Styling your hair is important as it is to dress correctly. A well-done hairstyle could work like magic on almost any outfit whereas it’s not the same the other way around. A hairstyle isn’t just about how you choose to maintain your hair but rather it makes a great deal of difference in terms of personality and even in boosting self-confidence.

If you happen to have curly hair and if you wonder that there isn’t much to do about it then you’re in for a surprise. There are numerous fantastic hairstyles for men with curly hair that you can try to look your best as per your desire. Consider having a proper hairstyle as being brownie points for looking more attractive than you already do after dressing up either sharp or casually.

Instead of living off with a common look that men with curly hair generally do, you should try these hairstyles for men with curly hair to stand out and define your own persona. No matter the length of your curly hair, we’ve got plenty of hairstyles for you that would suit either short or long hair and even the medium ones in between.

Best Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Hairstyles for men with curly hair are easy to keep and relatively easier to maintain with minimal hair products except a few that require additional styling and care. You could try any of these to look amazing whether you’re in a formal environment or at any casual event.

  • Tousled Short Curls
  • Medium Length Curls
  • Swept Back
  • Voluminous Layers
  • Curled Quiff
  • Taper Fade Bangs
  • Undercut Di-shelved Curls
  • Curled Pompadour
  • Faded Undercut
  • Layered Long Curls
  • Taper Wavy
  • Curly Fade Pomp
  • Medium Fluffed Curls
  • Medium Windswept
  • Half Man Bun
  • Brushed Loose Curls
  • Medium Afro

Tousled Short Curls

If you’re someone who prefers not combing their curls and uses their fingers to minimally part their hair back then you will favor this hairstyle. Get some curl enhancer on your wet curls and dry them either with a dryer or the wind but make sure that you don’t comb your hair at all and only use your fingers to style them.

Medium Length Curls

Those of you who desire to appear more manly or say you want to look confidently bold then you should definitely try this hairstyle. Keep your facial hair short or to a minimum and let your curls be gelled when they are medium and naturally allow the gravity to do its work. Remember to look sharp and neat to look your best with this hairstyle.

Swept Back

Guys and men with long curly hair could try this hairstyle to appear dreamy and gentle. Being one of the most admired hairstyles for men with curly hair, the normally flippant swept-back look will seem good with casual fashion and even better when gelled for attending formal environments.

Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Only don’t forget to keep the facial hair minimum or none since this hairstyle draws more attention that way to the volume of your hair.

Voluminous Layers

Speaking of volume and hair, the men with thin faces or chiseled jawline would look handsome with the layered voluminous hair. Whether you use hair maintenance products such as the curl enhancer or curling iron to get the debonair look, do not overdo it and allow the layers to cascade your face from the sides.

Having small facial hair isn’t all too necessary to carry the charm that evidently naturally reflects by the thick texture of your curly hair. This is a hairstyle for men who live their life on their terms and are unafraid of whatever that may come.

Curled Quiff

If you’ve always felt older than you are but also desire to appear more commanding in terms of oozing a magnetic charm of typical manhood then the curled quiff will suit you just right. Part your hair from either side and brush back the hair at the back to leave the top curls as they are, wavy yet restrained.

Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Use a light gel to hold your roots so the strands at the top altogether aren’t like a spike but more like a short hair-long hair affair that resembles the tides of a sea. It is among the short hairstyles for men with curly hair so do think it over before you decide to carry the sophisticated waves.

Taper Fade Bangs

A street smart look isn’t the one that matches pop culture but the one that makes you look like a force not to be toyed with. These aren’t the typical bangs that women do yet instead the shorter curls at the forehead side will naturally fall down and appear both ruffled and sharp.

Do a taper fade on the side and the back of your head that mixes with the slightly longer curls on the temples and you’re ready to call names and own goals whenever you step out.

Undercut Disheveled Curls

Among the other trendy hairstyles for men with curly hair, having your hair fade out on the temple and at the curls that are long will make you look cooler yet also slicker opposed to other disheveled hairstyles mentioned above and below.

Adding a special undercut fade for looking like you’ve got your eggs and investments right will probably grab you more attention than what’s around you. Remember to keep the curls springy, light but dense.

Curled Pompadour

This hairstyle suits better on men who have thick and curly hair because the curls naturally provide a pompadour look when brushed or combed a little from the top and the temples.

Curled Pompadour hairstyle thefashionfantasy

However, don’t be shy of using a hair gel to complete the perfect look that is appropriate at both the workplace and at the parties. Also, having a medium length beard would make you look even better.

Faded Undercut

Men with tiny and fizzy curls too have multiple options when it comes to styling their hair. The Faded undercut accentuates your face while also making you appear sleek and suave which is why it is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. Whether you have a round face or have a well-formed angular jaw, you can bet this hairstyle will compliment you like no other.

Layered Long Curls

If you’ve got curly hair but don’t have the desire to style them too much or if you don’t want to spend some time each day in adjusting them then the Layered Long Curls is exactly what you should try.

Layered Long Curls hairstyle thefashionfantasy

It’ll make you appear artistic and intense because the layers will prevent the curls from appearing shabby while also making your face look more appealing.

Taper Wavy

Wavy hair needs not to be shoulder length always. The Taper Wavy hairstyle requires that you keep your hair long at the top and let the sides be trimmed for a dashing urban look. Using hair spray could help you enhance the waves so that you’re never wearing this hairstyle the same way each time. Remember to nourish your curls from their roots to naturally attain this amazing wavy look.

Curly Fade Pomp

One of the modern hairstyles for men with curly hair is the Curly Fade Pomp that is both retro yet swanky. You might have to cut the longer curls at the top too short but it’ll be worth it when you also trim the sides to a fade.

Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

The smaller curls are better off without any hair product but for a wet look, you should consider applying light hair gel that doesn’t dry off.

Medium Fluffed Curls

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a popular phrase that applies to this particular hairstyle as well. If you’re fond of your long ringlets with the way they are and don’t want to commit to a particular hairstyle anytime soon then The Medium length Fluffed Curls lets you have your way. You retain the ability to pull your hair back for a bun when required with this hairstyle or otherwise you can just let loose your voluminous hair to appear casual yet enigmatic.

Medium Windswept

If you simply part your hair aside and let the curls fall where they may, you could achieve this hairstyle. Although it might seem too common, it never fails to subtly make you look beautiful because everyone has a unique symmetry of their face which is enough to make this a hit among the other hairstyles for men with curly hair. You could use a comb to part your hair on either side but don’t forget to moisturize your hair periodically.

Half Man Bun

The most common hairstyles for men with curly hair is a man bun but here’s how you can innovate it to make yourself look distinctly attractive. Have the longer hair at both the top and sides pulled back in a bun while you leave the hair on the back of your neck free.

This deviates you from appearing like the men with a high or low bun yet also prevents the extra hair from falling down on your face.

Try this look for special events as well as for daily work life and you’ll surely receive many compliments.

Brushed Loose Curls

Combing the curly hair could be a nightmare if you don’t care about the texture. This hairstyle specifically demands that you properly maintain the volume of your hair and don’t let it dry too often to get the Brushed Loose Curls to look splendid on you.

Brushed Loose Curls thefashionfantasy

Comb your wet hair a few times a day at a time to remove any tangles and loosely hold them with a hair tie or a band until they’re set that way.

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Medium Afro

Nothing reflects confidence and vigor like the Afro hairstyle. It is not for nothing that this look is included in the hairstyles for men with curly hair because thick curls are easier to style which can also be achieved by initially using a curling iron a few times a week.

A Medium Afro gives you a not a spunky look but rather makes you appear bold and composed, so definitely give this a try at least once in your life.