Kim Taehyung, also popular by V, is a South Korean singer and is a member of BTS (a boy band). The vocal range of Taehyung is broad and deep and has produced several calming and deep tones. Apart from building his name as a musician and actor, Taehyung has a great following for his fashion style.

V is one of the most stylish and attractive members of BTS. Whatever he wears, he looks great. Also, his entire clothing collection is from a high-end designer label. His favorite brand is Gucci, and you can see him in Gucci clothing and other fashion accessories.

He is also popular among young fans due to his exceptional fashion sense and appealing facial expressions. He is one of the legendary fashion icons who have his own distinct fashion style. He is also recognized as “Gucci boy”, because of his passion for Gucci clothing and accessories. Let’s have a look at the Taehyung fashion.

Items You Need To Dress Like V from BTS

A Suit

Taehung Formal Outfits

When it comes to Taehyung outfits, whatever the occasion, you can see him wearing a suit. Whether it is a formal or casual event, he will always have a suit to wear. Other members of his band can be seen in casual clothes, but you can expect Taehyung to wear a three-piece suit.

If you will see the choreography videos of BTS’s songs, V has worn a suit and practices in this heavy outfit. It simply shows his love for suits. So, if you want to follow Taehyung fashion, you must have suits in your wardrobe to dress like your favorite celebrity.

Printed Shirts

Taehung Printed Shirts Outfits

V has a great love for prints and colors. When you see him not wearing a suit, he is surely being seen in a colorful printed shirt. This is what makes him more attractive than other members of the band. The printed shirts are one of the inspiring and stylish Taehyung casual outfits.

It seems like he loves to wear a blue floral Hawaiian shirt, or we can also say that he is fond of this shirt as he has been seen wearing it on several occasions. You can also see Taehyung wearing this shirt during his trip to Hawaii with J-Hope. He even wore it at dinner with a popular singer Jon Batiste.

Scarf or Tie

Scarf and Ties

If we talk about Taehyung fashion, it is a combination of a variety of Taehyung inspired outfits and his love for other fashion accessories. You can always find him pairing his outfit with accessories, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. How can we forget to mention his love for scarves or ties? Whether he is wearing a casual outfit or a suit, you will never see him without any accessories.

V is mostly seen wearing handkerchief scarves on the microphone, arm, and neck. He even sometimes chooses to attach his scarf to his belt. During winters, you see Taehyung seen wrapped in a long, woolen scarf. His different styles of wearing scarves make his overall outfit look more stylish.

He also loves to pair his formal outfits with ties of different styles, mostly with graphic patterns.

Celine T-shirt

Taehung in Celine Tshirt

Do you know that his love for the Celine t-shirt is something more than what we think of? He has been seen wearing this Celine t-shirt several times. It seems like he is very much attached to this t-shirt. Just let us know how many times you have seen his images over the internet wearing the same t-shirt.

We understand that we all have that one piece of clothing we love to wear regularly, especially when we are failed to decide on the outfit. We think this Celine t-shirt is one such piece for Taehyung outfits. He looks so simple and classy in all images wearing it.

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Mute Boston Bag

Taehung Fashion

In addition to his love for suits and scarves, V also loves bags. When he travels across the world, he does not miss carrying a bag that is both fashionable and functional. One such bag is made by Taehyung for BTS’ artist-made collection. This bag, made of durable and refined Safiano leather, is one of the best travel partners of V.

The ample space and wonderful color of this bag make it look wonderful with any Taehyung outfits. You can see him carrying this bag with suits and casual outfits as well. The floral scarf tied to the bag show his combined love for accessories. It is truly a remarkable bag that works as icing on the cake of Taehyung’s personality.

Taehyung Fashion Styles That Rock

Every BTS fan is familiar with V’s style. Whether it is about Taehyung casual outfits, Taehyung airport fashion, or his huge collection of high fashion designer brand Gucci, V is quite popular for his unique fashion style. One thing that is extremely outstanding about Taehyung is his diverse and consistent style at the same time.

Everyone knows that V does not waste his time trying too hard. But whatever he wears, it clearly shows his innate sense of style and personality. Every look of V comes out with something impressive. Also, you can never imagine what next V is going to be a trend. Due to this reason, many style lovers and fans wait for V to know what he will wear next.

Have a look at some of his best fashion styles.

Bold Style

V does not love experimenting with some unique outfits. He usually loves to play around with his basics, such as button-down shirts. When you see him in a casual outfit, you will find him in shirts with bold prints and floral patterns. He is extremely bold when it comes to styling. Even if you see him wearing interesting polos or shirts with black pants, later you may see him wearing the same printed shirts with another printed bottom. He is not afraid of wearing anything but in style.

Cool and Cozy Style

Taehyung likes experimenting with his outfits without going out of his style. Have you ever thought that a cardigan and butterfly patch jeans can go well in pair? You may not, but V knows how to electrify the combination of some pieces.

