B[/background]ored with the regular ponytail or braid? Are you looking for different and quick back to school hairstyles? This is what we are here for! Schools and colleges have started and now it is time to get our hair out from the comfortable bun that we made at home.

It can be exhausting to work our way through a complicated hairstyle every morning. Hence, we have all the easiest back to school hairstyles you can try within a few minutes. A good hairstyle can not only make you look fresh and pretty but also save you from a bad hair day.

No matter what mood you have or however you want to keep your hair- up, down or half up and half down, we have it for you. You can pull all your hair up on a hot and sunny day while keeping your hair down when you feel too lazy to do your hair. These effortless hairstyles will get you ready for your school or college almost in an instant.

Extremely Easy Back To School Hairstyles

  • Hairstyles With Your Hair Up
    • Messy Bun
    • Low Bun
    • Side Braids Low Ponytail With Scarf
    • Short Dutch Braids
  • Hairstyles With Your Hair Down
    • Low Braided Ponytail With Scarf
    • 4-Strand Waterfall Braid
    • Celtic Knot
    • Twist At The Back
  • Hairstyles With Half Up Half Down Looks
    • Half Up Bubble Braid Half Down
    • Half Up Half Down Space Buns
    • Half Up Hair Bow
    • Half Up Half Down Pull-Through Braids

Hairstyles With Your Hair Up

Messy Bun

A messy bun can be the toughest to master while it seems to be the easiest. But with some extra effort, you can get a perfect messy bun for the days when you feel very lazy to do your hair. Messy buns are ideal with any apparels you have in your closet and can give an edgy as well as chic look altogether.

Messy Bun

Pro Tip- A second, third or fourth day hair is the most ideal for a messy bun. The dirtier the hair the better it is for a messy bun. Hence this can be your hairstyle if you are having a bad hair day.

Low Bun

Low buns can be perfect quick back to school hairstyles if you want a hassle free hairstyle. Low buns look very chic and elegant and are your savior for a bad hair day as well. A low bun can be paired with a dress or a tee and jeans. A low bun can keep your hair in place in style and enhance your look.

back to school hairstyles - low bun

Pro Tip- You can use a scrunchie to secure the bun to make it look more fancy! 

Side Braids Low Ponytail With Scarf

Scarves can be adorable additions to your hairstyle and make it easy to style as well. These back to school cute hairstyles can be the one you wear when you feel you want your hair to look good but do not want it open. This hairstyle looks very elegant with a scarf as the accessory.

Side Braid with scarf

Pro Tip- You can use a scarf that suits your outfit or you can use a scrunchie with tail or bow tie as an accessory.

Short Dutch Braids

Braids are one of the best options when it comes to styling your hair. Not only do the braids look very striking but also keep your hair protected the entire day. Dutch braids are one of the fanciest braids you can try. 

Two Dutch braids or a single Dutch braid can be your back to college hairstyles to pair with your outfits. Add in a scarf if you have long hair but dutch braids are an ideal option even if you have short hair.

Hairstyles With Your Hair Down

Low Ponytail Braided With Scarf

Low ponytail is a very easy hairstyle to do for any type of place or occasion. But you can upgrade this hairstyle by adding a little tweak to it. Low ponytail can be braided again with a scarf. This makes it one of the quick back to school hairstyles you do not need to spend much time on. The scarf uplifts the hairstyle from its basic look.

back to school hairstyles - Low Ponytail with scarf

Pro Tip- You can use a dry shampoo to give your hair some texture and make it a bit messy to have a slight edgy look on your outfit.

4-Strand Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid with open hair looks fabulous. But a 4-strand waterfall braid not only looks extraordinary but also is easy to make. It keeps the locks of your hair binded at the back in style while the rest of the hair falls down over your back. 

No matter long or short hair, you can still do these easy back to school hairstyles. If your hair is long do a side braid and take it to the back all the way. But if you have short hair, you can braid from both the sides and tie them at the back.

Waterfall Braid

Celtic Knot

If you do not want to braid your hair but also want to keep it off your face, this is a spectacular idea. Instead of simply tying it at the back or twisting it, you can tie it into a knot. If a simple knot is too simple, a more creative knot would be the celtic knot. 

A celtic knot is easy to tie and will not take too much of your time. All you have to do is know how to twist it in properly. No need for any accessories or pins. A small hair tie will be enough to keep the knot in place throughout the day. Also For a Prom Night if you want some hairstyle ideas here are Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair to help you with it.

