Age is just a number, and you should never stop wearing your charm! Even though you are touching the 60s, you can regain your sense of the beauty of your past days. It doesn’t mean that you now have to get boring short haircuts or have to settle for fuddy-duddy headscarves.

From greying to changing textures and thinning hair- aging can be hard on your strands, which can affect your confidence too. Though there are treatments and hair care available for the declining quality of your hairs, sometimes all, you just need is a brand new and fresh haircut to spice up your age!

With today’s hair-cutting prowess and coloring proficiencies, ladies over 60 won’t have troubled times finding the perfect low-maintenance look to help you feel more adolescent, vibrant, and make your curls full of life.

With an incredible variety of hairstyles for women over 60 available at your disposal from dimensional colors, capacious cuts, and even various lengths you can choose from that will enhance your strands into looking thicker and healthier.

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Now, are you ready to make yourself young once again and bring your glamour back into your life? Need not worry; what follows is the list of some of the best hairstyles for women over 60 you can try to bring the charm of your yesteryear back!

  • Slimming cut for round face
  • Stacked Ash Layers
  • Blonde Bob with flipped layers
  • Jaw-length Bob with long bangs
  • Inverted Bob
  • Shoulder-Length Long Bob with bangs
  • Wedge haircut
  • Voluminous curls

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Slimming Cut for Round Face

If you have a round face and don’t boast a perfect jaw-line, then this will be your go-to haircut after reaching 60! If you want something new and unique, then add an espresso hue with pops of copper on this beautiful bob with freshly got bangs. This is one of the most loved hairstyles for women over 60 in women with a round face.

This haircut will cover your round face and will give you a slimmer and cut-face look that you can rock in your 60s. You can add various colors from blonde to salt and pepper variation to make it unique and fresh and have a perfect style to rock!

Stacked Ash Layers

This is a cute pixie haircut with ash-blonde dimensions and long bangs. If you want to hide your wrinkles and skin imperfections, then this is the hairstyle you should try. A textured tousled cropped cut to a polished one this is one of the very few hairstyles for women over 60 that will provide you with the versatility you are looking for!

Stacked Ash Layers 

This haircut fawns women with short hair as it will help them appear younger by adding layers and giving a slovenly style to catch beach waves. People will wonder, is it grey? Is it blonde? Well, it is a perfect blend of ash toned hue, and it is ideal for women who are low-maintenance as it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.

Blonde Bob with Flipped Layers

If you are looking to add an air of youth to your hairstyle, then including layers will work wonders for you! Cropped bob with flirty layers is one of the most loved hairstyles for women over 60, as you will enjoy its ease of maintenance. Blondes out there can add some little blonde highlights, and you can add extra dimensions to your strands.

This haircut will compliment your thin hairs, and layers will add volume to your hair. One of the most loved hairstyles among this age group, try this haircut and be the blissful blonde!

Jaw-length Bob with Long Bangs

Let’s spice up your neatly shaped jaw-length with some highlights as it will give you a break from a regular and clichéd bob haircut! If the greys are claiming territories, then adding some blond hue will work wonders for you.

When we are talking about hairstyles for women over 60, then bob cut should be the focal point of the conversation. Short haircuts are effortless to maintain and extremely versatile to play around. If you want to brighten up your style, then this bob cut with stacked layers should be your choice.

You can add more depth to your hairdo as you just have to tweak some things; choose a dark color shade of blonde to layer and keep the light one for your top layers.

Inverted Bob

If you want to go with sophistication, then this is your jam! One of the most classy and elegant hairstyles for women over 60, the classic inverted bob cut is for high-end parties and get-to-gathers. Ask your stylist to cut stacked layers in the back that gradually gets longer towards the front, near your face.

Hairstyles for Women Over 60

The fascinating thing about this haircut is that it is suited for every face type and shape. This bright and short youthful hairstyle will give you a more feminine look and compliment your thin hair. Add some face-framing bangs, and you can have a complete combination of classiness and sophistication!

Shoulder-length Long Bob with Bangs

Shoulder-length cut shag is the new trend among women who are touching the 60s. With this cut, you can look ten years younger as it is excellent for hiding wrinkles on your forehead and exploiting your youthfulness.

You can add some variation in it as you throw some brunette balayage and get a striking look, and these bangs will add much-needed glam and will freshen up the face, giving you a youthful spark. If you want to keep your hair longer, then this is one of the most preferred long hairstyles for women over 60!

Wedge Haircut

If you are looking for a low-maintenance routine haircut, then wedge cut is a perfect option for you! If you are looking for something fresh and new, then inform your stylist about this haircut and ask about the opinion.

Hairstyles for Women Over 60

You can wake and go with this haircut as you don’t need to take care of this easy-to-maintain haircut. If you wish to get this haircut, then be prepared for trendy and attractive colors as it will give you the chance to try new colors. If you want to go stylish and a different way, Wedge cut is one of the unique hairstyles for women over 60!

Voluminous Curls

Not ready to give up on your medium or long length hairs? No worries, keep your long curls with these voluminous curls with this shoulder-length cut and shaggy, and don’t forget to add the famous 70s style layers to your haircuts.

This haircut will take several years off from you. But then you might be wondering that long hairs will make you look older, right? Well, it will make you look mature if you have thin hair as long as you have curls that are thick and voluminous enough to pull this off. Give this haircut a modern touch with adding blonde and long layers in this chic haircut.

Final Words

If you are looking for hairstyles for women over 60, then go through this list as it will help you to choose the best haircut if you are on the brink of getting the most amazing phase of your life. These haircuts will keep up with the fashion while bringing the youthful days of your past and make you look as beautiful as before. Embrace your 60s with these fantastic and classy hairstyles for women over 60!