Amongst the upcoming wave of popular celebrities is the recently trending 25-year-old actress Zendaya. Zendaya has been a rising actress, singer, model, and well-known fashion icon. Mostly known for her fabulous dressing sense and bold outfits, Zendaya has constantly made news for her fashion style besides her acting skills. 

Starting off her career as a child model to a renowned fashion icon and actress, Zendaya has come a long way. Being marked as one of the best-dressed women in 2018 by fashion website Net-a-porter, Zendaya has constantly left us in awe with her dressing sense.

We have put together a few of Zendaya’s iconic looks and Zendaya outfits that can be recreated by everyone for various occasions. You can read further about all the chic outfits that Zendaya blessed the crowd with.

The Most Breath-Taking Zendaya outfits

  • Zendaya’s Fashion Line
  • Zendaya’s Most Iconic Outfits
    • Alexander McQueen Outfit
    • Valentino Cobweb Embroidered Gown
    • Vintage Roberto Cavalli Gown
    • Marc Jacobs Suit
  • Zendaya Outfits You Can Recreate
    • Bodycon Dress
    • Monochrome Cardigan and Shorts
    • Velvet Blazer
    • Trench Coat and Tracksuit
    • Cropped Blazer
    • Hot Pink Trouser Suit
    • Leather Jacket and Silk Slip Dress
    • Crop Shirt and Tuxedo Pants
    • Camouflage Jacket and Platform Boots
    • Sweater with Metallic Skirt

Zendaya’s Fashion Line

Just like most other celebrities, Zendaya opened her own clothing line given the amount of fame she had. But such fashion lines of celebrities are often overlooked. She named her fashion line Daya by Zendaya which was her childhood name. The fact that made Zendaya’s clothing line different from other celebrities was that her clothes were for everyone or as termed by fans, “inclusive”. 

 As her belief went, she wanted all kinds of women or genders to be able to access her closet. And hence, her clothing line was not only gender-fluid but also composed of various sizes so that no one felt left out. The biggest part was, the prices were reasonable and nothing priced more than $160. Also, the outfits were for all genres and ages, meaning you could find everything at an affordable price.


Unfortunately, the clothing line had to be shut down after facing issues with the orders. The customers argued that the outfits took way too long to be delivered or the company could not cope with the large orders. Hence, Zendaya sadly put a stop to it. 

But she had recently collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger and presented a spectacular stream of outfits inspired by the bold women of ‘70. We can expect more such clothing lines or perhaps a reinstatement of her own clothing line with better facilities.

Zendaya’s Most Iconic Outfits

The below-mentioned Zendaya outfits left everyone speechless as she walked through the floor. The outfits were not only designed by famous designers but also carried and upheld well by Zendaya. 

Alexander McQueen Outfit

Alexander McQueen - zendaya outfits

Zendaya wore this oversized sequin blazer at the London press event for Spider-Man: No Way Home in spring/summer 2022. This outfit exquisitely fitted the actress and allowed us to appreciate her tall and slim physique. The blazer as well as the stockings and heels were inlaid with sequins and shimmered as Zendaya wore it.

Valentino Cobweb Embroidered Gown

Valentino Cobweb Embroidered Gown

Another outfit worn during the Spiderman promotions was this beautiful and interesting slip dress. The dress was embroidered as cobwebs and had a deep plunging neck along with a thigh-high slit. This can be considered as one of the Zendaya best outfits as it covered the internet for quite a while and is still unforgettable.

Vintage Roberto Cavalli Gown

Vintage Roberto Cavalli Gown

The most recent dress that left everyone in a daze was this black Vintage Roberto Cavalli gown. The bodycon dress fitted the model perfectly and excellently complimented her figure. But the most amusing part was the skeletal frame at the back that ornamented the entire outfit. This outfit gave off a formal and party look at the same time. 

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Marc Jacobs Suit

Marc Jacobs Suit- zendaya outfits

During the Vanity Fair and Lancome Paris 2018, Zendaya wore an absolutely jaw-dropping outfit. The oversized and color-blocking suit was so well owned by Zendaya that it did not seem unusual at all. A rather difficult attire to carry, Zendaya does not seem too tiny in this oversized suit. On the other hand, she fuses well with the vibe of the suit and fuses with it.

Zendaya Outfits You Can Recreate

Zendaya is widely known for her keen fashion sense and you can recreate her outfits and get the looks for different occasions. The outfit ideas are quite common and can be easily implemented into our regular lives.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress- zendaya outfits

This Zendaya outfit was from the Fendi Couture Fall/Winter dinner in Rome. As glittery as the dress is, it requires minimal jewelry to outshine the night. Zendaya chose to add in big round earrings to match the outfit subtly so that it does not diminish the outfit but also looks extravagant.

Style Tip- If you have a similar outfit or party or bodycon dress, the idea is to pair it with big but matching earrings and a pair of heels of a similar shade. Hoops or round earrings of the same color or a contrasting shade would be the most ideal accessories to add on.

Monochrome Cardigan and Shorts

Zendaya Monochrome Cardigan and Shorts

The outfit goes back to the Launch of Solar Dream event for Fendi in New York City. This honey-hued, checkered plaid with a retro-mod, oversized cardigan is one of the most stylish Zendaya looks as a streetwear. The color palette is monochrome and is smartly paired with a pair of black knee high boots that gives an edgy look.

Style Tip- To get a similar look, you can go for a neutral shade and style it in a monochrome manner. An oversized cardigan or coat can do the work for you. You can switch between the hues and add on a contrasting pair of boots such as black or white. Also this outfit does not require much accessories so any light earrings or contrasting rings could be added to the outfit.

