We understand your eagerness and desire to look great on your wedding day. The wedding hairstyle you choose is just as crucial as your wedding gown. Also, these two should complement each other and the overall theme of the wedding. Every bride has her unique tastes, preferences, hair texture, and length.

Because of their thicker hair structure and curls that don’t match well with all haircuts, black women have fewer choices for wedding hairstyles than white women. At the same time, it is critical to highlight the beauty of your hair and style it nicely.

The day you walk down the aisle is a special day. You’ve got the dress, the long-lasting glossy lipstick, and the flawless makeup, but finding your dream haircut may be an even more challenging task, especially in the warmer months when cute summer hairstyles seem uncommon.

So we’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for Black ladies. Even if you’re only a wedding guest, take a look.

Natural textured curls and waves complement wedding updo hairstyles for black ladies. Buns, updos, delicate twists, and braided hairstyles are all options.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Here are the 20 most popular wedding hairstyles for black women to ensure your hair looks its best.

Long Loose Waves 

If you know Zendaya, then you know the legend of this hairstyle and why this is one of the most popular and loved Hairstyles for Black Women! 

It is a hairstyle that will force people to turn their heads and have a look at your curls and be jealous of its volume and amazingness! You may use this hairstyle for any occasion, casual or formal, and appear like a star!

Loose waves Wedding hairstyles for black women

High-School Chic 

Let’s get nostalgic to bring the 90s back through one of the best and go-to Hairstyles for Black Women during their school time! Trademark of this hairstyle- heavily gelled, strands hanging in front, and spirals tumbling down from the sides! 

It was a dream haircut for every black girl in the 90s, and the craze was so contagious! After all these years, this hairstyle is still in trend and still loved by black women around the world.

Wedding hairstyles for black women

Loose Spirals

If you have thick, voluminous, shiny hair, then this is one of the most suitable wedding hairstyles for black women you can choose! 

Spiral looks amazing on any black woman with curly hair but having thick hair will give you an extra dimension to pull off this amazing haircut! Imagine luscious hair falling on your hair and how attractive you’ll look!

Well, let’s turn your imagination into reality, as this haircut will allow you to live your dream in reality! This haircut is like a windfall; if you allow it to flow freely, it will bring the beautiful and attractive feminine out on every occasion! 

Loose Spirals Wedding hairstyles for black women

Black Curly with Balayage

There is a typical belief that black women should always have seriously puffy textures and crazy height hairstyles! Let’s change this age-old myth as naturally curly hair can be smooth and gentle, and it can rock the trendy wet look too! 

Adding the balayage technique will help you to create a sexy and spicy look as you can get some highlights on your strands and show off your natural color too!

Adding balayage will add life and texture to your smooth and suave curls and will give another dimension to your personality! If you are looking for something new and amazing, then you can go with one of the trendiest wedding hairstyles for black women!   

Black Curly With Balayage - Wedding hairstyles for black women

Urban Cut

All the lovely ladies know that a neat hairstyle appears supremely better than anything else. Thus, the Urban Cut will suit them well as it’s both elegant and stylish. To get this look, cut your curly hair from the sides and the lower back of your neck.

Let there be some sleek cuts at the temples if you want a more unique look. Also, don’t forget to wear big or long earrings to balance and complement your attire.

Urban Cut Wedding hairstyles for black women

Curled Bangs

If you’re more comfortable with keeping your hair somewhat longer but not long enough than over your shoulders, then the curled bangs could do justice to your desire. You’ll need to have your curls healthy and soft which can be accomplished with the use of some premium hair products.

Have your hair cut evenly at the sides with a fading cut to the back. Let the curls on the front add to the bangs while keeping enough volume on the top for a wholesome appearance.

Curled Bangs

Side Parted Curls

Use your curls to look classy and feminine when you wind them like side-parted coils. Simply make smaller coils with your curly hair and let them settle after applying hair spray to add sheen and to hold the form.

Use studs or smaller earrings when you rock this hairstyle, and to improve the texture, you could use curl enhancers but don’t make your hair appear greasy or too thick.

Side Parted Curls

Side Parted Bob

The Side parted Bob is a short hairstyle that can save you time on a daily basis and yet is capable enough to make you seem stylish and glamorous. You can go without managing your hair for a couple of days with this hairstyle that only demands that you maintain the layers of your curls.

To make sure that your curls look clean and neat, use a hair moisturizer cream or oil to add thickness and keep them from becoming dry. Also, wash your hair at intervals only so that the natural oils from the scalp can naturally add some extra texture.

Side Parted Bob

Combed Wavy Curls

If your curls aren’t too pronounced and your hair rather has bendy waves, then the combed wavy curls would suit you just fine. This hairstyle might be popular among older women, but in recent years, plenty of celebrities have tried the look and surpassed supreme fashion status.

Get your curls clean and moisturized with conditioners and cream. Also, don’t forget to ask your hairdresser to retain the curls on top while doing away with long hair on the sides and the back of the head.

Combed Wavy curls - Wedding hairstyles for black women

Curly Mohawk

This isn’t a common mohawk that is identical to what you might have seen on some women and plenty of men. The curly mohawk can be achieved by having your hair cut slightly but evenly from all sides to allow the curls on the top of your head to go wild.

