Millie Bobby Brown’s purple outfit she wore at ‘The Jimmy Falon Show’ is as popular as her Netlfix series ‘Stranger Things’.

The 18-year-old actress has won our hearts with her acting as well as her dressing style! While the fans are going crazy upon the arrival of Stranger Things 4, most of us are also eager for more exciting outfits than in the previous season. We definitely got some of the best ‘fits from Stranger Things 3. However, there is more to the actress than that.

Millie Bobby Brown has had a good fashion sense from the start of her career, but her style has evolved remarkably over the years. Not only are her outfits cool, but they are also easy to recreate. We have listed some of her street-style outfits that could help you level up your fashion game.

Also, if you are a die-hard ‘Stranger Things,’ we’ve got you as well! A list of some of the best stranger things inspired outfits of Eleven from all the seasons is all you need to cosplay her character or even wear as regular outfits! Read below for the entire list of Millie Bobby Brown outfits and Stranger Things Outfits Eleven wore over the seasons!

Millie Bobby Brown Inspired Outfits

The Floral Dress

Millie Bobby Brown - Floral Dress

The floral dress of Millie Bobby Brown can be seen as a statement piece of hers since it resembles the romper Eleven wore in season 3, but with longer hair! A floral dress makes things much better when paired with a layer or a few accessories such as belts or chokers. Floral prints do not need too many accessories since they also look pretty by themselves. However, you can use different types of overlayers if you want more layering, such as cropped denim jackets or likewise. Heels such as kitten heels, sling-back heels, tie-up heels, and even pumps go well with floral dresses.

The Denim Dress

Millie Bobby Brown - Denim Dress

This orange and denim dress gave us some cool and edgy vibes but also has a feminine touch to it. Denim dresses work amazingly when they are worn with neon colors such as orange, yellow, pink, or any other vibrant colors. A denim dress can also be paired with underlayers or overlayers to make them more exciting and fun. A turtleneck, sheer top, or crop tops work well as underlayers. Belts are also unique accessories you can pull off with denim dresses. You can learn more about different types of belts and when they are worn as well!

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Plaid Blazer and Skirt

Plaid Blazer and Skirt

A skirt and jacket or blazer can never go wrong, no matter how you try. And definitely not with neutrals, so says this Millie Bobby Brown dress. Matching the blazer with the boots while leaving the skirt and top to complement each other is actually a smart way to pull off an elegant yet stylish outfit. Plaid skirts, whether pleated or mini skirts, can be worn throughout the year. You can add stockings or certain light accessories to the outfit, such as a pendant or bracelet to enhance the feminine look.

Navy Blazer Short Set

Navy Blazer Short Set

A blazer and shorts can make a deadly combo, but who knew this would turn out to be one of those Millie Bobby Brown-inspired outfits! Blazers and shorts or oversized jackets and shorts are usually a cute ensemble altogether. But if you are looking for an edgy or classy outfit, you can take some tips from Millie. A neat hairstyle, matching blazer short set with a printed or statement shirt, and boots are what you can pick out of her wardrobe. Accessories can be some statement earrings that are not too long so that the outfit stays in the limelight.

Lavender Jumpsuit

Millie Bobby Brown Jumpsuit outfits

Perhaps Millie and shades of purple have a thing for each other? This purple jumpsuit ideally flatters her physique while also keeping it all comfy and stylish. Monochrome jumpsuits or rompers are superb when you want to be comfortable with voguish outfits. You can upgrade your overalls with layering or an underlayer such as a shacket or an oversized shirt. You can also wear it with monochrome colors or add a color-blocking touch to it with accessories.

Printed Blazer And Shorts Set

Printed Blazer And Shorts Set

Only Millie can slay an outfit this sexy so smoothly with an edgy vibe. The printed jacket and shorts with a black turtleneck are a classy ensemble. But the slicked-back hair and the sunglasses transform it into an edgy outfit without doing much. The accessories are unnecessary here since the statement jacket and shorts are enough to make the heads turn! However, you can still spice it up with statement boots or earrings too!

