What a relief it is to tie your hair up during the sunny springtime! But a hassle that comes along with the hair ties is tangled hair and hair fall problems. A way out of this trouble is to use a scrunchie in place of hair ties or rubber bands. Yes! Whether you like it or not, the scrunchies of the ’80s have made a comeback.

There are several benefits associated with scrunchies and research has backed these benefits as well. Widely used in place of regular hair bands or hair ties, scrunchies seem to prevent many problems caused by them. Scrunchies are extremely comfortable, versatile enough, and gentle on hair yet strong enough to hold the hair together from ponytails to messy buns and everything in between. 

Previously scrunchies were deemed to be best for nighttime routines alongside the stylish look. Scrunchies are back into trend and are now made with all fabrics from satin to velvet, patterned from plaid to polka dots, and embellished with various things from pearls to crystals and are worn for a decorative stylish look as well. Below are a few types of scrunchies and ideas for how to style scrunchies that you can try.

How to Style Scrunchies in Different Ways

  • Different Types Of Scrunchies
    • Velvet Hair Scrunchie
    • Satin Hair Scrunchie
    • Silk Hair Scrunchie
    • Oversized Hair Scrunchie
    • Scrunchie With Bows or Tails 
    • Slip Hair Scrunchie
    • Embellished Hair Scrunchie
    • Tulle Hair Scrunchie
    • Faux Fur Scrunchie
  • Hairstyles To Do Using Scrunchie
    • Top Knot
    • High Ponytail
    • Half Ponytail
    • Braided Look
    • Messy Low Bun
    • Space Buns
    • Dutch Braids
    • Bubble Ponytail
    • Fish Braid
    • Twisted Ponytail

Different Types Of Scrunchies

Scrunchies differ according to the fabric material they are made from, their size, and many more additions that they have. Here are a few types of scrunchie that you ought to know. First, let’s learn the types of Scrunchie and then how to style Scrunchies.

Velvet Hair Scrunchie

Velvet Hair Srcunchies

Velvet can help with the dreadful ponytail bump you get after a few hours of the ponytail. Apart from being trendy and fancy, velvet minimizes creases and ponytail bumps as the fabric do not create a tight, damaging hold. Velvet is great for all hair types since it is so hair friendly.

Satin Hair Scrunchie

Satin scarves and bonnets are known to help prevent frizz, especially for curly and oily hair. And so the idea to wear a satin scrunchie is even more preferred. Wearing a satin scrunchie in wet hair does not absorb the moisture from your hair.

Satin hair scrunchies are sassy and sophisticated apart from the hair safety that it provides. Satin scrunchies can be worn for almost any occasion and also be worn while sleeping as long as your hair is not tied too tight.

Silk Hair Scrunchie

There are multiple benefits of silk scrunchies and sheets. They help to prevent creases and wrinkles on the hair. Silk also prevents friction and, in a way, breakage of your hair. In scrunchies, silk, similar to satin, creates a smooth surface for your hair with no rubbing or pulling, thus preventing frizz and breakage. Undoubtedly, silk scrunchies can also be worn safely while you sleep. 

Oversized Hair Scrunchie

Oversized Hair Scrunchie- How to Style Srcunchies

Oversized scrunchies are always better for those thick hair that often seem difficult to fit in the regular hair bands. Not only do they keep the hair tight but also avoid them breaking, unlike the hair ties. These oversized scrunchies are best for styling your hair into a messy bun, thick power pony, or a low bun. 

Scrunchie With Bows or Tails

Scrunchie With Bows or Tails-

Also known as the scarf scrunchie, these scrunchies looked similar to when women style their hair with scarves. Styling the hair with scarves adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit. The scrunchies with tails or scarf scrunchie for an event that calls for some embellishment in the back. Similar are scrunchies with a bow shape on them. A bow or tailed scrunchie looks best when used upon a ponytail or braid or a bun.

Slip Hair Scrunchie

Slip Hair Scrunchie- How to Style Srcunchies

For those who do not want a too large or standing-out scrunchie for a regular workout session or sweaty routine, slip scrunchies can help you out. These thin scrunchies are versatile enough to not strain the hair while keeping it intact. You can braid your hair and tie a slip scrunchie to keep it in place or tie your pony with it. 

Embellished Hair Scrunchie

Embellished Hair Scrunchie

Scrunchies you want to slide in for a party or a very fancy look are the embellished ones. These scrunchies are inlaid with different decorative embellishments such as pearls, beads, gems, or any other decorative items. These scrunchies are loose and often best to get an instant party look. You can style these embellished scrunchies with a low bun or a half-up half-down ponytail to get a stunning look.

Tulle Hair Scrunchie

Tulle hair scrunchies are mostly translucent and netted but they give off a very feminine and adorable look. Tulle scrunchies can be inlaid with embellishments or bows but there are also solid colors that you can go for in these hair scrunchies. Tulle scrunchies are flexible and can be used on short or long hair regardless of the hairstyle. But they especially look best with buns or braids.

Faux Fur Scrunchie

Faux Fur Scrunchie- How to Style Srcunchies

Faux fur scrunchies are furry scrunchies and can be your party or regular stylists for hair. Faux fur scrunchies are perfect for long or thin hair since they give a lush and chic effect to the hair. These scrunchies are better than embellished hair scrunchie since they do not tangle with the hair and can still give a fancy look.

