Fashion is a broad term that most people confuse with the idea of following trends. Sometimes a long hairstyles for women over 40 creates more questions, whether a hairstyle would be suitable or not. Sure! some colours are seasonal, some types of clothes are better suited for a particular weather. These ideas dictate the runways, but they do not speak for individual style.

Style can be as unique as your fingerprint. One of the most important aspects of your style is the way you carry your hair. There are numerous hairstyles one can choose from, but depending on the shape and length of the hair, you can use it to accentuate the good features in your face. 

Hence, it is important to pick the right hairstyle that not only speaks about you as an individual, but also the haircut that complements your facial features.

Tips to style Long Hairstyles for women over 40

Here are some of the best long hairstyles for women over 40 that help you change your appearance by styling your hair differently.

  • Blonde Layers
  • Long Layered Locks
  • Wavy Half-Up
  • Side parted soft waves
  • Dark Curls 
  • Wavy Red Layers
  • Front Layers
  • Dainty Curls and Side Parting
  • Top Bun




Blonde Layers

long hairstyle for women over 40


If you have bleached or naturally blonde hair and looking for long hairstyles for women over 40, you can try blonde layers. To make your face look more defined, part your hair in the middle and make sure that your locks in the front are chin length. This will make your face appear longer and leaner. 

Long Bob

If you wish to keep your hair long and do not want to cut them to bob length, you can choose to flaunt a long Bob. A shoulder length bob focuses attention away from the face and makes it appear smaller and longer. This makes you look younger and can be one of the best long hairstyles for women over 40.

You can add more details in this hairstyle by dyeing your hair at the ends with a warm hue, it will make your hair look voluminous. 

Long Layered Locks

If you have wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Having long bouncy curls makes you appear young and feel more youthful. If you wish to make this hairstyle more mature, you can add carry it with a middle parting. This makes it one of the versatile long hairstyles for women over 40 that you can style for weekend getaways as well as the boardroom. 

Wavy Half Up

One of the easiest hairstyles to carry for a working woman who wants to strike a balance between elegance and comfort. This is a hairstyle that can be done up quickly and makes you look like a million bucks. Gather the hair that covers the upper half of your scalp and pin them up. This gives your hair some added depth and looks refined.

Side Parted Soft Waves

This is one of the simple yet classic long hairstyles for women over 40, in which side parts are universally flattering. It helps you concentrate on your “good-side”. Soft waves make the hairstyle look more lively and hence makes your face appear younger. This is why it is a good hairstyle especially for older women who wish to try a new hairstyle.

Dark Curls

If you have dark coloured hair, you can add a fun element to your hair to make you look younger. Tight curls look beautiful on long dark hair and add a youthful twist to your look. You can also add some side bangs or bangs to make your face appear smaller and make you feel younger. Out for all the options you have, this is one of the best long hairstyles for women over 40. 

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Wavy Red Layers

This is a great hairstyle that can you can easily maintain and experiment with. If you are facing the problem of hair thinning, you can always add more layers to your hair to make it look voluminous. This hairstyle can be styled with different accessories like headbands making it one of the best long hairstyles. 

Front layers

Long hair, if framed properly, can make you look more sophisticated and will make you stand out and look younger. This hairstyle can also make you look gorgeous and sexy. The best way to wear this hairstyle is to have chin length, that is face framing and this makes the face look lifted and this makes you look younger.

Dainty Curls and Side Parting

Having deep side part with this hairstyle adds a bit of vintage glam to match your dynamic style. The dainty curls add a  bounce and make you look younger. Curl your hair around a half inch curling rod to get dainty curls.

Give these curls a little tug and hit it with some medium-hold hairspray to make sure your hair feel natural and looks impeccable, giving it the popular status in long hairstyles for women over 40.

Top Bun

long hairstyle for women over 40


If you are a woman over 40, you can easily tie a neat top bun with your hair. This is a sophisticated look that suits thin faces and is a great hairstyle that is hassle free and looks presentable,; in any formal or casual setting. Top bun is fit to accompany your casual as well as formal looks. 

Talk to your hairstylist and try any of these long hairstyles for women over 40 to see the effect it has on your appearance. You can always add hairband and some clips to bring about a change in your appearance.