A veil is one special cloth that serves the purpose of adding a classic touch to a bridal hairstyle. If you are planning to wear a veil on your big day, one question that may hit your mind before you walk down the aisle is, “What to do with my hair?”

You need not worry at all, especially when you have numerous wedding hairstyles for brides with veils. All you need to focus on is its placement.

If you want to rock your bridal look with a low bun, you can secure your veil below the updo. For wavy hair, you can opt for a cathedral-length veil and place it over the head to give romantic yet traditional appeal. Always keep in mind that there are no rules for wearing a veil.

The veil looks amazing with the wedding dress. It is one of the most beautiful wedding accessories that symbolize purity, innocence, and modesty. You can wear a veil in a number of ways. You may find it a bit hard to find a wedding hairstyle that not only supports a veil but also goes well in framing your face.

Here, we have picked up some of the stunning wedding hairstyles with a veil, covering everything from updos, side-swept, waves to half down.

Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

  • Mistakes To Avoid With Veil Hairstyles
  • Best Wedding hairstyles with veil
  • Tousled Curls With Large Waves
  • Side Swept Wedding hairstyles with veil
  • Low Updos 
  • Ponytail With A Veil
  • Half-up And Half-down
  • High Updos Wedding hairstyles with veil
  • Side Braid Wedding hairstyles with veil
  • Lace Band Hairstyle
  • Pulled-Back Hairstyle

Mistakes To Avoid With Veil Hairstyles

If you want to look perfect on your big day, in addition to the best wedding dress, the thing to focus on is finding the ideal hairstyle. But, unfortunately, this can become a little tricky if you are going to wear a veil. So, it becomes important to find the perfect wedding veil hairstyle.

For this, make sure to avoid these mistakes to make everything smooth.

Choosing the most decorative hairstyle

When it comes to choosing the wedding hairstyles for brides with veils, always keep in mind that the simpler is always the better. It is so because the veil is required to be placed in the way of complex and fancy updos. So, it is better to opt for a simple yet elegant hairstyle. It will help in giving your veil the highlight it actually deserves.

Not trying your veil during your hair trial

Some brides forget the fact that the veil is one of the important pieces of clothing to help in determining how your hairstyle will look. So, it is important to bring your veil with you when you visit your hairstylist for your wedding hair trial. Your hairstylist will be able to decide the hairstyle that works best with your veil.

Using more accessories

There is no doubt that a veil is an important hair accessory that many brides love to have on their wedding day. But, how will it look when you add too many accessories to your hair? This will make your hairstyle look disturbing and over-the-top.

Allowing your veil limit hairstyle options

We said earlier that you should keep your hairstyle simple and elegant when wearing a veil at your wedding. But, it does not mean that you should let your veil limit your hairstyle options. So, fortunately, here we have gathered some of the best wedding hairstyles with veils.

Best Wedding hairstyles with veil

Tousled Curls With Large Waves

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, you should never underestimate the power of opting for tousled curls and big waves. This hairstyle is highly refined and modest. If you want to keep your hair as simple as possible, this can be one of the perfect hairstyles to elaborate your wedding gowns. Keep reading and find the perfect wedding hairstyle with a veil. Have a Look at 10 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Tousled Curls With Large Waves

If you have heard that a veil cannot stay in place with your open hair, you must know that it is not right. You can wear a veil perfectly with your loose hair. All you need to do is to make sure that veil is well placed using additional pins that should be hidden under your hair. This will ensure that your veil will not disturb you in any way.

To get this look, classic tulle, a mantilla, or Juliet cap veils are the perfect choice for you.

Side Swept Wedding hairstyles with veil

Do you know that an asymmetrical hairstyle can be a perfect decision when you are going to wear a veil on your big day? You will love styling your hair with a veil, especially with a classic tulle veil.

Side Swept Hairstyle

The best way to wear a veil with a side-swept hairstyle is to place your veil at the crown. You can wear it with or without a blusher. Placing at this position will ensure that your veil will not disturb your hairstyle and will create a perfect case for your face and hair.

Low Updos 

When it comes to low wedding updos, chignons and messy buns are a great trend these days. These hairstyles are so versatile that they provide you great options to choose from different veil lengths, with or without blusher.

