It’s never too early to choose a look that you like, and having great hair may increase your confidence and make you feel beautiful. There is a look for everyone, regardless of face shape, hair texture, length, or color. Brightly colored hair or looks with unique angles and shaved sides are perfect for teen girls who want to make a bold impression. This guide mainly focuses on haircuts for teenage girls.

Dreamy waves and braids will appeal to girls who prefer natural-looking hair that can be worn for a range of locations, including school and formal gatherings. When it comes to color, you have two options: go for a dramatic look with statement highlights or bright colors, or use balayage techniques to lighten your hair in a subtle but stunning way. These are the best teenage haircuts for girls, and you should make an appointment at a salon as soon as possible.

Hairstyles for curly, straight, short, and braided hair will be available in 2022. Whatever type of hair you have, you’ll find a hairstyle that suits you in this good collection! 

The best curly haircuts for teenage girls, the best long haircuts for teenage girls, and the best short haircuts for teenage girls are the three primary categories in this post. All of these haircuts will be fashionable in 2022.

*Some of the photos may not be of teen girls. These images are merely for inspiration.

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Hair

  • Twisted Pull Back Curls
  • Top Knot Curls with Bangs
  • Natural Curly Long Bob
  • Boxer Braids
  • Space Buns

Best Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

  • Bantu Knots with Short Hair
  • Short Hair Space Buns
  • Short Streak of Color
  • Mini Ponytails
  • Mullet Hairstyle

Haircuts For Teenage Girls with Straight Long Hair

  • Straight Half Slick Back
  • Sectioned Single Braid
  • Highlighted Balayage
  • Chic Low Ponytail
  • Side Fishtail Braids

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Hair

If you’re a teen with curly hair, these five curly haircuts for teenage girls are perfect for you!

Twisted Pull Back Curls

This twisted pulled-back hairdo is stylish, classy, and very comfortable – aka the perfect look for you, whether you have tightly curled hair or bouncy loose waves. This hairstyle not only looks adorable from all angles, but it also pulls your hair back. You won’t have to worry about any hair on your face this way!

This adorable style is simple to achieve and only requires a few steps! Simply pull part of your hair back and tie it a bit behind your head with a hair tie. After that, twist that ponytail and tuck it under the original ponytail! You may either keep it low or raise the little ponytail to add volume! Don’t forget to complement this style with attractive clips or scarves.

Haircuts for teenage girls - twisted pull back

Top Knot Curls with Bangs

Show off your bangs if you have them! One of the best haircuts for teenage girls with curly hair is top knot curls with bangs! Having bangs may be a great fashion statement, especially when they’re worn like this.

If you have tight curling bangs, this look is recommended since it will bring out the incredible beauty of your hair. To achieve this style, simply use your favorite scrunchy and twist your hair back into a top knot bun. Keep as many bangs out as possible to achieve this look!

Haircuts for teenage girls - Top knot curls

Natural Curly Long Bob

If you’re a teen girl looking to change up your hairdo this year, consider flaunting your natural curls in this amazing new trend, which just requires a basic haircut and curl maintenance. Having curly hair is all about confidence, so show it off with this stylish and elegant look.

To achieve this appearance, go to the hairdresser and request a long bob (also known as a LOB). You can cut your hair to any length you want, but keep in mind that preserving your curls is crucial to achieving this look. To keep your curls strong, healthy, and bouncy, ask your hairdresser about their favorite products.

Natural Curly Long Bob - Haircuts for teenage girls

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Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are a fantastic hairstyle for anyone looking for a hairstyle that pulls their hair back while still keeping it cool. Any number of braids that draw back from your scalp can be used to create boxer braids!

If you want them to last a little longer, use hair gel when styling them. That way, you won’t have to worry about re-doing them if you sleep with them for a few days! Use tight hair ties at the ends of the braids and water to smooth down any unsightly flyaways in the mornings.

Boxer Braids - Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Space Buns

Space buns have returned from the 1990s, and this time they’re here to stay! If you’re a teen girl searching for a voluminous, lively, and bouncy haircut, they’re the way to go! Space buns are just two buns fashioned from the initial layer of hair on the top of your head. It’s simple to make in the mornings and maybe dressed up.

Make this style your own by adding colorful clips, berets, and quirky hair ties! You can easily wear this look and have a good time doing it whether you have big curls or small curls.

Space Buns -Haircuts for teenage girls

Best Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Short hair is one of the most attractive hairstyles. These five short haircuts for teenage girls’ ideas may hopefully inspire you!

Bantu Knots with Short Hair

The Zulu people are known for their Bantu knots, which have cultural and historical significance. Wearing Bantu knots is a great choice because it is a protective style that also allows you to avoid heat styling. Hair is partitioned off, twisted, and wrapped into small knots to make them. 

It may be done on any hair length, but keep them short and little for a more delicate and classic look. These smaller knots can be done with natural hair and must be twisted tighter to give the curls more definition. The end result is amazing and maybe proudly displayed.

