Are you a fitness freak? Are you looking to start the gym once again? Well, there is no better time to start exercising as the lockdown has been harsh on our fitness. It is okay if you have put on some extra pounds during that time as staying in the home was more important.

However, the situation has improved and gyms are opening their doors to people who want to get back in shape once again. If you are looking to get back to the gym, then you are going to need a new pair or two of gym clothes.

It is high time to take our fitness seriously and get ourselves back in shape and that can be done by going to the gym. Let’s back in shape with style as you have so many trendy gym clothes available for you in the market.

You no longer have to buy baggy clothes and loose track pants as these gym clothes are stylish, trendy, and super-comfortable. You will not just go to the gym; you will enjoy yourself there in these fantastically styled and designed clothes.

Stylish and Comfortable Gym Clothes for Men

  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tank tops
  • Half-sleeve tees
  • Full-sleeve tees
  • Lounge Shorts
  • Mask
  • Base-layer


Sleek style and soft feel; that is what sweatpants will offer you! These loose-fit pants are one of the best when it comes to running. You can wear them at your home or while doing transitioning to and fro from your latest workout. If you want something comfortable with the classic look then you can always look upon sweatpants as they will offer you superior breath-ability and mobility to keep you relaxed in-between the running sessions.

If you want to go for style and comfort then you can always go for tapered sweatpants as they will be perfect for your relaxing session at home or grinding session at the gym. Relax and exercise in style with one of the most bought gym clothes for men!

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Sweatshirts are something that men love more than anything else! The reason; super-comfy, breathable, never out-of-fashion, and stylish! If you are looking for something that can keep you warm in the winter season then you should go for these super-warm and ultra-soft hoodies.

Sweatshirt for Men.

Make a statement or keep natural as sweatshirts are available in all the colors you can imagine for every personality. The details and loose fits will make your gym session worth remembering and you will admire your decision to choose one of the most versatile gym clothes for men!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are essential whether you are working out or resting. Tanks feature lightweight and ultra-soft fabric to ensure comfort will be on your hand no matter how vigorous the activity is. You can also go for printed tanks as the bold graphics will offer you a fantastic and stylish look.

Tanks feature athletic cuts and generous armholes to offer you the full range of motion while lifting that heavyweight. Similar to loungewear, basketball tanks also should be on your list too as they will offer you sleek style and comfort from your couch to court.

Lightweight feel and mesh ventilation side panels will offer much-needed breathing and movement on warm days! Go for this one of the sleekest gym clothes for men and add style to your gym attire!

Half-sleeve Tees

Keep things classic and breathable with these half-sleeve tees. Go for a ribbed crewneck collar as it will offer you a soft and cozy feeling while doing your sit-ups! These cotton half tees will help you with the utmost movement to your hands. The cotton tees also help with sweat absorption and prevent any itchiness arising due to the sweatiness.

Half sleeve tees for men.

You can go out and opt to buy sweat-activated half-sleeve tees as they are trending right now. The message on the tee will be visible once you have sweat enough. The wetter your tee, the clearer the message.

This tee is on-trend and people who want motivation can go for these t-shirts and get their hands on the most in-demand gym clothes for men! Multiple Global Fitness Brands sell such Tees in attractive colors and different designs. Make sure you check the fabric description when you buy.

Full-sleeve Tees

With full-sleeves, you will get a little extra comfort than short-sleeve tees as they will absorb all the excessive sweat dripping from your hand while running a few extra miles on the treadmill. These tees are breathable and lightweight that they won’t even hinder your arm movement and offer you extra durability to perform your sets.

Pairing these tees with shorts will create perfect gym attire and you can do your exercise with much-added flair and elegance! You won’t have to go and buy the inner for your gym anymore as long tees will give you some comfort and silhouette of muscularity! One of the most loved gym clothes for men, long tees should be on your shopping list!

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Lounge Shorts

If you want to blend style and function then you just have to get a pair or two of lounge shorts! Soft terry material will give you perfect comfort and you can wear them in your living room and in the field too. These shorts will provide you with all-day comfort as they are designed with making your coziness in your mind! You can choose a raw-edged finish for a unique look and rushed interior lining to keep you warm in chilly weather. However, no loungewear collection is complete without the addition of basketball shorts.

Lounge shorts for men

They will offer you breathable mesh fabric and stylish side pieces to add flair to your gym wear. These loungewear shorts will add style into your lazy days and will offer you comfort while exercising and that is why it is one of the most in-demand gym clothes for men.


The pandemic is still not over and this means you still have to wear a mask when you are going to the gym. Masks will protect you from inhaling the virus and reduce the risk of catching corona. While wearing the mask in the gym you will not only lose your weight but will also lose the risk of the corona.

It is quite fascinating, how a mask has become an essential part of our gym attire and you should also wear it to stop it from spreading the diseases further. There are so many designable and customizable masks available online and in the market.

You can sport your favorite team’s mask or you can go with camouflage and show your affinity to the army! If you are looking for trendy gym clothes for men then adding masks will be a wise and stylish decision.

Base Layer

You have to remember one thing in mind; no matter how your muscled calf looks amazing in the base layer, tights should always be worn underneath track or shorts. No one in the gym wants to see your legs like this and you should also keep that in mind too.

That being said, you should include tights in your gym attire as they will absorb all the sweat when you will be working outside and will give you extra comfort. Tights will offer you better movement and reduces the risk of injury due to snug-fitting. If you want to create a muscular silhouette then you should go for base layers as it is one of the most trendy gym clothes for men!

Final Words

If you are looking to pull off the stylish look while exercising then these gym clothes for men will help your cause. With these gym attires, you can go for the kill and exercise more and show your style sense at the same time.

Get ready and hit the gym running with these amazingly stylish gym clothes for men!