It has been superb seven long years since the ‘cheerful’ K-pop girl group debuted in 2015, and its calls for a moment of celebration for all the ‘ONCE,’ right?

The nine-member girl group has been on top since its debut with a number of hit songs and viral dance moves. While there is no need to mention, all the members have their own talents and have come a long way from the time they started.

Twice has also shown us a variety of music genres during these years but what is constant is the ever-iconic outfits the group has worn. The new Once might have known the Alcohol-Free era or The Feels era, but the older Once are still having a hard time getting over the Cheer Up era or Fancy era outfits! And meanwhile, the whole K-pop industry can never get over ‘TT’!

So while the songs are charting and all the members are working for the comeback, let us have a throwback to all the iconic outfits of the most popular girl group in the K-pop industry. Below is the list of most stunning and fan-loved Twice stage outfits.

Iconic Twice Stage Outfits That Stay Rent-Free In Our Mind!

The Cheer Up Era Outfits

Twice Outfits - Cheer Up Era

The song that gave Twice the fame they deserved- this is it! Entire South Korea will never get over this cheerful cheerleader song of Twice, and there are no arguments over this! While many other girl groups such as Red Velvet and Gfriend also have worn similar cheerleader outfits, the most notable performance of Twice with cropped bomber jackets and shorts has a different fanbase!

Want these outfits? Easy! Just put on a plaid skirt or tennis skirt and a cropped top with a bomber jacket or a varsity jacket and sneakers or boots to go along. You can also go for high-waist shorts, cropped sweatshirts, jackets, ankle-high socks, and sneakers.

Fancy Stage Outfits

Fancy Stage Twice Outfits

Fancy was an era when the group climbed up the charts and broke some records too. But we got some ‘very fancy’ outfits during the period, ranging from suits to embellished dresses. But honestly, the office- outfits, or rather the pinstripe suits, were really unforgettable!

If you are looking for formal wear ideas, Twice has this one for you. Flared pants, wide-leg trousers, shorts, skirts, vests, blazers, cropped tops- they have it all in the wardrobe. A cropped suit and trousers or an oversized blazer with shorts or skirt and a belt to wrap it around works well together. You can also go for pinstripe dresses, either body-hugging or an A-line, and coat it with a matching blazer and belt!

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Dance The Night Away Era

Dance The Night Twice Outfits

The outfits might not be too fancy, but they indeed gave us girlfriend vibes in these trendy summery outfits. The Dance the Night Away Twice outfits were quite comfortable and easy to recreate as well. Denim dresses, flared pants, off-shoulder tops, and cut-out dresses were quite popular during those eras.

You can recreate any of these outfits with some similar tops and bottoms, such as denim shorts and skirts. An off-shoulder cropped top or a bralette crop top along with shorts, a mini skirt, wide leg or straight denim, and heels or sneakers are what you need. You can also go for a complete denim dress or a cut-out dress to recreate the outfits.

I Can’t Stop Me Era

I can't Stop me era - Twice Outfits

We definitely got a different look in this stage ensemble. Neither of us was expecting the sweetheart neck cuts, and the complete denim look could be this stunning. The matching black boots, all-denim outfits, and embellished fringes gave a 180-degree turn to the cutesy image of the girl group.

These are one of the most classy Twice outfits to recreate if you are looking for one. A denim dress or skirt with a crop top, high waist shorts with a corset top, and boots are all you might need to recreate the dresses. A denim dress can be accessorized with an embellished belt or chain to make it more fun!

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Feel Special Era

Twice Outfits - Feel Special Era

The stylist understood the assignment, and can we talk about the color code here? The shiny satin outfits go so well with the glimmering accessories while the color palette shifts between purple and gray-blue. Sure there were more amazing outfits during the era. Still, these outfits definitely had a charm of their own, giving us some special vibes!

You can try recreating this popular Jihyo outfit with a one-shoulder top and wide-leg pants. Or trousers and a choker or wear a tube or spaghetti top like Chaeyoung can be worn too. Momo’s outfit with a crop top and shorts with thigh-high boots are also one of the outfits you can recreate. A satin skirt with a satin top, a pair of boots, and a choker or embellished belt can also come in handy.

Alcohol-Free Era

We all have to agree on this one now! There is no doubt alcohol-free era twice outfits were such a summer beach vibe with the floral skirts and lace-up sandals. The alc0hol free era gave some wonderful fancams and outfit inspo for the summer season too!