Low Updos hairstyle

When you are looking for wedding hairstyles for brides with veils, it is recommended to secure your veil on the top of your updo. But, if you have decided to wear a crown, you can style your veil from the crown or as a mantilla, whatever makes you look great and comfortable.

Don’t forget to add some bridal pins to keep your veil placed well. This will help in elevating your entire hairstyle and overall bridal look.

Ponytail With A Veil

Ponytail With A Veil

You might have heard or seen many brides wearing a ponytail on their wedding day. Some of them think that they can’t wear a veil because of their ponytail. Due to this, some experts have tried working on this challenge by designing some veils that go well with a ponytail.

If you are thinking of getting a bridal ponytail hairstyle, you can get it without any worry, as wearing a veil is no more a challenge here.

Half-up And Half-down

This wedding hairstyle with a veil can go perfectly on any face shape. Also, whatever your hair length, this is a faithful style. Whether you do or do not want a fringe, half-up and half-down hairstyle look amazing. You can opt for soft curls, waves, or you can also add delicate volume to your crown.

Half-up And Half-down hairstyle

This hairstyle is something that many brides choose because of its foundation that gives a secure place for a veil. Whether you are going to wear a cascading, multiple-tiered veil, or a fingertip veil, you can try this hairstyle without any hassle.

Even the soft and elegant long veils work well with this hairstyle while adding a touch of fanciful romance. It can be one of the best wedding hairstyles with a veil to choose from.

High Updos Wedding hairstyles with veil

High bridal updos are the hairstyle options that help greatly in elevating your look. High wedding updos look great with cascading and classic tulle veils. When it comes to wearing a veil, it is generally worn below the updo. But, it completely depends on the length of your veil, as well as what style looks good on you and what makes you feel comfortable.

Wedding Hairstyles For Brides With Veils

You can wear a sheer drop veil with a high updo. All you need to do is to place the veil’s comb above the bun, and the veil will gracefully fall over the bun, giving a more fragile and romantic look.

If you want to style your veil using a beautiful hairpiece, you can settle your veil comb between your hairstyle and hairpiece. This will help in creating a beautiful image. It would be good to wear a blusher to add a touch of mystique. Here, you will be advised to wear a delicate veil to work well with a more dramatic hairstyle. 

Side Braid Wedding hairstyles with veil

Side Braid Wedding hairstyles with veil

It is one of the must-try wedding hairstyles with a veil. Every bride wants to look like a Diva at her wedding. So, in addition to a beautiful wedding gown, a beautiful hairstyle also plays a great role in accomplishing the perfect bridal look. You should get a hairstyle that compliments your veil and make it stay secure for the whole day.

You can opt for a side braid and pin this braid at the backside of your hair. Now, secure your veil with bobby pins or some beautiful bridal accessories. You will find this hairstyle simple yet elegant.

Lace Band Hairstyle

A wedding involves lots of choosing and picking, whether it is about your wedding dress, makeup, shoes, or hairstyle. This is a full-time job of several days as you have to work on choosing the right dress as well as a hairstyle where you can place your wedding veil securely.

Lace Band Wedding hairstyles with veil

One interesting style that you can go with is to try highlights and curl your hair into short waves using a styling iron. This will work great in adding extra texture to the style.

You can also choose to wear a headband on the center of your crown and then make it a slightly fluffy area from the center of the crown. Make sure to place a veil from that uplifted area.

Pulled-Back Hairstyle

Pulled back Wedding hairstyles with veil

All brides want to look gorgeous on their big day. From her beautiful earrings to the wedding veil, she wants everything in a proper style. To get a pulled-back hairstyle, you need to start with combing your hair properly. After this, pull them back and get them pinned at one side. You can place a veil after the pinned area as it will keep your veil hanging loose.

When you are looking for wedding hairstyles for brides with veils, this is something that makes you look charming. To get a complete wedding look, the best idea is to pair this hairstyle with beautiful white danglers.

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Final Words

So, with these wedding hairstyles with veil for brides, you now have various hairstyles to choose your favorite from. This list will give you an idea to choose the hairstyle that goes well with the veil as well as how it can be placed along with these hairstyles.

You deserve the best on your special day. Get the right hairstyle and wear your wedding veil properly to look gorgeous and be the diva.