Easy To Recreate Stranger Things Outfits Eleven Slayed

The Romper

millie bobby brown romper

The romper Eleven wore at the mall was probably the outfit we saw for half of the episode. This adorable outfit stood out so much because of how attractive, trendy, and yet straight-out-of-’80s it looked. The patterns and prints probably played the most part, but we cannot deny the colors looked pretty as well on the romper. A not-so-typical yet acceptable ’80s look- this romper was flocked by fans and cosplayers since it stood out so much during Season 3.

The Yellow Shirt

millie bobby brown yellow shirt outfits

This was one of those stranger things outfits Eleven wore the longest during Season 3. The contrasting yellow and black colors made it more popping and eye catchy, especially when Eleven wanders the astral plane. We all can agree how well Millie pulled off that shade of yellow with ease. You can also get a similar outfit with a patterned yellow shirt, black suspenders, and black high-waist pants.

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The Punk Outfit

millie bobby brown punk outfits

This outfit of Eleven was such a badass one among all the seasons! The Punk Eleven outfit, as fans call it, was totally dope, from all the slicked-back hair to the messy eyeliner look. It represents her internal struggle to figure out who she is as she goes to save her friends from the Upside Down. The look is a total killer and easy to achieve as well. Slick all your hair back, some smudged eyeliner and mascara, an oversized blazer, and pants are all you need to cosplay this character!

Pink Dress

millie bobby brown pink outfits

 This pink outfit is often seen in two versions- one with the blonde wig and the other with Eleven’s shaved head. And most of this might be the first image we see of Eleven as she scares off some bullies in this dress. This cute and frilly dress is trendy among cosplayers with different versions, such as blonde hair or brunette hair. You can get the other look by throwing a cardigan, oversized jacket on the dress, or even a hoodie works!

Blue Tee And Pants

millie bobby brown casual outfits

This simple blue outfit shown first in the poster can be counted among the best outfits not only because how stylish it looked but also because of its perfect vibes. You can even try it outfit for daily wear as well. High waist pants or jeans with a tee of a similar color palette and a contrasting belt are all you need to work it out. The outfit is quite a thing among cosplayers since it is effortless to put together and can be worn as casual wear as well.

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The Splatter Shirt With Suspenders

millie bobby brown colourful outfits

Now, this was one of the outfits that gave major 80s vibes! Not the neons, but the suspender and long sleeves with denim definitely were. If you are into the recently surging Y2K trend, then this is the one to go for. The neon blue suspenders and the neon splatters make the shirt stand out even more while complementing the contrasting yellow scrunchie. You can get further ideas on how to style the scrunchies if you are looking for more adorable hairstyles.

The Snowball Dress

millie bobby brown Snowball dress

This dress gives us a hint of Eleven’s original style and personality. It may seem like a cute dress appropriate for a middle school dance in that era, but it was the first time we saw Eleven wearing a dress with a style she prefers. This was also a memorable dress that you can copy since puff sleeves are also in trend recently. This is also probably an easy outfit you can recreate by accessorizing a plain gray dress with a red or similar belt.

Final Words

These were only a few of the Millie Bobby Brown outfits among many, and yet there are many more that can be added to the list. Meanwhile, the Stranger Things outfits Eleven will be wearing in the upcoming season are yet to be disclosed. But we can hope for some more interesting outfits to recreate by the end of it!

You can try out these Eleven outfits from Stranger Things if you are new to cosplay or need some outfit inspo for your daily outfits. Millie Bobby Brown outfits can turn out to be some amazing party wear attires you can easily put together! Try the outfits you think you can pull off or upgrade your style with the bolder ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dress like Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown has a bit of minimalistic yet chic dressing sense. Not too many accessories, but subtle and cool outfits or classy ones work for her. You can reach out for blazers, denim, skirts, dresses, or even rompers and jumpsuits to get Millie Bobby Brown inspired outfits.

What jeans Does Eleven wear in Stranger Things?

Most of the time, the characters in the Stranger Things are spotted rocking Levi’s denim as the series is set during the ’80s era. This is because denim was one of the most popular fabrics and trends of the ’80s, especially those loose and high-waist ones.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown designer?

Majority of Millie Bobby Brown outfits we see on the red carpets and at other events are from luxury brands such as Nicolas Ghesquiere, Louis Vuitton, RaisaVanessa, Givenchy, Dior, Rodarte Rodarte, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, and many others.