You can also cut your hair to a fade on the temples and let the volume of the hair in the center of your head be the attention stealer. Style this with the help of hair cream and hairspray for proper nourishment and style.

Curly Mohawak Wedding hairstyles for black women

Curly Bun

You might need extensions for this hairstyle if you already have your hair cut short. A simple bun at the top of your scalp can be made by keeping your hair short to medium length even though they’re curly. 

Let the sides of your hair have smaller hair to balance the bun and not ruin its shape by the frizzes at the temples or sides. Wear the hair extensions if required because the current look won’t suit you better if your hair isn’t long enough.

Short Faded

Another trending hairstyle among famous celebrities is the short faded cut, which looks simply awesome. Whether your body type is tall or short or slender or plus, all women should try this hairstyle to reflect the boldness and confidence in their personalities.

Have your curls cut short and neatly from all sides in a symmetrical manner so that the tiny hair at the edges couldn’t ruin this classy look.

Short Faded - Wedding hairstyles for black women

Short Wild Cornrows

If you can’t believe that short hair couldn’t have multiple cornrows, then you’re in for a surprise. Have your short curls tousled and laid back with your fingers while you make a few cornrows at the top and the side of your forehead. Doing this will add grace and uniqueness to your hairstyle instead of making all your curls into a cornrows collection.

Short Wild Cornrows

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Short Afro

To achieve this look, start by combing your hair upwards and all the way to the back. Doing this repeatedly after a while will reward you with a short afro which must be balanced by lightly tapping on your hair.

Additionally, instead of using hair spray, start using oils that can make it easier for your hair to grow thicker, which is crucial for this hairstyle to appear truly incredible.

Short Afro

Twin Buns

Unless you want to appear adorably cute, you’re better off without this beautiful-looking hairstyle which requires that you put your curls in twin buns. This hairstyle looks incredibly cute on both young girls and women as it accentuates the face and makes the eyes look bigger.

An extra tip for this hairstyle is to have cornrows on the sides in which you could put danglers or beads to look trendy.

Twin Buns

Short Coils

Longer coils could make you seem more happening, but so do shorter coils that only require mere centimeters of your hair. You could use hair products to moisturize and hold the coils but make sure their thickness is nearly identical as unevenly sized coils might not look so great. 

Dyeing your hair could add to your advantage when you’ve chosen the short coils hairstyle, as it can make you look more exotic.

Short Coils

Pixie Curls

This hairstyle requires you to have some bangs and also to have medium to short hair. The pixie curls could make you look spunkier and young when you let the curls from the top flow down to join the bangs, while your curls on the sides and back are much shorter.

You could avoid making your hair shorter if you plan on growing and keeping its length again but then, use gels or creams to form stronger and more prominent curls that pint everywhere at once.

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Pixie Curls

Short Wrapped Updo

Wearing flowers and scarves on the hair is an old technique to look younger, and it absolutely hasn’t lost its charm over the years. Let your curls be tousled with fingers or blow-dried, and wear headwraps of bright or vivid colors with an updo to look phenomenally attractive.

It might take time for you to get the headwrap correctly set, but with assistance and a few attempts, you’ll surely achieve this hairstyle.

Wrapped updos - Wedding hairstyles for black women

Bantu Knots

One of the most casual hairstyles of the bunch, the Bantu knots are super attractive when you get them right. You’ll need hair ties to bind several knots of hair and let them be not in a linear manner as that’ll take away all the style.

Bantu Knots - Wedding hairstyles for black women

Final Words 

This collection of attractive wedding hairstyles for black women is one of the best to try on your big day. With the help of these haircuts, you can ooze your guest, mesmerize your groom, and look amazingly beautiful for the wedding. 

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Should a black woman wear natural hair for her wedding?

It is entirely up to you whether or not to wear your hair naturally. Your wedding is a joyous occasion shared by friends and family. You have the option of showing your attractiveness in any way you want. In terms of hair, the most important thing on your wedding day is to feel comfortable.

Should you wash your hair before the wedding?

You should wash your hair the night before the wedding and add some mousse for added texture. This will make your hair lovely and malleable for wedding day preening and coiffing. Also, your hair shouldn’t be silky if you’re wearing flowers, accessories, or a veil.

Can bridesmaids have different hairstyles?

Yes, bridesmaids’ hairstyles can change. The girls’ facial features, hair textures, lengths, and personalities would change. As a result, they must choose a style that is consistent with the wedding theme. As a result, the best thing to do is to give them a style and allow them to customize it to their specific needs.

What do I need to know about black hair?

-Black hair maintenance tips for everyday use.
-Once a week or every other week, wash your hair.
-Make use of a conditioner.
-Twice a month, apply a hot oil massage.
-Before styling, apply a heat-protecting product.
-When using relaxers, use precaution.
-To press hair, use ceramic combs or irons.
-Check that your braids, cornrows, or weaves are not overly tight.

Does black people’s hair grow fast?

Black people’s hair grows slower than the hair of any other ethnic group. According to a study, hair grows an average of 1.3cm per month, and while black people’s hair grows slower than this, the difference is not severe.