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Velvet Blazer

Velvet Blazer-  Zendaya outfits

Velvet is a very fancy material and instantly gives a lush and luxurious look. Zendaya wore an entire suit of velvet along with a beret. But to give a more retro look, the shirt goes with the retro disco theme, hence, making the entire outfit seem more vintage.

Style Tip- Any coat, jacket, suit or blazer that you have with a velvet material can work to get such Zendaya iconic looks. You can pair these velvet outerwears with sheer shirts or tops and solid high waist flare pants. To complete the outfit, throw in a pair of platform heels. 

Trench Coat and Tracksuit

Trench Coat and Tracksuit

Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? But here is Zendaya perfectly slaying this combination like a goddess! This is one of the most outstanding zendaya looks that shows us the fashion sense of the actress.

Style Tip- You can recreate this outfit by pairing a contrasting or complementary sleeveless trench coat to a bright coloured tracksuit. This outfit can be your fashionable streetwear or athleisure outfit to make everyone around stare!

Cropped Blazer

Cropped Blazer- zendaya outfits

The stereotypical fitted or oversized blazers are not the only ones you can wear. Zendaya fashion sense is vividly depicted through this bold outfit. The crop blazer along with the long skirt are both uncommon and Zendaya carries it stunningly.

Style Tip- Rather than wearing a fitted or oversized blazer for formal events or parties, a cropped blazer and skirt or high waist trousers can be an option. Pair them with contrasting heels to get a more sophisticated look. 

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Hot pink trouser suit 

Hot pink trouser suit 

This pair of hot pink suit and trouser is one of the most stylish and talked about zendaya outfits. The power suit has been spotted on Zendaya quite a few times and each time she looks the boldest in it. The pink suit is studded with black contrasting buttons and collars and a pair or black or white heels.

Style Tip- You can spin your own pink power suit by wearing a pink hued suit or blazer along with a white or black shirt underneath. For the bottoms, you can go for same colored trousers or shorts or a skirt for a bold but formal look. To accessorize the look, you can wear silver and light-weight jewelry with a pair of white heels.

Leather Jacket and silk slip dress

Leather Jacket and silk slip dress

A leather coat is an apparel in your closet that can be worn with multiple outfits. To take a look at Zendaya fashion, she chose to pair it with a slip in silky dress and a pair of boots. A catchy and comfortable party outfit that can be instantly created is right here!

Style Tip- You can take a long leather jacket with plain or statement collars to wear over a silky or flowy dress. Similarly you can wear a mid length leather jacket over a long knitted or bodycon dress along with a pair of boots.

Crop Shirt and Tuxedo Pants

Crop Shirt and Tuxedo Pants

Zendaya was seen wearing this outfit at Paris Fashion Week in front of Armani. This Zendaya fashion style can be one of the most memorable ones since it reformed our thoughts about tuxedo pants. She paired the black tapered tuxedo pants with a white crop shirt and black heels. Simple, sophisticated as well as stylish was the resulting outfit.

Style Tip- The look can be for a formal event or as a formal wear. You can take a cropped white shirt and pair it with black high waist or mid waist trousers. Narrow or wide leg, any type of pants can be worn along with the crop shirt. However, you must keep the accessories extremely minimal if you want a formal look.

Camouflage Jacket and Platform Boots

Camouflage Jacket and Platform Boots

This streetwear  fit can be the Zendaya fashion style you can perfectly recreate. A combination of camouflage jacket, baseball cap, skinny jeans and platform boots is all that Zendaya put together. 

Style Tip- To achieve this look, you can wear a white t-shirt underneath a camouflage jacket, oversized or mid length. Skinny blue jeans and a pair of neutral colored boots. A cap to complete the look and hoop earrings or any light earrings can be an ideal choice.

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Sweater With Metallic Skirt

Sweater With Metallic Skirt- Zendaya outfits

A metallic skirt can be one of the most preferred party dresses whereas a sweater is the comfort apparel. These contrasting yet well matched pairs can be a Zendaya fashion statement. The actress well maintained the outfit by using only hoop earrings for accessories.

Style Tip- A knitted pullover, a sweater or a cropped sweater can be paired along with a shiny or metallic or sequin skirt to attain a party look. You can add in a few minimum accessories such as hoop earrings or any other shiny earrings to make the outfit stand out.

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Final Words

The above Zendaya outfit ideas are the most known and liked outfits but there are yet more that can be added to the list. The American actress has unceasingly given us a new outfit to praise for her outstanding fashion and dressing style. 

You can, in the meantime, try the Zendaya best outfits that we have listed out for you and see if the model’s fashion style works for you. However, you can add your own spice to her outfits and go as creative as you like with your fashion style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dress like Zendaya?

Zendaya fashion style is known to be very comfortable and bold hence you can do for these few options below:
Wear comfortable clothes that are soft and loose
Keep Your oversized t shirts hanging loose
Jumpsuits are the simplest and quick way to style up
Pair a Casual Outfit With a Designer Bag
Wear Denim on Denim this season

What is Zendaya’s clothing line called?

everyone. The fashion line is reasonable and offers an outfit for everyone no matter what shape, age or nationality. The clothes in Zendaya’s clothing line are gender neutral so that everyone and anyone can access it.

What designer does Zendaya wear?

Previously Zendaya preferred outfits from Vivienne Westwood, Fausto Puglisi and Emanuel Ungaro. However, recently she has turned to famous designers such as Ralph & Russo, Versace, Zuhair Murad, etc.
Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach is also one of the major roleplayers in her outfit designs and has been by her side for more than 8 years.

How would you describe Zendaya style?

Zendaya’s style expertise is her ability to pull off a bold, powerful look with the same style as a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie.
She has a rather cool, edgy and comfortable fashion style. Her street style looks are generally comfortable and with a mixture of athleisure and rock & roll items, in neutral colors. But for the shows and other events she can be seen dazzling with a variety of interesting outfits.