Zayn Malik is widely recognized for his exceptional talent, magnetic personality, and impeccable fashion sense, which have attracted him to millions of fans worldwide. Zayn has been pushing the boundaries of style since his early days on The X Factor and has continued to do so throughout his solo career. His ever-changing hairstyles continue to attract fans. This guide provides an in-depth overview of Zayn Malik hairstyle evolution. It includes step-by-step instructions for achieving his iconic looks, an analysis of how Zayn hairstyles complement fashion trends, and inspiration for embracing your own unique style.

The Evolution of Zayn Malik’s Hairstyles

Zayn’s evolution as a style icon began during his tenure with One Direction. Over time, his hairstyles progressed from neat and youthful to bolder and more unconventional.

After leaving the band and pursuing a solo career, Zayn could express his style by trying different haircuts and pushing his creative limits. His current hairstyle is a reflection of his individuality and a testament to his fearless approach to fashion.

Types of Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle 

Zayn Malik, the British singer and former member of the band One Direction, is renowned for his constantly evolving and fashionable hairstyles. Throughout the years, he has explored different appearances, including short and daring haircuts and medium-length styles that highlight his adaptability. Let us explore the various short, medium, and long Zayn Malik hairstyles.

Zayn Malik Short Hairstyles:

Buzz Cut

Zayn’s hair journey saw a significant change when he chose to adopt the buzz-cut style. Zayn said goodbye to his signature quiff and embraced a minimalist style, choosing a sleek and rugged appearance. 

The buzz cut raises his facial features, projecting a sense of self-assurance and masculinity. The simplicity of this low-maintenance hairstyle makes a bold statement about individuality and proves that effortless styles can be just as fashionable.

Zayn Malik hairstyle


Zayn Malik’s adoption of the undercut hairstyle has become a symbol of modern trendiness. The undercut zayn malik haircut entails trimming or shaving the sides and back of the head while keeping the hair on top longer. 

Zayn has exhibited different undercut styles, ranging from a straight, gradually trimmed cut to a more daring, disconnected undercut. This adaptable hairstyle can be customized to fit various events and individual tastes, making it a popular option for individuals who want to showcase their hair.

To get a Zayn-inspired undercut, request a tight fade from your stylist on the sides and back while keeping the length on top. A high-quality styling product, such as pomade or wax, is recommended to achieve a desirable texture and hold. Try various styling techniques, such as slicking your hair back or tousling it for a casual appearance.

Zayn Malik hairstyle

Faded Crew Cut 

The faded crew cut of Zayn Malik is a fashionable and adaptable hairstyle that blends a high fade on the sides and back with longer hair. The contemporary version of the traditional crew cut seamlessly blends in, giving a modern edge to the overall appearance. 

Zayn frequently chooses a high fade hairstyle that contrasts with the textured length on the top of his head, providing him with various styling possibilities. 

To achieve this iconic look, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a skilled barber or stylist who can personalize the fade according to your preferences. Additionally, it is important to get regular trims to maintain the style’s sharpness and polished appearance.

Zayn Malik hairstyle

The Colored Hair: Embracing Creativity

Zayn Malik has never been afraid to take risks with his hair. He has let his imagination shine via the many ways he has dyed his hair, from platinum blond to a rainbow of colors. Hair dye is a form of personal expression that helps people to stand out and be themselves. 

Hairstylists are experts in hair coloring and can advise you on the finest products to keep your newly dyed hair looking great.

Zayn Malik hairstyle

Zayn Malik Medium-Length Hairstyles:


Zayn has always had a soft spot for quiffs, even as his overall look has changed. The quiff is a short, choppy hairstyle emphasizing the head’s top. Zayn has proven the quiff’s adaptability by wearing messy, textured quiffs for a casual look and sleek, polished quiffs for more formal occasions. 

A quiff like Zayn’s can be achieved by blow-drying the hair while raising the roots. Then, a matte paste or pomade can shape and maintain the quiff.

zayn malik haircut

Messy Textured Hair 

The messy texture of Zayn Malik’s hair gives off an appearance of casual coolness. This distinctive cut features tousled locks and a naturally textured texture. Zayn typically wears his hair shoulder-length or longer, using thin layers to provide volume and flow. 

