Hairstyles don’t only mean the hair on top of your head as some men don’t consider the hair on their faces. If you want to take your style to the next level then start paying attention to your facial hair that interacts with your haircut. There are many short hairstyles for men with beards that can give you a rough and rugged look!

What do celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Idris Alba, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, and Hugh Jackman have in common? All these men usually sport a beard! If anyone wants to look like a Greek God and make all heads turn, then sporting a beard can prove to be a golden choice! When sported properly, a beard can make a man from average-looking to a straight 10.

Amazing Short Hairstyles for Men with Beards

Having a hairstyle that compliments your beard goes a long way! If you want your beard to stand out and don’t want your haircuts to shadow it then keep your haircuts short. Here are some of the best short hairstyles that will accolade your beard.

  • Natural Beard with Buzz Cut
  • Side-Slicked and Bandholz Beard
  • Classic Pompadour and Beard Fade
  • Natural Stubble with Short Back and Sides
  • Razor Fade Box Beard
  • Spiky Hair with Medium Beard
  • Neat Quiff
  • Bald Buzz and Beard

Natural Beard with Buzz Cut

To emphasize a natural beard, combine it with a buzz cut as it is one of the traditional short hairstyles for men with beards. Buzzcut will allow you to spend more time on your beard as you don’t have to put the time in maintaining your hair. Apply a little bit of gel on your hair to give them a wet and sleek look and trim your beard whenever required. If you want your beard to stand out and be dominant in two then this style will be your treasured choice!

Side-Slicked and Bandholz Beard

A full-sized whisker is a real beard and most of the time, the first impressions that come to mind when people hear the word “beard” is always a big and amazing beard floating in the air. The Bandholz beard is a prime example of this type of beard.  Originated by Beardbrand co-founder Eric Bandholz who fully grew his beard and started producing grooming products for men!

Facial hair connected into a copious, lengthy beard separates a Bandholz beard from simple beards. You have to routinely trim it every two months when growing it out to achieve this style, and getting the desired length, trim beard every month. It will maintain its fullness while taming any stray hairs and split ends.

Keep the hair on top longer and cut the sides short to achieve the relatively one of the best short hairstyles for men with beards!

Classic Pompadour and Beard Fade

short hairstyles for men with beards

A tried and tested haircut, classic pompadour combined with a shorter beard with a fade is a go-to style of guys for so long! Since the 20th century, there are many variations of the pompadour in the past century thus indicating its versatility! Slightly bring your hair forward and then slicked them to the side and back as it will give your front air the much-needed volume.

Style your hair with hair wax or pomade and set it perfectly with a light layer of hair spray! This haircut and beard will need your utmost attention as you have to trim this haircut regularly! One of the most stylish short hairstyles for men with beards will make you look handsome and well-groomed!

Natural Stubble with Short Back and Sides

An easy style to maintain, stubble with a short back and side is one of the most loved short hairstyles for men with beards. However, conscious effort from your side is needed to maintain your beard as it can come off as a lazy look sometimes. For a more masculine and rugged look keep the side part short. If you want to give out a chilled-out yet responsible vibe then look will work best for you.

Don’t shave for more than a day or two and you will get your stubble. If you work in the corporate world and want to maintain a professional look then natural stubble with a short back and side is the look for you!

Razor Fade Box Beard

short hairstyles for men with beards

If you are already sporting a beard and want to grow it to medium or long length, then consider this hipster look. This is a perfect hair and beard style if you want to keep your beard lengthy or of medium length. This is one of the most elusive short hairstyles for men with beards and not many can pull this look off. So, if you can get this look then you will be royalty in the hairstyle and beard world!

Spiky Hair with Medium Beard

short hairstyles for men with beards

Popularized in the late 90s and early 2000s, this is an updated version of spiky hair of that time but is still worn by some people today.

The texture that is softer than its stiff predecessors, this updated version boasts more natural spiky hair, and taper fade is added and it will connect directly with your medium beard. 

Keep the hair and beard at a moderate length as this will allow your hair to take up more volume. If you have triangular faces or jawlines wider than their forehead then this haircut will balance it out! One of the most loved short hairstyles for men with beards; you will need to visit the barber once a month to maintain it.

Neat Quiff

Neat Quiff is one of the tougher haircuts to pull off because of the amount of styling you need to do. If you’re looking for a challenge then pair one of the best short hairstyles for men with beards for ultimate style. Smaller to medium-sized beard perfect to balance out the volume of the quiff.

The beard will create visual contrast and it won’t detract from the quiff as the pivotal point of your hair. A nice, stylish quiff combined with a trimmed and even beard will give you the best look! Since a shorter beard is recommended for this haircut, it will be a nice choice for men who can’t naturally grow a lot of facial hair!

Bald Buzz and Beard

While this isn’t a hairstyle but a bald-plus-beard look is one of the most recognizable “manly” styles that you can get. Your baldness will be balanced out by the beard and will add volume to your forehead! Choose to embrace your beard instead of choosing to fight your baldness with a comb-over. 

Men who are facing balding should go for the bald buzz and beard. If a man knows and accepts that baldness suits him then he is considered confident as he knows what is best for him even if it means shaving the hair off of your head. The main advantage of a bald look is that it can go with any beard you like as you can go from a Viking beard to French-cut like Walter White in Breaking Bad.

So, if you want to consider this classic rugged look because your hairline is treating you harshly then embrace it like the Heisenberg.

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Final Words

If you are looking to grow your beard and want to keep the haircut in check then these short hairstyles for men with beards as they can prove to be the jewel in the crown. These haircuts will flatter your beard and make you look a masculine heterosexual male.