Celtic knot

Pro Tip- You can keep the knot a little bit messy or randomly tie any type of knot to get a more edgy and casual look.

Twist At The Back

The easiest hairstyle when you are running late is the twist at the back. This can be an easy back to school hairstyles where you do not need to spend too much time. This hairstyle is simple and quick but gives you a pretty hairstyle in an instant. 

Hair twisted from both the sides and securing it at the back with a hair tie or a hair accessory  is all it takes to do this style. To upgrade the look you can use scrunchies or embellished hair ties to tie the twists at the back. 

Hairstyles With Half Up Half Down Looks

Half Up Bubble Braid Half Down

The braids could not get much easier than bubble braids, right? You can take half of your hair at the back and tie it into a bubble braid. Leave the rest of your hair down. Bubble braids are one of the quickest back to college hairstyles you can try doing.

The bubble braids can be tied with different types and colors of hair ties making them look more funky. If you want your braid to look more chic or elegant, you can use beaded hair ties.  

back to school hairstyles - Bubble Braid

Pro Tip- You can also use your hair strands to wrap your bubble braid instead of fancy hair ties!

Half Up Half Down Space Buns

Half up half down hairstyles are incomplete without buns. And the best type of buns to suit a half up half down look are space buns. These are the most ideal back to school cute hairstyles. Beside being easy to style, space buns look absolutely chic and adorable. 

You can style your space buns however you want. This is a hairstyle for both long and short hair and looks equally good on all hair lengths. Also you can choose whether you want them messy or tightly bound.

back to school hairstyles - space buns

Pro Tip- You can wrap or secure your space buns with braids as well instead of hair ties if you want a more attractive look.

Half Up Hair Bow

A hair bow is undoubtedly one of the best accessories to add to your hair. But making a bow from your hair has its own charm. This is one of the cutest back to school hairstyles you can go for.

A hair bow may need some time to be perfect. But once you have mastered it, it can be your go-to hairstyle for lazy days. You may or may not use accessories to decorate your hair but the hair will definitely look phenomenal anyways.

Half Up Half Down Pull-Through Braids

The braid that is in trend nowadays is not even a braid anymore. A bunch of ponytails tied into each other form the braid in a pull through braid. This is another easy braid other than the bubble braid.

This can be a very interesting and easy-to-do back to college hairstyles. You can do the pull-through braids with half of the hair and keep the rest of your hair open. What makes pull-through braids prettier is the accessories you can use to tie each ponytail. 

Final Words

You can try these hairstyles when you feel lazy or are having a bad hair day and cannot keep your hair open or style it properly. These hairstyles are not only quick to do but also do not require heating tools and keep your hair protected.

Choose among these hairstyles or try to mix and match them however you like! You can, now, stay carefree about what to do about your hair each morning and just style your hair into one of these back to school cute hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What hairstyle should I do for school?

Simple and quick back to school hairstyles are the most ideal for school. You can style up your hair into a few easy hairstyles as we have mentioned:
1. Space Buns
2. Fishtail Braid
3. Dutch Braid
4. Half Up Top Knot
5. Sleek and high ponytail

Q. What’s the new hairstyle for 2022?

Lately the trend for long hair is back into style. Hairstyles that you can try this year with waves or curls are high ponytail, half up half down ponytail or top knot, waterfall braids, etc. Other hairstyles that do not require heating are top knot, low buns, dutch braids, fishtail braids, and many more.

Q.How should I wear my hair for the first day of school?

For the first day of school, you can either get an easy but stylish hairstyle to enhance your outfits or go for a classy one. You can try hairstyles as given below or in the post for your first day at school.
1. Top Knot
2. Half-up Top Knot
3. Bubble Braid
4. Pull Through Braid
5. Half Up Half Down Pull Through Braid
6. Half Up Hair Bow
7. Low Ponytail with Braid
8. Double Dutch Braids

Q. How do you do easy back to school hairstyles?

Several easy back to school hairstyles that you can try this spring are twist at the back, sleek high ponytail, french braid pigtails, braided ponytails, loose braid or any other hairstyle that you feel is comfortable for you. The hairstyles mentioned above can also be worn for your schools or colleges. Any hairstyle that you feel comfortable with throughout the day can be worn for your school.