Whether you are at the beginning of your style journey or have been styling for years, starting with the basics is essential. World’s top clothing brands for men are introducing exciting trends now and then. However, instead of chasing every new design, it is necessary to get your basics right. 

Must Try Clothing Brands For Men

As men are very straightforward when it comes to fashion. You won’t see them spending hours swimming through the ocean of the internet for the perfect clothing item. To make things even easier, here are some of the top clothing brands for men to consider in 2023 to refresh their wardrobes: 

Buck Mason 

This LA-based brand is the one-stop destination for men who want to look all-natural and not pretentious. Buck Mason is the master of detailing and carefully crafting clothes after considering fabric, fit, and function. This is the reason why they produce comparatively simple in-design clothes. The high-quality design of Buck Mason’s clothes speaks for itself, and no wonder why it is considered one of the best clothing brands for men.

Taylor Stitch 

Taylor Stitch, hailing from San Francisco, is a wondrous brand that provides men everything from rugged outerwear to corporate office-ready clothes and from essentials to well-made denim and chinos. 

Clothing Brands For Men

This brand’s foundation was based on the idea of making a well-fitted and comfortable shirting line for men. Additionally, they’ve expanded their clothing collection and have introduced cardigans, selvedge denim, waxed field jackets, and chinos. 

They launch all these with a glare of recent trends and infuse their design with modern ethos, without overdoing it, providing guys with good-looking and sophisticated clothes. 

Flint and Tinder 

Flint and Tinder by Huckberry is one of the few clothing brands for men that can be worn for any occasion! Clothes from this brand perfectly infuse the spirit of dressing and adventure together to present you with apparel that is ready for sunrises and sunsets.

They perfectly combine the rugged-meets-refined epiphany and provide men with clothes perfect for hiking and the dance floor. Their iconic waxed trucker jacket has been the ruler of men’s wardrobes for many years due to its comfort, design, and classiness.  

Along with that, their recent creations like every day 365 pants and shorts, super-comfy henleys and shirts have been true revelations and cemented its position as one of the top clothing brands for men. 

Todd Snyder 

The imagination of Todd Snyder’s designers is hard to match, as they are known to infuse trendiness and everlasting silhouettes and imbue them with bold colours and groovy tweaks. If you want to look like an A-lister star and stand out from the crowd, then it is high time you add its suede jackets, wool coats, and rugged corduroy outerwear into your wardrobe. 

Chris Evans has flaunted its vintage, classic sweaters. Additionally, the breakthrough partnerships they build with unique brands always succeed in adding a distinct flair that is very hard to mimic for other brands. 

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Vuori Clothing 

Sure, you may have your wardrobe filled with everyday essentials for office or outings, but a guy’s wardrobe is incomplete without activewear and athleisure. This is the perfect time to ditch that college logo tee and old gym shorts and replace them with moisture-absorbing gear and durable activewear from Vuori. 

Men Appreal Brands

Due to its ultra-comff tees and tailored joggers, fashionistas have put Vuori in the same bracket as other top clothing brands for men. Their shorts have revolutionized the activewear market and have received rave reviews for lounging and workouts. 

The designers of Vuori have emphasised durability and quality, crafting top-notch clothes that can face and triumph over every challenge you face. 


A brand that has achieved cult-like status in the past decade – Lululemon has come a long way from its initial clothing line of sleek yoga wear. Now, they have transformed into a full-fledged lifestyle brand providing men’s clothing that is perfect for gyms and everyday use. With the brand’s dazzling clothes, you can be super-comfortable while looking sharp. 

Thursday Boots

You may wonder why we have included shoes. Mayhaps your closet is already filled with trendy clothes, so it is time for you to consider adding some classy footwear to your wardrobe. 

Thursday Boots is a brand that rose to fame with its men’s boots under the $200 line. Since then, they have expanded their collection and have introduced sneakers, dress shoes, and voguish leather jackets.

Seager Co 

A brand that wanted to infuse the fashion world with the love and passion of America’s historical Old West – Seager Co. expertly crafted a clothing line of simplicity infused with life’s adventures. A refreshing addition to your wardrobe, if you’re an adventure-lover, you should try this one of the best clothing brands for men. 

Clothing Brands For Men


The brainchild of 11x world champion surfer Kelly Slater, OuterKnown is known for the comfort its clothes provide. The brand’s designers firmly believe in sustainability and have emphasised this strategy behind every exceptional menswear they craft. So, if you want to feel good while looking handsome, OuterKnown is your brand in 2023 and beyond! 


Founded in 1897, Filson is one of the top clothing brands for men who manufacture never-failing garments for men with adventurous souls. Created with emphasising reliability, Filson’s clothes are the first choice of engineers, mariners, hunters, anglers, explorers, and miners – anyone who finds it hard to contain himself in the indoor environment! 

Final Words 

Here, we have tried to filter out the top clothing brands for men that every guy should know about. These brands create their clothing lines that reflect men’s straightforwardness and adventurous nature. So, remove the old ones and fill your wardrobes with these essential men’s clothing brands of 2023.