The struggle of finding a flattering haircut for thin hair is quite real for women as one question will always loom over your head like a dark cloud; “Does my hair look flat?”. But the answer will be irrelevant if you know how to style fine hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

The plus point of thin hair is that they are more easy to style than you think, which means you can choose from various haircuts and that is just gorgeous. You can even make your thin hair look thick with these hairstyles for thin hair

Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair

The right cut, be it short or long, can help you look like a bombshell and aid you achieve your desired volume. You need not worry as you have so many options when it comes to styling your hair. You can make your hair look more capacious with these hairstyles for thin hair

  • Layered Bob
  • Blunt Bangs
  • Wavy Lob  
  • Deep Side Part
  • Tousled Pixie
  • Long Layers
  • Low-Bun Chignon 
  • Wispy Front Layers

Layered Bob

hairstyles for thin hair


You would have never thought that layers are going to make you look beautiful but believe me, a classic layered Bob looks amazing on women with short hair. Every shape of the face will look beautiful with this versatile haircut. The layered bob will add dimension to your hair and sharpen your facial features.

When you go to the salon next time, ask your stylist to keep your hair till chin and tell him to taper it back. Getting it layered will add dimension to your fine locks. One of the most favored hairstyles for thin hair; you will look bombshell in this classic haircut.

Blunt Bangs

At first, your decision to get bangs will scare you but trust yourself because these bangs will appreciate your thin hair like no other haircut. Take a deep breath and tell your hairstylist to cut your hair into a smooth, eyebrow-skimming blunt fringe to add volume to your fine hair.

You are distributing the volume of your hair evenly by cutting them in a straight line. This unconventional and unique haircut will attract people to your beautiful face. Try this one of the most unorthodox hairstyles for thin hair and attract people’s attention to your cute face!

Wavy Lob

Hailed as one of the best hairstyles for thin hair because it is easy to pull and it just cannot fail. The lob is here to flatter every face shape and every hair type, including thin hair. In this haircut, the hairs are short enough to never feel flat and the wavy texture will give you the thickness you are craving for your hair for so long. The key is to keep the length to above your collarbone and this is the ideal length. 

Deep Side Part

If you have thin hair then the one haircut you must avoid is the dead-center cut as it will make your hair look completely flat. Instead, try something new and experiment with side parting your hair. Style your hair on your favorite part and then part three inches away from the center.

It will feel like you have done a comb-over but fear not, once your hair settles, parting hair will give much-needed texture to your fine hairs. A timeless haircut, try this amazing haircut, and make your thin hair look beautiful!

Tousled Pixie

By injecting some texture and movement in your hair, pixie will make your hair look thicker and voluminous. This is a hairstyle for you if you are looking to try and experiment with something bold and exciting and want to get out of that clichéd look of long curls.

Getting this super-short haircut is a daring and brave decision but if you can pull it off then you will look as cute and adorable as Emma Watson! One of the most low-maintenance hairstyles for thin hair, you can just wake up and have a perfect pixie!

Long Layers

hairstyles for thin hair

Layers are going to do wonders for your thin curls if you keep the ends blunt. Keep one thing in mind that too many layers will make your hair look thinner. So, keep your number of layers medium to low. If you don’t want to experiment with your hairs and want to keep them longer then long layers are for you! 

It will stop your hair looking flat and the varying length will make your hair look voluminous and thick! Having uneven strands will give you to arrange your strands behind your ears and look adorable while doing that!

Low-Bun Chignon

Chignon means low bun in French and if you are looking for a classic haircut for your thin hair, center-parted chignon that is placed on the nape of the neck is your jam! And the most fascinating part is that it is way too easy! Squeeze a dollop of gel in your palms; rub it between your hands and let the gel work wonders on your hair! Use your bobby pins to keep your low bun intact and you can even use a pen to make it more fashionable!  

Wispy Front Layers

hairstyles for thin hair

All the Elle Fanning fangirls who have short and fine hair, this is your moment for joy as her wispy front layers haircut is considered as one of the most loved hairstyles for thin hair. Tell your hairstylist to cut your hair between your bust and your collarbone then add wispy layers to your hair. These layers will nicely frame your face, add texture to your fine hair and can be styled for better volume.

Just don’t forget to get the back of your cut in straight lines, as thin back layers can become messy. Pull this amazingly beautiful look with your thin hair!

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Final Words

If you are looking for haircuts that appreciate your thin hair and make them look voluminous, then you should try these amazingly gorgeous and fine-looking haircuts to solve your problem of thin hair. Try these stunning hairstyles for thin hairs and rock the atmosphere!