There once was a time when the news of Nike and Travis Scott’s collaboration took over social media. This stirred a layer of excitement between all the sneakerheads and Travis Scott fans around the globe. If you are both of them then you might know what happened in 2017.

In 2017, the internet went frenzy over the news of the first-ever official collaboration of Nike and Travis Scott. The first look of the pair expressed the uniqueness throughout the overall display. It was indeed unique just like the rapper.

Jacques Berman Webster II aka Travis Scott is an American 8x Grammy-nominated rapper, born in Houston, Texas. Not only a rapper, Scott has been known for his songwriting and record producing. His style promotes his creativity along with his uniqueness as his music is a mixture of lo-fi and hip-hop.

Moreover, he sold out 45 million records in the US in 2020.

Achieved and built his image in the music industry as one of the most successful selling artists. If we look out for his creativity, it does not end in music only. His creativity has a whole spectrum.

Although many out there know him for his music, however, Scott shows a big interest in sneakers as well. His interest was further proven after he collaborated with the brands.

First collaboration with Helmut Lang:

Travis Scott’s first-ever collaboration with a sneaker brand was with Helmet Lung. The rapper teased the collaborations through his socials and later on it was made public at the beginning of 2017.

As a sneaker enthusiast himself, it was his achievement to pair up with Helmut to design on his own. These designed sneakers were released on 30 January 2017.

Travis Scott and Jordan Collaboration:

After some time, another news of Jordan x Travis Scott took rounds on social media. In an interview, he stated that he did not want anything related to the tradition. So he came up with the idea to color up the runner with a bright and pastel palette.

Nike and Travis Scott Collaboration

Apart from the creative design, the pairs became rare due to the limited edition. This was the first introduction of Travis with Jordan and to this date the pairs are unreleased, making them more rare and special.

Nike and Travis Scott Collaboration:

This collaboration fueled the internet with excitement. Moreover, it opened up a door of success for the rapper. Although he previously collaborated with many other brands, this one got the hype out of all.

On the 35th anniversary of silhouette, Nike decided to partner up with Travis Scott. This collaboration brought up the idea of Air Force 1 low AF100.

Design and Presentation of Air Force 1 Low AF100:

The design of this pair speaks of its creativity. If we closely look at the presentation, we will notice that these shoes are composed of canvas material. The complete clean and white display with nylon top allows buyers to express themselves and be creative.

Another factor that makes it special of its own is that the pair comes with a Velcro swoosh. We can select whatever theme we like and put it on the AF100. Along with it comes a pair of removable patches.

One displays a cartoon version of Travis Scott and the other one displays the logo of Cactus Jack. They both complement the tongue area. Looking further below at the end of the tongue is attached a metallic grill similar to Travis Scott’s. On the back of it, there is an upside-down swoosh.

Although these factors are considered as the unique design, there is something else to it. The pair is unnoticeably white in color, what differentiates the white is the gum-colored bottom.

The list of creativity does not stop here. Another factor adds to the uniqueness of these shoes. The off-white piping, when exposed to the flashlight, turns into a beautiful pink, blue, and yellowish theme.

Speaking of the entire look of the Air Force 1 Low AF100, This collaboration of Nike with Travis Scott indeed released a pack of creativity.

Even after so many years, this shoe still sells on StockX for thousands of dollars. Sneakerheads also buy such iconic shoes from 1:1 sites like

The success of this first collaboration:

After the release of Travis Scott’s first ever Air Force 1 low, it became one of the best-selling shoes of Nike in 2017. This collaboration was a bounty for both; Travis and Nike.

The efforts put into these shoes were not only focused on the display but also there was not any compromise on the comfort. All these factors lined up and 2 big names joining hands together resulted in becoming the mainstream, getting all the attention of the people.

More Nike x Travis Scott Interactions:

This collaboration opened more gates for Travis Scott. Since the first interaction got excellent attention and admiration, Nike decided to collaborate more often with Travis.

The lines of Nikes fall under some of the specific series, termed as, “cactus Jack.”

The term “Cactus Jack” came from the record label of Travis Scott and now it also falls in his creative collection.

The “Cactus Jack” Creative Collection:

This series holds a number of pairs under its label.

The list goes as:

  • Air Jordan 1 Retro High.
  • Air Jordan 6 Retro.
  • Nike Air Max 270 React ENG.
  • Nike SB Dunk Low.
  • Air Max 1.
  • Air Jordan 4 Retro.
  • Air Trainer 1.
  • Air Jordan 2 Retro.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High:

Every pair promotes a unique style and creativity on its own. Likewise, The Air Force 1 Low had unique detachable fleece patches and Velcro swoosh, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High brought up another uniqueness by reversing the swoosh and moving the “Cactus Jack” logo to the side of the tongue.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High

Air Jordan 6 Retro:

The Air Jordan 6 Retro showcases some creativity of the rapper as well. It features a small snap-open side pocket, a luminescent sole, and a “Cactus Jack” logo on the heel.

Nike Air Max 270 React:

Another pair, Nike Air Max 270 React displays a mesh pattern. Another innovation took place in the heel by adding an air unit and vibrant colors.

Nike SB Dunk Low:

Comes with a special edition box, Nike SB Dunk Low becomes more special as it is listed in a limited edition. Swooshes on each side are in 2 different colors. Swoosh on the outside is in black while Swoosh on the inside is in pink.

The mismatch pattern of the shoes is inspired by Houston – Travis Scott’s hometown. Following that we can see the rope shoelaces and the “Cactus jack” patch at the top of the tongue.

Air Jordan 4 Retro:

Nike x Travis Scott’s other release, Air Jordan 4 Retro has a black net over the tongue paired with the blue display of the shoes. The laces come in black to match the net. There are eyelets made of plaster with splashes of blue color on either side.

This time they moved the “Cactus Jack” logo on the insole. A complete baby blue display combined with a black net, red insole, and red sock line.

A few of this series’ shoes fall under another nickname termed “Mocha.” The name defines itself. This nickname possesses the specific color shown. Due to the color scheme, Air Jordan 1 Retro High and Air Jordan 1 Retro Low are also known by this name as well.

Air Max 1:

Baroque brown color and reversed swoosh on the outside, this is Air Max 1. This presents swooshes with the detailing of minute beads on close examination. Swoosh on the inside is in the same way as the original but with beads.

On the other hand, swoosh on the outside is reversed back. Travis Scott undoubtedly is fond of using his creativity on swooshes and His logo. The Cactus Jack logo on this pair can be found on the heel.

Every other pair promotes a new thing. Indeed Travis Scott gives out a deep thought in creating a new masterpiece every time.

Upcoming Rumored Releases of 2024:

Although every release had some creativity and a new thing to it, however, a few of the previously released Nikes were not worth the hype. People called them a complete miss because of some odd modifications and confusing displays.

Shoes like Nike Air Force 1 Utopia, Nike Air Trainer 1, Nike Air Max 270 React, and Jordan VI British Khakhi, etc failed to exceed the expectations of many out there.

Insights have been showing that we might expect some more releases of Travis Scott x Nike.

The name “Jordan Jumpman Jack” has been circulating the social media. Jumpman Jack – previously rumored name “Cut the Crack” is soon going to be his first signature model. A few of the pictures are taking rounds on online platforms claiming to be the original look of the shoes.

The Audience is looking out for this new rumored release and not to forget we are curious to know if it will be a Hit or miss just like the previous one.