Bantu Knots with Short Hair

Short Hair Space Buns

Even with short hair, you can rock space buns, contrary to popular belief. Short hair space buns are one of the most adorable haircuts for teenage girls with short hair. Only do the top half of your hair instead of pulling it all back into space buns!

This is a terrific hairstyle for someone who wants to change up their look but doesn’t want to wear their hair in a ponytail or braid. Leave your bangs out if you have them to give this haircut more volume and dimension.

Short Hair Space Buns

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Short Streak of Color

Wasn’t that the coolest girl in school? Because if you wear this style, you’ll be just that! This splash of color is the ideal way to perform the drama of your ensemble without going overboard. People adore how natural the color seems in the bangs!

Before you head to the drugstore for some semi-permanent hair dye, check with your hairdresser to be sure this look won’t harm your hair!

Short Streak of Color

Mini Ponytails

When trying to pull your hair back with short hair, it can be difficult. Split your hair into two sections and tie them back into two low ponytails for the best results! Mini ponytails are one of the most adorable teen hairstyles! Not to add, they’re quite simple to style!

Because your hair is short, higher ponytails will be difficult to achieve, so this look is ideal for keeping all of your hair neatly tied back while still looking stylish. To complete the look, add a few braids at the bottom.

Mini Ponytails - haircuts for teenage girl

Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet was one of many interesting haircuts popular in the 1980s. Although it is divisive and not universally adored, the mullet has stayed popular due to its versatility. Hair is kept short in the front and on top of the head while being longer in the back. 

However, there are numerous options these days, and the cut can be suited to your hair texture and length. It takes courage to pull off, but it impresses most facial types, particularly round and square, and can help you attain an edgy or retro look.

Mullet Hairstyle - For Teenage girls

Haircuts For Teenage Girls with Straight Long Hair

If you have long, straight hair, have a look at these five adorable haircut ideas for teen girls!

Straight Half Slick Back

Straight hair can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to changing up your hairdo. Shay Mitchell’s slicked-back style has us wishing for straight hair! This hairstyle is ideal for producing a classic and timeless look while remaining quite simple to achieve!

It’s as easy as making a center part and gelling the front pieces of your hair behind your ears. 1-2-3-and you’re done!

Straight Half Slick Back

Sectioned Single Braid

Straight hair, especially long hair, can seem flat at times, so adding more volume is always a good idea. When you take sections of hair from the front and braid them, you quickly add structure and volume to your hair in only a few minutes.

Make a single braid, a fishtail braid, or even a french braid with this hairstyle! Have a good time with this outfit!

Sectioned Single Braid

Highlighted Balayage

Adding highlights to your straight hair might help you create volume and structure without having to wash it every day. Your hair is suddenly transformed into an altogether different style with a simple balayage!

Add a few highlighted pieces in the front to frame your face and make you the hair queen of the school to give this hairstyle an even more “wow” factor.

Highlighted Balayage

Chic Low Ponytail

The straight stylish low pony is a hairstyle that is both classic and jaw-dropping. These are the best teenage haircuts for any teenage girl with straight hair, regardless of their particular style.

This style is incredibly stunning, and it can be worn in a variety of ways. Braids, scrunchies, berets, clips, and even headbands can be added. This design can be customized in a variety of ways, so have fun with it and see what works best for you!

Chic Low Ponytail

Side Fishtail Braids

The fishtail braid binds strands of hair together to produce a lovely and adaptable appearance that works for a variety of events. Because the design mimics fishtail bones and the overall appearance is complicated, it is given this name.

They are not as difficult to produce as you may believe, and with practice and the correct tutorial, you will be able to master this look. You can even be more creative with your placement and choose a side instead of the back of the head. 

Braids on the sides are more noticeable and can make a sophisticated statement. If you have naturally wavy or textured hair, braiding may be more difficult and appear more messy and undone, but that is just as appealing.

haircuts for teenage girls - Side Fishtail braids

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Final Words

When you’re a teenager, you spend a lot of time and effort trying to appear your best. Not only must your attire be stunning, but your hair must also be flawless. It can be fun to experiment with different hairstyles every day to give people a glimpse into your personality. 

The possibilities are boundless, from braids and ponytails to curls and waves, bangs and layers. So, scroll up, choose your favorite teen hairstyles, and give them a try.


What is the most popular haircut for girls in 2022?

The long pixie, sleek layered hair, cuts with bangs, and a trendy bob or lob are among the greatest and most popular haircuts for girls in 2022. These styles come in a variety of variations that can be customized to your hair texture and type, as well as length and facial shape. Choose something youthful and enjoyable.

Which face shape is best for short hair?

You can avoid this issue by conducting a study ahead of time.
– Great Match for Oval Face Type! Don’t worry if you have an oval facial shape; any short haircut will look great on you.
– Choose a Pixie if you have a heart-shaped face.
– Make a Shaggy Lob with Long Faces.
– Choose a Bob with Bangs if you have a square face.
– Try Angled Bob if you have a round face.

Can a round face have short hair?

You can wear short hair regardless of your facial shape; all you have to do is choose the perfect haircut. Hairstyles that work with your hair texture while giving you the look of a more oval-shaped, longer face are the most flattering for round faces.