Are you finding it hard to decide how to wear your hair on your big day? When it comes to wedding hairstyles, you need to consider many things, like whether to wear half up or half down, or a low bun, or the type and number of hair accessories to wear.

Most boho brides prefer wearing loose hair to get a laid-back effect, no matter whether you have straight or curly hair. You can complete your Boho hairstyle with Boho headpieces or some floral crowns. Some brides prefer to have stylish loose braids, while some opt for trying chic updos with flowers or hair accessories to decorate their hair and to get an eye-catching look.

These days, boho weddings are in trend. This is something that conveys a relaxed lifestyle of a free-spirits approach when celebrating your wedding. If you are planning to organize a boho wedding, it becomes important to be careful with your bridal look. In addition to choosing a perfect wedding dress, you have to focus on choosing the right boho wedding hairstyle, too.

No matter which boho wedding hairstyle you choose, always keep in mind that it reveals your personality. If you are not sure about which hairstyle will look perfect on you, you can take the help of a hairstylist. 

This list of amazing boho wedding hairstyles will help you make the process easier. You will be able to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.

Amazing Boho Hairstyles for Your Big Day!

  1. Fishtail Braid Crown
  2. A Decorative Crown
  3. Wavy Ponytail & Flower Crown
  4. Milkmaid Braids
  5. Embellished Braid
  6. Woodland Tiara
  7. Floral Hairpins
  8. Half Updo with Baby’s Breath
  9. Low Ponytail
  10. Chignon with Braids
  11. Gleaming Headband
  12. Messy Beach Waves
  13. Messy Waves with Jewel Tiara
  14. Stress-free French Braid

Fishtail Braid Crown

Fishtail Braid Crown boho wedding hairstyle

When it comes to boho hairstyles, braids are something that ensures to make you look gorgeous on your big day. Braids are one of the classic boho wedding hairstyles, whether you have long hair or short hair. Just go with a traditional fishtail braid. Then, take this braid over the top of your head. It will give a perfect fishtail braid crown.

A Decorative Crown

Want to feel like royals on your big day? This hairstyle is a great choice if you want to wear a gorgeous crown. Once you make a crown, you can add natural elements to get a perfect look. These can be branches, flowers, and a little greenery. You can also choose to have an ornate, geometric crown. It will help greatly in bringing a lot of attention.

Wavy Ponytail & Flower Crown

Wavy Ponytail & Flower Crown

No doubt a ponytail is a cute casual hairstyle. But, you can make it look more gorgeous by adding a flower crown. Start with adding some loose waves to your open hair and then put them into a ponytail. Make sure to bring your ponytail over the shoulder. Accomplish this hairstyle with a show-stopping flower crown. This can be one of the best boho wedding hairstyles for long hair when you pair it with your bouquet. It will accomplish your boho bridal look.

Milkmaid Braids

Are you looking for an effortless yet gorgeous look for your wedding day? You can opt for a milkmaid braid at the top of your head. You can frame your face by putting a few loose strands over your forehead. This is something that will add an expressly messy look.

This boho wedding hairstyle is not only easy to create but is extremely sophisticated as well. It will look as if you have spent too much time on your hair. But, it is not the case.

Embellished Braid

Embellished Braid boho wedding hairstyle

It is true that braids are one of the go-to hairstyles for all boho brides. But, for some brides opting for braids can be a bit boring. The best idea is to get something that can change your look with braids. You can embellish your braids with flowers and clips to get a perfect boho wedding hairstyle.

The embellished braid is a great option for those who like braids with flowers. This is one of the great boho wedding hairstyles for long hair. If you have long hair, you can try this braid.

Woodland Tiara

This boho hairstyle is very much similar to the traditional flower crown. If you are a forest-loving bride and planning for a boho-inspired wedding, this can be the perfect option for you. You can get this hairstyle with branches, vines, moss, or any natural element you want.

Tiara is a symbol of something that a woodland fairy can wear. You can opt for a half up and half down style and then place a tiara on the top of your head. You will surely look stunning with this wonderful piece.

Floral Hairpins

Floral Hairpins boho wedding hairstyle

Now, there is no need to get that boring updo when you have some floral hairpins. It’s time to take your updo to the next level. No matter what wedding flowers you have, simply get some beautiful floral pins. These floral hairpins not only help in keeping your hair placed well all day long, but they are also great decorative pieces to get an eye-catching look.

You can get small or large hairpins depending on your hairstyle. Large hairpins are perfect for getting a striking look, while small pins are great for a simple yet elegant look.

Half Updo with Baby’s Breath

When we talk about the best boho wedding hairstyle, Baby’s breath is treated as the essence of boho style. To get this look, put your hair in a half updo, where half of your hair is braided in the back.

You can put this braid in various ways – leave it going down, or you can also pin it at the back. Take sprigs of baby breath in between the braid. It looks great by adding some texture and natural beauty.

Low Ponytail

Low ponytail

If you are looking for highly versatile boho wedding hairstyles for long hair, you can never go wrong with a low ponytail. Simply gather your hair and get them into a low ponytail Hairstyle. Don’t forget to leave some loose strands at the top as well as around your face. It will give a beautiful, messy vibe. Want to get more boho magic? Nothing would be better than adding a beaded headband or flower crown. A great idea to round out the look!

Chignon with Braids

For those who are unaware of a chignon, it is a hairstyle where you gather all the hair at the bottom of your head in the form of a bun or a knot. This is one of the highly preferable boho wedding hairstyles for brides. You can go with a messier look to get a perfect boho feel. For this, simply get some loose strands at the front and get a messy bun.

You can also opt for adding braids to this hairstyle. Get a French braid at the front and pull the remaining hair at the back to make a low knot. It will give you a perfect boho bun. To get a more classic shape while keeping a boho feel, the best idea is to add a floral clip.

Gleaming Headband

Gleaming Headband

Do you love keeping your hair as simple yet elegant as possible? What about getting a classic bun and a sparkly headband? When it comes to boho hairstyles, headbands give those boho vibes. You can add a bit of glamour to your style by donning a sparkly headband.

To take your style to the next level, it would be great to wear a headband that matches the gems or crystals in your dress or jewelry. This will work great in adding a subtle look to the boho flair.

Messy Beach Waves

Messy beach waves are one of the perfect boho wedding hairstyles for long hair and for short hair as well. Whether you have a bob or long hair, this style looks gorgeous on brides with any length of hair.

Start with curling your hair and then brush them through to get loose waves. To get more glamour style, you can opt for adding a bit of texturizing spray. This style is truly effortless and stunning for all brides.

Messy Waves with Jewel Tiara

Messy Waves with Jewel Tiara

Always keep in mind that if you want to get a boho hairstyle for your wedding, it should not be complicated. You will surely love this messy wave look. You can accomplish this hairstyle by adding a bejeweled tiara. It is something that will add some extra attention to your style.

If you have long hair, this hairstyle would be quite easier to do yourself. Just use some curling tongs, and you are ready to walk the aisle.

Stress-free French Braid

The great thing about this boho wedding hairstyle is to make it as messy as you can. This style will still look striking. All you have to do is to leave a few strands out of the French braid. This will give a relaxed look. Make sure not to tie the raid with a hairband. Use hairspray and hairpins to place your hair well.

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Final Words

Boho hairstyles are worth mastering as they look pretty yet gorgeous. Plus, these hairstyles do not need more time and effort to put on.

Whatever the length or texture of your hair, these boho wedding hairstyles will surely make you excited to try them all to get the perfect one. Just take these ideas and use a hair accessory that goes perfectly with your style. With these hairstyles, it is sure to look stunning on your wedding day.