Add grip and definition to your hair with a texturizing product to mimic its unorganized texture. Try a sea salt spray or matte paste. To achieve a carefree, undone style, apply the product to damp hair and scrunch it with your fingers. Adopt the laid-back beauty of Zayn’s texturized mess and sport it with confidence.

zayn malik haircut

Side Swept 

The side-swept cut that Zayn Malik favors is a classic style that will always stay in style. This timeless cut is characterized by longer hair on top that is combed or brushed to the side. Zayn frequently wears his hair swept to one side with a fade or tapered sides as a contrast and a modern touch. 

You can accomplish this elegant look by sweeping your hair to one side with a comb or fingers. Then, set it with a styling product like pomade or wax. Zayn’s side-swept hairdo is a classic look that will never go out of style.

zayn hairstyle

Zayn Malik Long Hairstyles:

Shoulder-Length Waves

Zayn Malik’s shoulder-length waves reveal a more carefree and unfettered side of his personal style. The waves and structure of your hair will shine through when you wear it this length. The shoulder-length waves in Zayn’s hair give him an air of casual ease and adaptability. 

This look is achieved by letting hair grow to about shoulder length and then embracing or creating waves. Add definition and texture to your waves using a texturizing product or salt spray. This relaxed approach to fashion is ideal for those who want to look smart without straining themselves.

zayn hairstyle

Man Bun

Zayn Malik’s journey with hairstyles didn’t stop at shorter cuts. He’s also grown his hair out and started wearing man buns. The man bun, in which the hair is gathered into a bun at the top of the head, is a popular and adaptable hairstyle. 

Zayn’s ability to easily combine elegance and comfort was fully displayed when he adopted the man bun. Zayn proved that men with long hair might look stylish and powerful regardless of how he styled it.

As worn by Zayn, man buns are achieved by growing hair to an appropriate length and then bundling it up high. To obtain the required appearance, try out various textures and coatings. Remember to keep your hair in good condition by using moisturizing products and getting regular haircuts to avoid split ends.

zayn hairstyle

Braided Styles

Zayn Malik has tried several braided hairstyles, giving him a bohemian appearance. Zayn shows off his creative skills and embraces this adaptable haircut by wearing it in various braided styles. He also explores more intricate braided designs, showcasing his versatility and unique fashion sense. You can rock your braids loose, weave them firmly, or combine them with edgy styling choices like a shaved side or faded undercut. 

Braided hairstyles, like those popularized by Zayn, are an original method to declare one’s personality and taste in fashion. This Zayn hairstyle is eye-catching and functional; it keeps hair in place and gives every outfit a unique charm.

Zayn Malik hairstyle

The hairstyles of Zayn Malik have had an important influence on men’s fashion trends. These are some ways in which his hairstyles have had an impact on men’s fashion:

  • Zayn Malik’s love for changing his hairstyle frequently has served as a source of inspiration for numerous men who are eager to experiment with their own hairdos. His various hair transformations, such as bleached, shaved, and curly styles, have gained popularity as current trends for men.
  • Zayn Malik’s recent hairstyles, which include short hair, long hair, and bangs, have gained popularity among men as trendy options. Many men have been inspired to try out his iconic looks, which include textured layers, a blonde buzz cut, short spikes, swept-back medium hair, a quiff hairstyle, light purple short hair, and a comb-over fade haircut.
  • Zayn’s hairstyles have had an impact on men’s fashion that extends beyond hair. He has adopted today’s latest fashion trends, including floral Gucci suits, and has emerged as a fashion icon for numerous men.
  • The cornrows hairstyle, which Zayn Malik currently sports, has gained popularity among men. Many men have adopted his new look, and fans have been ecstatic about it.


Zayn Malik’s hairstyles are closely associated with his artistic identity, attracting fans globally and motivating others to try new looks. Zayn has fearlessly embraced change throughout his career, from his early days on The X Factor to his current eclectic styles. He has shown that hairstyles can be a powerful form of self-expression. 

You can explore many hairstyle options by following the steps in this guide and customizing Zayn’s hairstyles to complement your unique features. Embrace your individuality by experimenting with different styles and finding a hairstyle that reflects your unique personality.

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