The high low skirts and drapes are what we especially loved from this era, along with the prints. These can turn out to be some iconic Twice-inspired outfits, given the floral trend is still not out. A high-low skirt and corset crop top, scarf top, shorts, halter necks, and much more matching outfits can be what you need to recreate these outfits.

Twice 4th World Tour III Tokyo Concert Outfit

Tokyo Concert Outfits

The 4th World Tour Concert was a pretty memorable moment for international ONCE, and the outfit serve was to the point for all the stages, especially the LA stage! The black grunge and shimmering outfits with fringes, sequins, embellished belts, tops, and pants just made it sexier.

Especially Momo’s cut-out pants, leather top, and sheer shrug were something that added to the hotness. These outfits can be recreated with flared black pants and cut-out tops or cropped jackets and cropped tops as well.

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2018 Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show

2018 Tokyo Girls Collection

The 2018 Tokyo Girls Collection Fashion Show where the girls opened the fashion show, and they looked no less than professional models in those voguish outfits! The edgy, cool, and yet sophisticated monochrome outfits turned out to be absolutely mind-blowing.

The cut-out tops and pants, checkered tops, and dual-toned boots instantly transformed the ensembles into fashionable ones. A blazer with a dress or skirt and top held together with a belt and thigh-high boots can be your trendy formal wear. An oversized tee or shirt with a corset belt and boots can be your casual wear.

The Feels Stage Outfit

The Feels Stage Outfit

Of course, this had to be included in case you forgot it! These outfits were one of the most heart-fluttering outfits that gave us ‘The Feels.’ The knee-high boots with the shimmering fringes and embellished outfits were iconic from the era.

You can feel free to recreate the members’ outfits with attires you have in your closets, such as tube tops, halter necks, turtlenecks, and shorts or skirts. An embellished belt and knee-high boots are all you have to add to the ensemble now!

Twice Scientist Inkigayo Stage

Twice Scientist Inkigayo Stage

The pink monochrome palette and the cotton candy colors were just heart-throbbing when they danced on this stage! The outfits had some fantastic elements that stole the spotlight, not to mention, Nayeon’s headdress and Momo’s tie-up laces and fur jacket!

The outfits may seem challenging to recreate, but it can be fun if you try out a part outfit with them. A fur jacket or a cropped jacket with a crop top or bralette and shorts or skirt with tie-up laces can make an interesting party outfit. You can also go for a casual outfit with a simple dress and an oversized shirt or a cut-out sweatshirt layering it.

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Final Words

These are undoubtedly a few of the Twice outfits that have made us crazy every time we re-visit them. But you can surely try these outfit ideas while you wait for the comeback! These outfit ideas can be worn for different occasions such as casual, formal or party, or even cocktail parties- the Alcohol-Free era has it for you!

You can also mix and match these styles and create your own Twice inspired outfit carrying your own style. So try these outfit ideas and let us know your take on these outfits or your own outfit ideas as well!

Enjoy going to concerts with creative outfits to cheer on your idols. Which period are you a fan of? The accessory that you can’t miss for all the diverse style looks you like is the custom patches. It can express your style better and add more personalization and fun to your outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best fashion in Twice?

Mina of Twice is one of the most fashionable in the group, although she has a laid-back style for most of her outfits. But you can see how her wardrobe and ensembles mostly consist of cardigans, trench coats, shorts, and even other fancy outfits such as fur and bomber jackets. Her style can be said to be elegant, casual, and simple. Yet, she never shies away from experimenting with new ones. Along with her, Momo and Nayeon also have some unique fashion senses.

What do I wear to a twice concert?

For all the ONCE who are wondering what to wear at a concert, you can also get some inspiration from the girls! A pleated mini skirt or shorts with a cropped top or halter neck and a piece of layering such as an oversized shirt or a cardigan can do. You can add some fun elements to the attire, such as belts, berets, caps, or even chokers. A mini dress or an A-line dress with an underlayer or an overlayer also works as a good concert outfit.

Who is more fashionable in Twice?

Although all the members have a really appreciable fashion sense, the outfits of Nayeon and Momo seem to be more trendy. The airport fashion outfits, as well as the street style of the two, turn out to be some spectacular outfits such as oversized shirts or jackets, cropped tops, trousers, blazers, overalls, skirts, oversized sweatshirts, and much more.