Braids, curls, waves, and buns are some styles that can be combined for gorgeous hairstyles for long hair. They can be your perfect hairstyle for a big day and gives your mind an easy to choose an ideal wedding hairstyle that goes perfectly with your gown and overall look.

Though there are so many stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair, it may make you confused about what to choose – like whether to go for waves or boho-chic braids, flowing hair or chignon or others that complement your style and personality.

Layered and Gathered Bridal Hairstyle

If you have long hair, nothing looks better than a waterfall of waves or curls with your wedding gown. The waves on long hair and keeping them on one side is something that fits perfectly for your big day. It can be done for a casual look as well, but pairing this hairstyle with fancy gown is enough to add style to your bridal look.

Messy Bridal Updo

The messy look is in great trend these days and can be chosen for any occasion. When it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair, a messy bridal updo is sometimes best to go for. It does not require any perfection; you just need imperfect updo in a perfect way and twist small portions of hair to collect them for a loose and curly high bun.

For that romantic look, simply let some strands to move freely on both sides of your face, even including the back if you want.

Royal Bridal Bun

To have that princess look, this can be one of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair. The teased and twisted pieces of hair are bind together on the top of ahead. This stylish bun is a perfect hairstyle to bring the queen appearance on your big day, along with adding a statement to your style. All you need is a palace-like wedding venue and a crown to wear to experience the queen’s look.

Swirled Wavy Half Up Hairstyle

Wedding styles for long hair completely depends on a bride’s choices and her wedding dress. But, there are some hairstyles that go perfectly with any kind of gown and also loved by brides with varied preferences. This hairstyle involves the flowing twist of curls and waves.

It is an ideal style for most hair textures and lengths but works flawlessly on long hair. It includes curls on your long hair and draping them beautifully for those messy long curls at the back.

Piled up Formal Hairstyle

If you have hair that cannot hold a long hairstyle for a longer time, the best idea is to go for an updo. For thick hair, this hairstyle looks formal with a messy bun, instead of doing curls and keeping your hair open. This piled up formal hairstyle is an ideal choice for summer weddings. Using a large hair accessory adds a more formal look to your style.

Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Having long hair means you have the number of hairstyles options to look most romantic on your wedding day. You can go for a puff and drape long bangs at the back. For the final look, going with curls on the long hair will look like a flowing waterfall of beautiful locks. It is the most elegant wedding hairstyle for a long day that you must think of.

Curly Low Bun

No worries if you do not like or want to have high bun you have another option to pack your curls and twists as the low bun. For optimal beauty and look of the low bun is about how your hairstylist put each strand to make a bun. Adding a beautiful hair clip helps in finishing the great style.

Mermaid Braid Hairstyle

Are you looking for something alternative to a bun for your long hair? A hairstyle with an embellished mermaid braid is a perfect choice for those with healthy and lengthy locks. To give wonderful style to your extra thick long hair, a fancy braided hairstyle is something that does not require anything else to complement your wedding dress and style. Simply add an elegant hair accessory on one side of your hair.

Loose Locks Wedding Down

There is no harm if you go a little extravagant on your wedding day. Though loose and oversized hair were more popular a few years ago, when we talk about wedding hairstyles for long hair, they still have their importance by accompanying some new ideas.

For long and thick hair, losing a wedding gown with open hair and beautiful hair jewels is something you can go for your big day without any second thought.

Simple and Elegant Ringlets

Going with a simple and elegant hairstyle instead of having high or low bun is a perfect wedding hairstyle for smooth and shiny long hair. After using an anti-frizz serum, hairs are curled to make ringlets and secure them above the ear line using the bobby pins.

In addition, you can add flowers or any hair accessory to hide that secured portion. For women who love simplicity, this wedding hairstyle idea is best for them.

Final Words

Whether you want to leave your long down or want to tie them up or down in the bun, you can consider these wedding hairstyles for your big day.

So are you ready to make your bridal look special with these wedding hairstyles for long hair?