Men might or may not be too conscious about their hair but it is an equally important part of their appearance. The best short hairstyles for men aren’t limited to getting the perfect haircut but also involve styling them further to look the best.

When you’re dressed appropriately to look sharp,  having some kind of hair styled in some particular way can make it or break the charm of your appearance. It is not only important to find the right kind of hairstyle but also what’s important is to take care of them.

For those with short hair who seek hairstyling tips, this guide will help you with some ways that you can learn to better groom your hair followed by some wonderful examples of short hairstyles.

Hair Styling Tips

Before we delve into the tips to better maintain your hair, you should get familiar with how to get short hair so you can advise or guide your hairstylist better towards the look that you desire.

Having short hair universally includes having the hair at the top of your scalp be short and the hair on the sides of your head be even shorter. You could get some special cuts at the temples or go for a fading look which allows for somewhat longer hair on the top of your head without stealing the short hair look. You must understand how far you could experiment before you cut them too short to be incapable of styling them later.

Having a short hairstyle not only goes well with a casual look but also enhances the appearance of a man in a business suit. Thus, there aren’t too many ways you could go wrong with a short hairstyle but admittedly, you must understand how to properly keep them even if they grow all by themselves.

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Hair Styling Products

Apart from the usual drying and combing your hair to get the desired look, you can do more to look your best by using a variety of hair styling products. It is crucial that you learn about them since they’ll also probably help you retain the hair on your head longer for when you’re older.

Before we delve into these hairstyles, there are some Hair Style Products mentioned under Hair Styling Tips which can be used to maintain your hair better-

  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Serum
  • Mousse
  • Hair Clay
  • Hair Glue
  • Conditioner, Oil & Shampoo

Hair Gel

This helps you retain your hair in a stronger hold which can possibly last you all day. It is ideal for those with short hair who want to try something more or less gravity-defying. It can make your hair appear wet or dry depending on the type of gel you buy.

Hair Serum

best short hairstyles for men

It is useful to smoothen the curls in a certain hairstyle while also being able to help hold together the stray hair that sticks out without any effort. Use it to also get a wet hair look or to style a great volume of hair.


Using this product will add luster to your hair while also making it appear voluminous which can be ideal for many occasions despite having weak strength when it comes to holding the hair in a particular way.

Hair Clay

This is what you need if you want to truly try something new, punk, or abstract. Use it to get that geometric or anime look but beware for it takes a little longer to wash down.

Hair Glue

This product will get you that swagger mohawk look but you need to be careful of washing it thoroughly before re-applying it. You could apply other products on top of it but it’ll be ideal not to mix anything with Hair Glue for obvious reasons that you might end up damaging your hair.

Conditioner, Oil & Shampoo

While neither of them is particularly helpful in hair styling except for oil if you prefer the Sicilian look, using these products will nourish your hair by also removing any excess dirt and other foreign particles. They also contribute towards helping make the hair thicker and grow stronger from roots apart from other traditional benefits.

While these were some types of hair products to get the best short hairstyles for men, using them is another matter of grave importance. Using your palm and fingers is fine when you’re using mousse, serums, and gel but that will only provide it a little loose hold than using a comb to make your hairstyle look more professional or well managed. Furthermore, if you use clay, glue, or pomade, you should start off with the roots of the hair by applying the product with your tips before applying it to the rest of your hair length. Be cautious of not using the latter three mentioned products too much and even way too frequently.

With the styling tips sorted out of the way, it’s time to show you some of the best short hairstyles for men that you can use to rock a party, serenade an evening, or reflect power.

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Try these Best Short Hairstyles for Men

These hairstyles are not only easier to manage but also provide relaxedness in humid weather. You could don a hat to prevent you from cold but luckily you cannot risk tangling your short hair with a hat. With that said, let’s have a look at some fantastic best short hairstyles for men.

Brushed Back

Best short hairstyles for men

Try this classic brushed back look by using light pomade or gel or serum to part your hair to the back. After the product(s) dry, use your fingers to even out any lumps and too much product will ruin the look so it will have extra length on the top.


Those of you who might have thick hair and wavy hair could do a fade cut to look versatile. Since the hair is mostly shorter, it is easier to manage and sometimes even without any products. Greatest on top you could go with this hairstyle is less than two inches, it’s dem rules!


Best short hairstyles for men

People who desire to have their forehead appear fuller could use this hairstyle as it has an added benefit of even working on those who have receding hairline. It works by having hair on the side and around short and only a little longer on the front.

Round Cut

People with curly hair are truly blessed according to some people but having a shorter hairstyle is tough with curly hair. Except when you do the round cut when you also have an angular face to better suit the longer hair on top and shorter ones on the sides that face to the neck.

High and Tight

This might  be a little common but it’s perfect for people for the square head shape. It allows you to have a promenade with little product and  goes well with practically any outfit and all the occasions. The high and tight does require some length on top so don’t mess that up or you’ll need a buzzcut to save your neck.


If you have guts then you could easily choose this hairstyle but before you go down that path, consider if it’ll suit your head shape. Anything more than half an inch of fuzz on all the sized will not suit so you’ll have to be committed to the weather or the look to retain this no maintenance hairstyle.

Grown Out Buzz

Proceed with this hairstyle if you’re confident that your scalp doesn’t poke outside unevenly. If there is unevenness, the minutely grown out buzz cut isn’t your worry and you could try other best short hairstyles for men in this list. Remember if you still choose to do this, go short but don’t scale the grounds completely.

Slicked Back Side Part

This is for the aspirants who desire a suave look and require something low maintenance. Do not get this hairstyle for summer since it requires a fair bit of product to match the style. Use pomade to part it on sides and top which shouldn’t be greater than an inch and two respectively.

Taper Fade

Best short hairstyles for men

Another impressive hairstyle for men with thick and wavy hair, this works for those wanting something less frizzy but volume too. The bulk can be removed in layers to show visible texture which can be smoothed with oil or texturizing cream which will give the best results when applied and styled with fingers.

Side Sweep

Those with blessed straight hair could look dapper with a side sweep which requires merely styling cream to appear all dreamy. Have the sides cut a little short at less than two inches but keep the top and front medium to be able to adjust the style with your mere fingertips.

Modified Pompadour

A longer and more layered hair cut for short hair standards, it requires to have the hair fade down to sides and back of the head while retaining little over medium hair on top and the front. To get the best look, you can apply a medium hold pomade to part em and style ’em to the side and back with your fingers to also display some volume.

These were some of the famed and accepted best short hairstyles for men that you can try to get a smart look that not only impresses but is also relatively easier to maintain. You could experiment with Pomp Fade, Modified Round cut, and so on for more exciting hairstyles.