Want to try something new or fun for this spring? Nervous how to style those bangs you got on a whim or wanted to try so bad? Now, this is what we are here to help you with! Bangs are like a cherry on top to your hairstyles and give you all the reasons to get one.

Hairstyles define our personality and attitude and hence, a change in hairstyle seems to be necessary from time to time. Bangs give a flare of drama to our regular haircut and are possibly the best additions to our hairstyles.

Bangs have always been timeless in terms of trends, but the types of bangs that are in demand may differ from time to time. Depending on the face structures, the length of the hair and the type of bangs you have, there are various hairstyles with bangs noted down for you.

Fantastic Hair Looks With Bangs You Must Get 

  • Trending Bangs In Spring 2022
    • Bottleneck Bangs
    • Curtain Bangs
    • Side Swept Fringes
    • Wispy Bangs
  • Complementing Haircuts With Bangs 
    • Blunt Collarbone Cut
    • Mia Wallace Bob Cut
    • Long and Layered Cut
    • Face Framing Layers
  • Hairstyles With Bangs For Women
    • Middle Partition
    • High Ponytail
    • Top Knot
    • Low Bun
    • Half Up Half Down Look

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are sure on the trend with most of the celebrities appearing in this hairstyle. This vintage trend is back to steal our hearts and will be seen almost most of the spring.

The bottleneck bangs are slimmer towards the roots and fan out towards the brows and ears. These bangs are also soft and choppy and are easy to maintain depending on the length. Bottleneck bangs give a subtle edgy but sassy look to the outfit.

Hairstyles with bangs - Bottleneck

Curtain Bangs

Although it may seem that curtain bangs are getting out of trend, it is not exactly true. They frame the face like a curtain frames the window and hence gained the name. Curtain bangs, first invented in the ’60s and the ‘70s, is yet again on the hotlist

The best part about curtain bangs is that they are versatile. The curtain bangs frame both the sides of the face and are somewhat messy. But they are effortless to style and can be tweaked as per your choice. 

Side Swept Fringes

Widely known as the “It” hair trend, side swept fringes were quite popular during the 90s. These bangs are predicted to make their way into the recent trends again. Side swept fringes seem to give a big statement when it comes to personality.

The fringes frame the face from one of the sides and this gives more attention to the cheekbones and gives a more bold or strong look. You can get these long side fringes if you do not want too heavy bangs.

Hairstyles with bangs - Side Swept Fringes

Wispy Bangs

If you do not want too loud or edgy look, but instead are looking for subtle fringes, this is the one.  Wispy bangs do not cover too much of the face but give a face framing effect to some extent.

Wispy bangs complemented with layers gives a free and textured look around the face. This is because wispy bangs are lighter fringes and allow movement to long and thick hair. Wispy bangs can still be an ideal option for all types of hair lengths and face types.

Hairstyles with bangs - Wispy Bangs

Complementing Haircuts With Bangs 

Blunt Collarbone Cut

A hair cut with bangs that seems to suit almost most types of bangs is a blunt cut. The one in trend right now is the length of the collarbone. Neither too long nor too short is what the length is.

The curtain bangs or fringes when cut along with blunt collarbone cut give an interesting look. 

Hairstyles with bangs

Mia Wallace Bob Cut

Haircuts define your personality and for celebrities it defines their roles or characteristics. When we think of a hairstyle, we can associate it with a celebrity known for it. Mia Wallace is such a character that urges us to get the exact look.

The bob cut, and specifically with Mia Wallace’s black hair, is an ever-classic look we can never forget. The look gives a very superior and edgy look with a bit of chic at the same time. With short bangs paired with it, the haircut seems to blow our mind.

Bob Cut

Long and Layered cut

These are the haircuts you need for long hairstyles with bangs. Layers are most ideal for thick hair since they cut down on some weight without losing too much of the volume.

Layers when mixed with bangs give an extremely interesting look to the hair, especially if you like them long. You can still style them beautifully with waves, curls, straight, up or down, anyway you want.

Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are popular for all the right reasons! A perfect face framing fringe with layers is enough to give a total feminine and chic look. 

Face framing layers highlight your eyes and cheekbones and give a bomb look with a few strands lightly grazing your eyelashes. If your fringes are not too long or not too short, they can still be tucked in as they grow out over time.

Face Framing Layers

Hairstyles With Bangs For Women

Middle Partition

Middle partitioning has been in trend recently and can be the hairstyles with bangs for women. A middle partition not only looks chic but also gives a bold look. This can be paired with any type of bangs.

A simple hairstyle for any type of occasion and face type, middle partition can be styled in different ways, however you like. You can keep the hair straight or wave it. You can use accessories such as clips or pins to further enhance the look.

Middle Part

High Ponytail

A high ponytail may seem like a cliche but with bangs it hits differently. You can style your long hairstyles with bangs by just pulling it back into a high ponytail and using a suitable accessory to decorate your hair.

This hairstyle can be a good option for both long and medium length hair. A high ponytail is the most flexible hairstyle for any type of occasion, face or hair cut. No matter what haircut you choose, a high ponytail will always look good on it.

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Top Knot

A top knot is one of the perfect long hairstyles with bangs. When you have long hair, you might not always want to keep it down. A top knot hairstyle can be your choice if you do not know what to do with your hair.

A simple top knot along with the bangs gives a classy and sassy look within a few minutes. Not to mention it can be worn  by short and medium length hair as well, top knot is usually preferred for thick or long hair.

Low Bun

A classic low bun can go with any type of hair and face structure. It is the best hairstyles with bangs that you can do for an elegant look or a more sophisticated look. Low messy buns with bangs can also be worn casually if you do not want it too formal.

Low buns can be done by all types of hair length, long, medium and short. Also you can add a few garnishing elements to it such as pins, clips, barrettes, scrunchies, bow ties, etc. This gives a bit of enhancement to the plain bun.

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Half Up Half Down Look

If you are looking for short hairstyles with bangs, this is the one for you. A half up half down look is most recommended for short hairstyles because it gives a more fuller look to the face and hair. 

A half up half down top knot or ponytail can be the easiest hairstyles with bangs. Half up half down hairstyles, however, are not limited to short hair and can be done by all hair lengths. A half up half down hairstyle looks very stunning with all haircuts and face structures so it is also a wonderful option.

Hairstyles with bangs

Final Words

Bangs are something you can play around and experiment with along with your regular haircuts. So you can get fringes done according to your taste and face structure. Fringes can greatly help to make your face and hair look more lovely.

You can try these hair looks with bangs that will be on a rising trend this spring and choose the best hairstyle that suits you. You can go for bolder looks this spring and flaunt your bangs with all the gorgeous hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which haircut is best with bangs?

There are several haircuts that complement all types of bangs. A few that you can try as per your choice are:
1. Long Layers
2. Blunt Cut
3. Beachy Bob Cut
4. Face Framing Layers
5. Long Shag Cut0
6. Mia Wallace Bob Cut
7. Layered Bob Cut

Are bangs back in style 2022?

Bangs have always been in trend, while the types of bangs in trend keep changing from time to time. The bangs that are currently in high demand are vintage short bangs, bottleneck bangs, curtain bangs and cool wispy fringes. 

Do bangs make you look younger?

Adding bangs to a haircut makes you look younger without a doubt. This is because bangs shape your face and make it appear smaller than it normally is. However, you need to know which bangs will suit your face better and the type of haircut you have before choosing the bangs for yourself.