with the so-called “protective hairstyles”. Being named as protective, some types of braids can stay untouched for a long duration of time without requiring much effort. Therefore, 

You might be thinking braids are difficult or take too much time to be perfect, but this is not the case for all braids. There are some braids that are voguish and simple as well that you can do in your everyday life. We have listed some different types of braids to try and have fun styling your hair.

Different Braids Hairstyles To Save Your Day

  • 12 Different Types of Braids
    • Three Strand Braid
    • French Braid
    • Dutch Braid
    • Fishtail Braid
    • Waterfall Braids
    • Four Strand Braid
    • Box Braids
    • Pull Through Braids
    • Rope Braid
    • Cornrow Braids
    • Milkmaid Braid
    • Lace Braid
  • Some Celebrity Inspired Braided Hairstyles
    • Tia Mowry
    • Heather Rae Young
    • Zendaya

Top 12 Must-Try Different Types of Braids 

1. Three Strand Braid

The most basic braid is the regular three strand braid that almost all of us know. This simple braid can be stylish as long as you know how to style it properly. The three strand braid stands as a classic and is used as a base for many different braids as well.

A loose one-sided three strand braid is one of the best ways to style your hair easily. It can also be used to braid the protective hairstyles or can be decorated with scarves, pins, beads, clip-ons, etc.

2. French Braid

A braid that stays firm even after a heavy workout session is a french braid. The ever-classic french braid alone can be enough to style up your plain ‘fit. The french braid might take some time to master perfectly but eventually, it turns out to be a handy hairstyle.

French braids are very common and can be worn in your everyday routine as well once you get a grip on it. The french braid stays attached to the head and as you go downwards it gets simple to execute turning into the regular three strand braid.

3. Dutch Braid

A dutch braid is rather unusual but if you can master french braid, then dutch braid is a bit similar to it. The only change in the dutch braid is that you cross underneath the braid instead of the top.

Two dutch braids is one of the most popular hairstyles for both long and short hair lengths. A dutch braid, just like french braid, keeps the hair tightly secured all day long. You can use extensions or other accessories over dutch braids to get a longer braid length or more fancy look.

Dutch Braids - types of braids

4. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are one of the most attractive of all types of braids. Appearing so romantic, fishtail braids are even easy to style. The only thing is that it may take some more time to complete depending on the hair length.

Fishtail braid is done by taking thin sections of your hair and braiding them into each other like a three strand braid. The fishtail braid goes from thick at the top to thin at the bottom when you secure it. A fishtail also gives multiple styling options though it alone is also enough to glam up your outfit. A bit of accessories never hurt anyone though!

5. Waterfall Braid

A braid that is as refreshing as spring is the waterfall braid! If you want a braid that does not keep your hair bound but keeps it out of your face, then the waterfall braid can be the choice. 

The waterfall braid does not take too much time and can be done with various methods. You can wear this hairstyle to any occasion when you need an instant stylish hairstyle. Be it a date, school, or even office, you can rock this braid with any outfit.

waterfall briad - types of braids

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6. Four Strand Braid

You might be thinking a four strand braid would be more difficult to do than the three strand one. But rather it is equally easy if you can remember the order of pattern for the braid. 

The easiest method to start a four strand braid is to do the side braid. This way you can see what you are doing and how the pattern goes. There are various methods to do the four strand braid hence you can try and see which method is more feasible for you to do.

Four strand Braid - types of braids

7. Box Braid

You may love those hairstyles done from box braids and might want them too. They look so difficult at first sight which is why you would hesitate from getting them done. But the truth is the other way round. What makes box braids so simple is the available extensions nowadays.

Box braids are the real popular deal in hairstyles nowadays because of the protective hairstyles in demand. Box braids may seem to be difficult and heavy but they are very light and versatile to style with.

Box Braid - types of braids

8. Pull Through Braid

Pull-through braids have been a rising sensation for quite some time. This is not only because of the mohawk look that they give but because of the ease to style them. Also these braids do not come off so soon and can stay put for an entire day which is why they are widely preferred.

Pull-through braids are a bunch of ponytails interlinked by passing through each other and forming a kind of braid as a result. The hairstyle is very simple and can be a very good option when you do not want to spend too much time styling the hair. There are many different accessories that can be used on pull-through braids as well such as pearl hair ties or other embellishments.

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9. Rope Braid

This latest type of braid is the simplest you can get out there. No patterns or orders you need to remember. Rope braid literally looks and is styled like a rope and gives a unique texture to hair. You can also use rope braids to form the classic box braids.

