No one can ignore the power of makeup, which is a form of art and expression. When you get the freedom to show your art on a face, you can try different things to look the best.

We all know that makeup is a way to enhance your personality, but at the same time, it completely depends on your style and preferences. For this, the basics of anything is the same, what makes the difference is the steps and skills that how things turn out to be.

Of course, following makeup routines play a great role in boosting a woman’s confidence and makes her capable to face challenges courageously. When we talk about how to apply makeup step by step like a professional, learning new skills and use skillful applications can help a lot in achieving the look you crave.

1. Prep The Skin With A Primer

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Apply Primer

The very first step of makeup is to apply a primer. It is a required makeup tip that must not be ignored in any way. It helps in improving the coverage and works great in smoothing the texture. Along with it, applying primer also helps in minimizing pores and lets your makeup lasts for hours without any mess.

Applying a primer in the summers is a must as it does not let your makeup melts out.

2. Set Base With A Foundation

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Foundation

After using a primer, the next step is to apply a foundation. Make sure that it should match your skin tone and is applied using a brush or a damp makeup blender. Blend it properly all along your face and neck; otherwise, other makeup products will not work as they should be.

If you have dark spots or blemishes, make sure to apply a little more foundation on these areas so that you get an even finish all through your face. Also, keep in mind that over-use of anything is not good, so use it as per the need.

3. Grab The Concealer

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Concealer

After foundation, now it’s time to apply a concealer which must be slightly lighter than your skin tone. It works effectively in brightening your skin tone and makes the required areas even. Apply a concealer under your eyes and blend it well with the help of a concealer brush. Also, get some concealer on the dark spots and other uneven areas, but make sure to blend out everything well.

It is recommended to choose a liquid concealer for light coverage and large areas, while compact or stick concealer for solid coverage and small areas.

4. Set The Foundation

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Set the Foundation
Young girl applies powder on the face using makeup brush.

Setting a foundation is also one of the important steps to learn how to apply makeup like a professional. Many women usually skip this step and may end up with an unsatisfied look. For normal skin, you just require patting some powder on your T-zone to set your foundation. You can also use compact powder to seal the foundation. For this, the best way is to use a buffing brush for applying powder all through the face and neck evenly.

The compact powder can also be used to give some touch-ups all through the day to keep your face shine-free.

5. Don’t Skip On Blush

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Blush

Using blush on the cheeks not only adds glow to your skin but also makes your face look fresh and healthy. Blush can be applied using a fluffy brush on the apples of your cheeks, make sure to apply it gently. If you have used a powder, you must go with a powder blush, while on the other hand, if you have not applied powder, you must use cream blush.

Tip: You can also use blush on your nose and under your brow bones to add an appealing radiance to your overall makeup.

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6. Contour Your Features With Highlighter And Bronzer

Apply Bronzer

A contour or a bronzer are best to help you shape your face features and the highlighter helps you give a shimmer to your face features. This makes the face shape more photogenic since the cheek bones seem more in shape. It may depend on the face shape how to apply the bronzer and highlighter but if you know which parts are meant to be highlighted and which are meant to be darkened you can get a perfect face shape.

7. Enhance Your Eyes with Eye Makeup

Eye Make up

Once you are satisfied with your base, now you must turn to enhance your other features, like eyes. You must get waterproof eyeliner and mascara that do not smudge.

Simply, apply eyeliner on the upper waterline and the outer corners of the lower lash line and smudge it properly using a brush. You can curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler. To give your eyes an open and awake look, the best idea is to apply mascara on the eyelashes.

You can use eyeshadow to your upper eyelids as per your choice, but the best advice is to use a neutral shade for a casual look. For a party look, you can use any shade that compliments your outfit.

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8. Define Your Eyebrows

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Define Eyebrows

Like working on other areas on your face, defining your eyebrows is essential in adding structure to your face. This step is not meant for women with dark and thick eyebrows. But, for those with light or over-plucked eyebrows, it is advised to define your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil.

You have to use a pencil that matches closely to the color of your natural eyebrows. Make short strokes so that you can easily create small hairs to fill the eyebrows gaps like a pro. Now, take a makeup brush and blend it evenly into your eyebrows, make sure it should look natural. After filling the gaps, you can also use an eyebrow gel to set everything in place.

You have a number of eyebrow products available in the market to use, such as eyebrow pencil, kits, and even duo-shapers.

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9. Enhance Your Lips

Lip Liner Hacks

Makeup is incomplete without defining your lips. But, before using lip gloss or lipstick, you must moisturize your lips with lip balm. Always choose a lip color as per your skin tone or that goes perfectly with your outfit. To apply nude lipstick, you must choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

10. Use A Setting Spray For Your Makeup

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step - Use setting Spray

Last but the most important step is to make sure your makeup does not mess up and stays for the time you need it to. This is why applying a setting spray is necessary. It ensures that the makeup lasts for a longer duration and is intact. It also gives additional moisture so be careful when you spray it!

Final Words

With this guide about How To Apply Makeup Step By Step Like A Professional, you can avoid makeup blunder with regular practice. Based on the occasion and weather, these steps need to be followed with great care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better to apply foundation brush or sponge?

It is recommended to use synthetic brushes if you use liquid foundations on the face. The brushes make it easier to create a smooth and even finish. A sponge can be used for sheering out creams and liquids. However they absorb a lot of portion from the product.

Do you put foundation on eyelids?

It’s a BIG no! Do not ever apply concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base because it will cause your eye makeup to crease. They might provide grip for some time, however, both formulas usually contain oils which can cause your eye makeup to move around on your eye or even smear, something that you don’t want at all.

How long should you wait between primer and foundation?

Nowadays, everyone uses makeup but not everyone knows how to apply makeup properly and step by step. You need to use only a thin layer of primer, that is, usually a pea-size blob for your entire face. Too much primer can make your makeup slide around instead of melting into your skin. And a fact that many do not know is that you need to wait at least 60 seconds for your primer to set before applying your concealer and foundation.

Why does my skin look worse with foundation?

Makeup has a way of drawing out the moisture from the skin, which accentuates the pores, and highlights the fine lines and wrinkles that you try so hard to cover. So, in case, your skin has started looking worse with foundation, this might be the issue you need to take care of. Almost all skin types get dehydrated regardless of the oil level that they produce. Hence, before you apply makeup always hydrate your face well enough.