To get the best look with these pieces, he prefers going with classic staples, such as pairing them with an all-black long coat or something lighter as the outerwear. What makes Taehyung outfits more surprising is that he always ends up with modern and classic looks with amazing combinations.

Charming Style

What about wearing a button-down shirt, a school-boy coat, a patterned vest, and stylish eyeglasses? No worries if you have never thought of such a combination. The pairing of these outfits and accessories is a signature style of V. This overall look brings a mixture of street and preppy style. The charming and social butterfly personality of V completes this refined look.

Romantic Style

Just wearing an outfit never gives you a delicate and romantic look. This is what you need to learn from Kim Taehyung. His love for ribbons, scarves, and other neck accessories makes Taehyung look like a romantic guy. If you have ever noticed his styles, you may have found he pairs the flower pieces with blush overtones. His fans may know what makes him stand out. With the same contrast when he is on the stage, this gives him a dashing prince-like personality.

Clutches & Bags

If there is anything other than Taehyung inspired outfits in his closet, he has a huge collection of classy clutches and bags. This is something that gives a stylish and practical look. Whatever type and size of the bag he carries, it compliments all his outfits without hindering his signature look.

Multi-colored Stripes

He is never afraid of wearing pieces with multi-colored stripes. This is one of the go-to outfits of Taehyung, which also inspire his fans to try this style. He has been seen wearing French-style striped long-sleeved shirts several times. He paired these shirts with a beret and baggy pants.

Neck Accessories

Not all men like neck accessories. But, here, V wears them smartly and stylishly. He always chooses to have something playful and ensure that it goes perfectly with his outfit. Instead of wearing ordinary necklaces, he opts for chokers and scarves. Fashionistas love to follow a man who is never scared of trying something bold and stylish.

Taehyung Airport Fashion Looks

Here, we are bringing some of the remarkable V’s airport style that has obsessed several fashion experts to look for something unique whenever V travels. Taehyung’s has a highly inspired sense of fashion, whether it is about top-selling designers or fashion critics. He inspired everyone by incorporating varied textures and silhouettes in most of his airport outfits.

Some of Taehyung airport outfits have proved him as one of the most handsome men in the world. Have a look at V’s favorite airport looks.

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Black on Black

Taehung Black Outfits

One fashion expert has talked about V’s airport look, where he described V as having the best minimalist and easy fashion style. This look is chic and expensive, but fans can easily recreate it by getting their own pieces of clothing. In this airport look, Taehyung chooses accessories that enhance his overall outfit. This includes a black Kangol hat and an oversized leather bag that brings a wow impression to the outfit.

Oversized 70s Business Look

Taehung 70s Outfits

V’s 70s business look is dubbed as one of the favorite airport looks that inspired many fans to have these pieces of clothing and accessories to imitate this look. One fashion expert praised the smart combination of textures and silhouettes. He has cleverly chosen the outfits and accessories.

The trench coat and cropped trousers paired with a square-shaped sling bag is something that gives the ultimate ‘boyfriend look’. The messy hair completes the look that V’s fans can’t get enough of.

Eliteness – A fashion Icon

Taehung Airport Outfits

This airport look of V went viral, displaying the eliteness that all fans keel over. The long coat with a woolen scarf gives a cozy look. The combination of each piece of clothing and their textures proves that V is the ‘K-pop fashion icon’. Even fashion experts and V’s fans always look forward to his next airport look.

Statement Cardigan Look

taehyung Cardigan outfits

When it comes to the V’s airport looks, he knows how to travel in comfy and chic outfits. In this airport look, he has chosen an oversized patch-work cardigan and pairs it with loose trouser. The cardigan with an earthy tone goes perfectly with a t-shirt and a wide-legged trouser. This is what V has chosen to wear.

The purplish hair, a stylish bag, and Balenciaga sneakers, all together give a striking, statement cardigan look.

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Final Words

By this time, you have noticed some of the popular and inspiring Taehyung outfits. If you ever spot this fashion icon, you will find most of his outfits, footwear, and accessories by Gucci. This is what makes him look casual yet chic. We can also say that V can be a great Gucci style ambassador if he is not already one.


What is the favorite clothing brand of V?

V’s love for Gucci makes it his favorite clothing brand. From his stylish outfits to accessories like bags, footwear, and even phone cases, Gucci always dominates his closet.

What is V’s clothing style?

V has one of the most casual and well-defined styles among other members of BTS. You can see him wearing a variety of outfits – from floral printed shirts to loose pants in bold colors. Whatever he wears, he looks so adorable and classy in his clothes.

Why does V always wear loose clothes?

BTS V has cholinergic urticarial, due to which he can’t wear tight clothes. Also, he drinks lots of water onstage to control his rising body temperature. Even if he wears loose clothes, he is a style inspiration for millions of his fans.