All you need to do is form two sections of hair and just twist those sections individually. Finally, twist those two sections together and secure them tightly with a hair tie and you are ready to go! But the only catch is that you need to twist the two sections in the opposite direction to the direction of the strands twisted. 

rope-braid - types of braids

10. Cornrow Braid

You might think a cornrow braid is too much of a hassle to do it everyday. But cornrows are known to be one of the protective hairstyles, meaning they can stay for long periods of time and need not be made every day.

Cornrow braids are not a new hairstyle but in recent years, they have been trending very often. You can try this protective hairstyle for any type of occasion and with any outfit. Cornrow braids can also be garnished with various accessories like beads, shells, rings, colorful yarns or cuffs.

Cornrow Braids - types of braids

11. Milkmaid Braid

A milkmaid braid is amusing and pretty in itself. No need for too many extra accessories for this hairstyle since it is a very decorative hairstyle. You braid the three strand braid from one side of the head, wrap it to the top of the head and pin it on the other end behind the ear.

You can wear a milkmaid braid taking all your hair as an updo or get a half up half down look by keeping hair open at the back. This braid can be a perfect hairstyle for a party or festive occasion with some additional accessories. 

Milkmaid-Braids - types of braids

12. Lace Braid

Got bangs that you want to hide or style for an occasion? This is the most ideal hairstyle from all kinds of braids to have your bangs styled without much hassle. The lace braid is actually like a lace for your face frame. 

It is ultimately a french braid with the hair being added into the braid only from any one side of the face. This gives the hairstyle a lacey effect as it frames one side of the face like a veil. You can keep the rest of the hair open at the back or style it into a bun or ponytail as well.

Some Celebrity Inspired Braided Hairstyles

Tia Mowry

This jaw-dropping braided look of Tia Mowry is when she posted on her social media in January 2021. The silver embellishments dripping down her braid is absolutely gorgeous and goes well with her make up.

Tia Mowry

Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young posted this on her Instagram when she went to the fight club with her husband on 26th January 2022. The two pretty dutch braids complement her outfit very well rather than stealing the show. Despite being simple, the hairstyle is enough to give a touch of glam.

Heather Rae Young


The Euphoria actress, Zendaya, effortlessly pulled off the mind-blowing outfit along with jumbo box braids at the CFDAs in 2021. The long braids fell down all the way past her butt, going beautifully with her red sassy two piece. Wanna style your outfits after her? Here are some Zendaya Outfits Ideas for you.


Final Words

Braids can be your option when you are having a bad hair day or want your hair out of your face but in a fashionable manner. You can always style your hair into a braid and go care-free the whole day without worrying about the braid getting messed up. 

All types of braids mentioned above are simple to do at home and with some effort and time you can master each of them. Furthermore, you can have your own styling session by adding some accessories or tying the braids into another hairstyle as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What braids are trending?

Braids are the hairstyles that are evergreen while the types of braids on hype keep switching. A few of the braids that are on-trend in 2022 are:
– Box Braids
– Braided Ponytail
– Dutch Braid
– Crochet Braids
– French Braid
– Fishtail Braid
– Cornrow Braids
– Fulani Braids
– Goddess Braids
– Waterfall Braids

Are box braids still popular?

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle then box braids are still the best option to choose this year. Box braids had once been a fashion trend of the ‘90s and are back again this spring. 
You can keep your box braids and style them however you like such as small, medium or jumbo braids. Small and medium box braids can be further styled into ponytails or other hairstyles.

How long do braids last?

Braids can usually last for up to anytime between two to eight weeks. The period depends on the types of braids and their size. However, you need to look after and maintain it carefully for the braids to last longer. Hair regrows frequently and this can look very messy hence you will have to redo the hairstyle every two to three weeks anyways. 

What is the most protective hairstyle?

Protective hairstyles are one of the trendiest hairstyles nowadays because of the long lasting styling they provide. Here are some of the braided protective hairstyles that stay for long periods of time.
– Box Braids
– Knotless Box Braids
– Marley Braids
– Faux Braids
– Fulani Braids
– Cornrow Braids
– Goddess Braids

How do you accessorize braids?

Accessories are never too much or too less for braids. There are several decorative accessories that can be used to enhance your simple braids such as beads, pearls, cuffs, shells, rings, colorful clip-ons, hair spirals, strings, etc. These accessories are all easy to use on your hair and come in different shapes, colors, patterns and materials.