If there is ever a time to look your best, it’s at your wedding. After all, those pictures are going to last forever. Choosing the right haircut for your wedding isn’t always about the cut itself⁠—it’s also about how you style it and how fresh it is. Hair is one of the most fun ways to express yourself, so feel free to get creative. Whatever style you decide on, make sure it makes you feel confident. With the range of cuts available, it’s not an easy mess to sort. So leave it to us.! From buzz cuts to messy buns and classic styles to tousled waves, we have everything here to help you choose your wedding hairstyles for men while planning your big day!

Finally, remember that you don’t want to worry about your hair before or on your wedding day. Don’t do anything drastic (like a brand-new color or a huge shift in style) right before the event. You don’t want to add any unneeded stress to your day!

Here is a list of enchanting wedding hairstyles for men. 

Mind-blowing Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Here’s a comprehensive list of wedding hairstyles for men, ranging from short and classic cuts to medium-length and long hairstyles:

Textured Haircut

If you can pick a haircut trending in the past, rocking in the present, and will be in rage! It is one of the unique hairstyles as it can get on any hair type and for all age groups. For a straight-haired guy, textures will define your hair. 

Add fade to the side, and you can have a textured haircut that has never been pulled off! The textured hair on top will create waves, and the faded sides back will draw attention to the wavy top. 

A trimmed beard pairs nicely with textured hair, but if you are clean-shaven, you need not worry; this cut will complement your perfect jawline. Try one of the most versatile professional hairstyles for men’s straight hair and rock your straight hair.

wedding hairstyles for men

Voluminous Layers

Speaking of volume and hair, the men with thin faces or chiseled jawlines would look handsome with the layered voluminous hair. Whether you use hair maintenance products such as the curl enhancer or curling iron to get the debonair look, do not overdo it and allow the layers to cascade your face from the sides.

Having small facial hair isn’t all too necessary to carry the charm that naturally reflects the thick texture of your curly hair. This is a hairstyle for men who live on their terms and are unafraid of whatever may come.

Looking to rock the aisle with your straight hair? Check out our guide on sensuous hairstyles for men with straight hair, where we explore how to achieve the attractive and voluminous layers.

wedding hairstyles for men

Taper Fade

Also known as Brooklyn fade, this haircut gained popularity from the start of this millennium. Its popularity is quite sharp, and in taper style, the side and back are cut short while leaving a significant amount of hair on the top.

Taper hairstyles can be cut shorter and can result in fading down to the skin. With low taper fade, giving you a neat and clean look with you flowing a structured flair with your haircut! 

wedding hairstyles for men

High and Tight

This might be a little common, but it’s perfect for people with a square head shape. It allows you to have a promenade with little product and goes well with practically any outfit and all occasions. The high and tight do require some length on top, so don’t mess that up, or you’ll need a buzzcut to save your neck.

wedding hairstyles for men

The Surfer

Tousled hairs that are purposely messy, untidy, and unkempt but look still classy, then you are looking at the surfer’s haircut! Long hair, untidy and kept curly or wavy, is the trademark of this hairstyle.

This haircut is inspired by a hardcore surfer whose hair is bleached from being in the sun for too long, soaked in salty water, and has received minimal care. With one of the most elegant long hairstyles for men with thick hair, you need not take too much care of your hair, as it looks best when messy! 

wedding hairstyles for men

Undercut Disheveled Curls

Among the other trendy hairstyles for men with curly hair, having your hair fade out on the temple and at the long curls will make you look cooler yet also slicker as opposed to other disheveled hairstyles.

Adding a special undercut fade to look like you’ve got your eggs and investments right will probably grab you more attention than what’s around you. Remember to keep the curls springy and light but dense.

wedding hairstyles for men

Undercut with Side Fringe

Let’s combine the classic undercut with some side fringe and create one of the most intriguing hairstyles for men’s straight hair. If you ask any man with straight hair about the best hairstyle, he will answer in seconds, saying undercut is his preference. 

Short, neat, and graceful were dripping; this haircut is incredible when you have straight hair. If you want to take this haircut’s classiness one step further, accentuate the side fringe and make it the focal point of the style. Just a little hair wax and you will have a nicely balanced look!

wedding hairstyles for men

Layered Long Curls

If you’ve curly hair but don’t want to style them too much or don’t want to spend some time each day adjusting them, then the Layered Long Curls are exactly what you should try. 

Layers will keep your curls from being shabby and make your face more appealing, making you look artistic and intense.

Long-haired gentlemen, if you’re looking for style inspiration, don’t miss the best long hairstyles for men, featuring a fantastic section on long curls akin to the mesmerizing styles.

wedding hairstyles for men

The Undercut Quiff

The sides are completely shaved off in a hybrid quiff style, and the top features a heavy bunch of hair. This undercut quiff is your coffee if you want to pull off a modern hipster look! Play with forms and tapered or fading sides for a great face cut.