Hairstyles To Do Using Scrunchie

Top Knot

Top Knot

A sassy top knot along with a bow or tailed hair scrunchie is the most ideal look you want for a spring or summer look. You can wear this look upon a dress or any other outfit to match the hairstyle. You can also keep your hair half down if you want a more easy-going look. Add on a few light braids to it or maybe not, however, it will be the best look you can get for a party, outing, or even a simple walk to the supermarket!

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High Ponytail

High Ponytail- How to Style Srcunchies

A simple high ponytail can be glammed up within a snap by tying it with a matching scrunchie. Whether it is for school, a casual walk, or a party, there is always a perfect scrunchie for the occasion with a high ponytail. You can keep your hair straightener or curl or wave it to give an additional touch to it. If you are having a bad hair day, this hairstyle can be your aid.

Half Ponytail

Half Ponytail

A half-pony can be the one you can do for your school or college outfit when you are feeling lazy. You can tie your ponytail high or low leaving half of the hair down open. You can also braid a few strands of hair or curl or wave them to get a party or festive look with a suitable fancy scrunchie.

Braided Look

Braided Look

After a regular ponytail, a braid is the one you can go for if you want all of your hair tied into place. A lousy side braid or any type of braid that you like can be enhanced with a hair scrunchie. You can also tie a ponytail and braid your hair and tie it again. A braid can be your rescue for a bad hair day or when you do not want your hair off your face but want to style it as well.

Messy Low Bun

Messy Low Bun- How to Style Srcunchies

Nothing feels more comfortable than a low and messy bun. But is it only limited to that? No, right! A messy low bun tied with silk, satin, or oversized scrunchie can be one of the best hairstyles with a party dress or special occasion. As easy as it is to style, a low and messy bun not only gives a very subtle and classy look but also stays in place without any effort.

Space Buns

Space Buns

Space buns always seem to give off a cool, classy as well as adorable look. You can tie your hair into two space buns either completely or go for a half up half down look if you want. Space buns look the best with any type of scrunchie- satin, tulle, slip or silk any occasion you have, you can always find the perfect scrunchie for your space buns.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids, either double, can be styled with a scrunchie. You can also draw a dutch braid from either of the sides and draw it into a ponytail and tie it with a scrunchie. Another hairstyle with a dutch braid is to do a half up half down look with a bun or ponytail, either high or low. There are endless possibilities with this braid you can try along with a scrunchie.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail- How to style Srcunchies

A bubble ponytail is an extremely refreshing and unique look to get with scrunchies. Several hair scrunchies are tied at intervals, this hairstyle is the best for long hair. You can tie a bubble ponytail for a party or when you need to instantly style your hair or are having a bad hair day. This hairstyle with scrunchie can save your day! 

Fish Braid

Fish Braid

A fish braid whether on the side or at the back can be a wise choice for a school or an outing when you need your hair tied but in style. A fish braid is in itself a stylish hairstyle, but you can upgrade it by braiding it on any one side or twisting the braid into a ponytail. A perfect hairstyle for a date or party night, isn’t it? 

Twisted Ponytail

Leaving a few tendrils on the front of the face frame, you can twist some hair from either side and tie them at the back with a scrunchie. This is the easiest and fastest way to style your hair for any type of occasion without spending too much time on it. Not only does it look very fashionable but also goes with any outfit so you do not have to worry about styling! That was all about How to Style scrunchies.

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Final Words

Whether it is a party or a casual walk to a market, scrunchies can definitely spice up any hairstyle for any type of occasion. Scrunchies are an essential and must-own accessory for hair for all women. 

Not only do they keep your hair in fashion but also protect them. There are endless possibilities to style your hair with scrunchies since they allow more styling options. But you can try the ideas we mentioned above on how to style scrunchies for your occasions and go stress-free about the tangles!

Asked Questions

How do I organize my scrunchies?

There are multiple ways to keep all your scrunchies organized so that you do not lose them and are easy to find when needed. You can either stack them in a pull-out basket or divide them in your drawer as per the occasion or type of scrunchie. You can also store it in a necklace holder so that they are easy to view and find.

How do you wear scrunchies in 2022?

You can wear your scrunchies along with different types of hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, braids, half-up half-down hairstyles, and many more. You can also try styling with them in place of scarves or other accessories since scrunchies are more in trend nowadays

Which elastic is best for scrunchies?

You can use either a knit or braided elastic for a scrunchie. Light- to medium-weight woven fabrics are easiest to work with for beginners with cotton being the ideal one. To get a different feeling, you can try a lightweight velvet or velour, but you need to pay attention to the nap of the fabric

Why are scrunchies better than hair ties?

Most hair ties form a crease or dent on your hair after taking it down after a ponytail or messy bun. Scrunchies, on the other hand, go easy on your hair since there is the fabric between the elastic and hair. This prevents the breakage of hair and is less damaging to your hair strands. So scrunchie wins this time! What’s more, it is more difficult to lose a hairband than a scrunchie!

Which type of scrunchie is best?

Scrunchies made of silk are one of the best options for hair since silk has the most benefits. Silk provides a soft surface since it is a natural fiber and reduces friction, in turn, reducing the breakage of hair. To top it, silk has the natural protein Sericin and 18 essential amino acids which are great for the health of the hair.