When you need to attend a meeting or a party, the neat quiff can help! Add a touch of elegance and suaveness with this trendy hairstyle.

If you want to add a touch of edgy style to your wedding look, don’t miss our comprehensive guide on mohawk hairstyles for men, including an interesting take on the contemporary undercut quiff.

wedding hairstyles for men

Side Sweep

A side sweep with styling cream makes straight hair look smart. Cut the sides short at under two inches, but keep the top and front medium to alter the style with your fingertips.

The Leebo

Leebo is a layered haircut and the real savior, saving you from getting a mediocre hairstyle with your perfect thick hair! The top will be cut heavily, and the sides will be cut gradually, making one of the most dapper medium haircuts for long hair.

If you are a fan of Cillian Murphy and watched Peaky Blinders, you will get this haircut on the first chance you will get! Keep your layers short if you want a versatile 70’s and 80’s look. 

If you are looking for something vintage and classic, this is one of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair.

Taper Fade Bangs

A street-smart look doesn’t match pop culture but makes you look like a force not to be toyed with. These aren’t the typical bangs that women do, yet instead, the shorter curls at the forehead side will naturally fall and appear both ruffled and sharp.

Do a taper fade on the side and the back of your head that mixes with the slightly longer curls on the temples, and you’re ready to call names and own goals whenever you step out.

Slicked Back

A hairstyle designed and loved by all the gentlemen slicked back is a haircut that oozes style, sophistication, class, and masculinity! This is one of the few hairstyles for men’s straight hair appreciated and worshiped by a contemporary monsieur. 

This haircut is a fashionable way to sport straight curls, with a reliable fade on the side and back and full-bodied, solid hair on the top. Here, two of the most stylish haircuts are blended as we combine the classic pompadour with slicked back, which is quite dashing.

You won’t have any problem pulling this hairdo if you have thick hair. However, if you have thin hair, all you need is a reliable product, and you can also boast this jaunty haircut!

Want to elevate your wavy hair game? Discover some seriously cool hairstyles for men with wavy hair, including a sleek and dapper slicked back.

Curled Quiff

If you’ve always felt older than you but also desire to appear more commanding in oozing a magnetic charm of typical manhood, then the curled quiff will suit you just right. 

Part your hair from either side and brush back the hair at the back to leave the top curls as they are, wavy yet restrained.

Use a light gel to hold your roots so the strands at the top altogether aren’t like a spike but more like a short hair-long hair affair that resembles the tides of a sea. It is among the short hairstyles for men with curly hair, so do think it over before you carry the sophisticated waves.

Mid Skin Fade

A balancing haircut that will give you perfection between low fade and high fade medium skin fade will give you the desired look with your long locks. 

Your amazing hair will fall below the temples and above your ears.

Staying right on the middle side of the head, the medium fade will give you enough hair density to add a flair to your personality. 

If you are looking for a haircut that compliments your thick hair on top with short sides and makes your special day even more amazing, you should try this wedding hairstyle for men!

Faux Hawk+Fade

Fade adds the much-needed contrast and definition to the simple faux hawk as you can turn your stylish faux hawk into a sharp and neat haircut. 

If you have long curls, this hairstyle can be one of the long hairstyles for men with thick hair options.

Long or short fade, tapered or skin fade- decide your desired fade style and length of your top hair to achieve perfection. Zayn Malik, Zac Efron, and Channing Tatum have made faux hawks a sensation and one of the most desired haircuts among all age groups. 

A subtle yet stylish hairstyle; ace this haircut at the office and club too!

Swept Back

Guys and men with long curly hair could try this hairstyle to appear dreamy and gentle. Being one of the most admired hairstyles for men with curly hair, the normally flippant swept-back look will seem good with casual fashion and even better when gelled for attending formal environments. 

Don’t forget to keep the facial hair minimum or none since this hairstyle draws more attention to the volume of your hair.


Do we need to say anything about this haircut at all? Elvis Presley made this haircut a household name in the bygone years, and now after hibernating for so many years, this hairstyle is back. If you are a classy guy and want a polished look, this haircut is what you need the most! 

All you have to do is to keep the side of your hair shorter and build volume on the upper and front sections of the head. This contrast will create the effect of pomp, and you will be amazed by how unique this hairstyle is.

If you have silky hair, you should try one of the trendiest wedding hairstyles for men. Pompadour is ideal for guys who don’t want to grow their hair out and want to go for something minimalistic.

Whether you’re preparing for your big day or simply aiming for a polished look, you can also go for professional hairstyles for men that presents versatile options suitable for various occasions in a man’s life.

Final Words 

If you are looking for wedding hairstyles for men, then you can try these above-mentioned hairstyles for your special days. These trending wedding hairstyles for men will give you amazing looks on your special day and help you make it stylish and memorable!