Keeping up with all the trending clothes are important and we feel that way as well. As the seasons or times change, so does the fashion and trend. Trends may be new, existing or vintage that have been coming back but with a more creative or with a little tweak in it. 

Heels or shoes are essential to complete an outfit. We all know, no outfit can be completed without a pair of gorgeous heels or cool shoes. Hence, it is equally necessary to keep up with the trending shoes for women. 

A new wave of trend sets a refreshing tone to the season with all the new possibilities and options to try. We have laid down all the trends you need to know about the trending shoes for women 2022 with the Spring/ Summer Collection and some other trends as well.

  • Women Shoes Trend Ft. Paris Fashion Week 2022
    • Ankle Strap
    • Beach Shoes
    • Orange Footwear
    • Flatforms
    • Stacked Strap
    • T-Strap Sandals
    • Textured Sandals
    • FIsherman Sandals
  • Trendy Shoes Ideas For Women
    • Platform Heels 
    • Mules
    • Pumps
    • Loafers
    • Kitten Heels
    • Gladiator Sandals
    • Clogs 
    • Chunky White Sneakers

Women Shoes Trend Ft. Paris Fashion Week 2022

Ankle Strap

Ankle straps were seen in a number of Spring/Summer 2022 collections including Coperni and  Loewe with their pumps and peep-toes. The famous celebrity Victoria Beckham was also recently spotted in ankle-strap platforms. 

Ankle straps are mostly meant to be worn with dresses of shorter hemline like Loewe and Victoria Beckham. You can also wear it along with stocking or leggings to give a camouflage look like Coperni did.

Ankle Strap

Beach Shoes

A few fashion brands such as Gabriella Hearst, Coperni, and Proenza Schouler used beach shoes as footwear for some of their designs. This season you can find heeled, flat or even platform soled beach shoes. 

The shoes were seen in bright colors and features along with some embellishments. Beach shoes or sandals are generally deemed to be suitable for beachwear. But this time around it can be shown that they are also suitable for cocktail parties and evening gowns.

Beach sandals

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Orange Footwear

Spring is the time for bright and edgy colors so the designers chose orange as the new trending color for their footwear. Orange is a noticeably daring shade to use but this is what gives a slight sporty look to the outfits.

Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Mark Fast, Prabal Lecca used the shade of tangerine for their laced and buckled-up shoes on the stage. The color seems to complement the outfits quite well instead of stealing the attention from it.

Trending Women Fashion


Flatforms are the trending shoes for women that will give you complete coverage. The style for these shoes are the boots with the heavy soles and varying heights and lengths. The heavy boots are easy to pair and can be a good choice to go for.

Several luxury brands used this trend in their Spring Collection such as Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Schiaparelli. The trend for a little extra height and much bolder attitude was the look they went for and that you can achieve as well.


Stacked Strap

A trend we know for sure is going to be hyped this spring is the stacked strap. The stackd strap brings back a lot of memories but now is the time to wear those memorable footwear with a modern twist.

Constantly recurring  in the collections of Saint Laurent, Versace, and Acne Studios, the tiny straps can be seen up the leg in three or four-batch bundles. This gives a playful yet subtle look due to the tiny size of straps on the multiple-buckle shoes.

trending shoes for women - Stacked Straps

T-Strap Sandals

T-straps are most often associated with the 1920s, but they were recently spotted making a comeback in the Spring/Summer 2022 Collections. While the Y2K style is on a blasting trend, these sandals were also resuscitated on the runway.

Acne Studios had T-shaped sandals with the straps tied around the ankles. Miu Miu paired its T strap metallic sandals with long socks whereas Burberry used a thong like sandal T-strap with space for toe.

trending shoes for women - Tstraps

Textured Sandals

Footwears can be quite exquisite sometimes with their designs and textured features. These can be one of the most fantastic trends to start in 2022 since many brands featured such exotic designs for their footwear in the Spring collection.

Fendi paired fuzzy, multi-colored mules along with the outfit which gave a rather quirky but complementary look to it.  Altuzarra presented their sandals with fluffy soles while Maryam Nassir Zadeh used straw-like fringe along with its heeled sandals.

trending shoes for women - Textured Sandals

Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman sandals are extremely popular since they have been spotted on various models in runways. These pairs of comfortable sandals go beautifully with flowy sundresses and skirts in this spring time. Being minimal and thick while enclosing the foot, there is the trend for fisherman sandals this time.

Rachel Comey presented patterned fisherman sandals while Max Mara had it metallic. Hermès put forward an ankle strap flatform in fisherman sandal which is also one of the most common trends for spring. 

trending shoes for women- Fisherman Shoes

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Trendy Shoes Ideas For Women 2022

Platform Heels

Platform heels are ever iconic and getting yourself one of these for this spring can be the best idea. Printed, metallic, solid colored or even more creative platforms can make you look absolutely stunning within a nick of time.

Platform heels are good to go with any type of outfit but you can especially wear them over jeans and tops or skirts or dresses. The hemline can depend on your type of strap if it is lace-up, ankle strap or boots.


Mules are timeless footwears and are back this spring. The one most trending are the elongated and pointed-toe shaped mules. Apart from the solid colors, you can also go for floral or animal printed mules. 

For spring, colors such as yellow, green, white, etc can be worn with mini skirts, jeans or tights. Mules might not have gotten much attention in the previous few years, but now they are back with a boom and can be seen and worn pretty much everywhere.


Pumps are the styling footwear among the trending shoes for ladies if you want a quirkier look. The designs for pumps in this spring collection are all about sassy prints and patterns. Pumps can be worn with any outfit depending on the style and choice.

The trendiest pumps are the classic white ones that make the outfit even more fabulous. The other in trend are the two-toned pumps that have a combination of complementary colors or contrasting colors. Monotone or double-tone, any are good to go with almost any dress in your wardrobe.


Loafers have been on a rise recently although they saw a downhill in the past few years. You can still effortlessly say that loafers are ever iconic and versatile to pair with any outfit in the closet. Loafers are meant to be gender-neutral and practical footwear choices and have been widely popular.

Loafers might seem boring to wear but nowadays you can find them in various patterns, materials, and prints. These particular footwear are very interesting to wear and can be a replacement for the belles or the flat mules that you wear all the time for a change.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels were once one of the most loved heels back in the 90s. After the trend for platforms and high-heeled shoes came in, they saw a low point in the industry. But you can take advantage of them in this rising trend for kitten heels.

Kitten heels are perfect if you want to wear them to your office or where you need to wear them for a longer period of time. The heels can be worn over jeans, pants, skirts or dresses along with stockings or leggings to get a more comfortable attire.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals had been popular once and almost forgotten too. But they have resuscitated again as several models walked the runways in these sandals. Gladiator sandals are perfect for spring and are one of the most comfortable shoes to go for even on a regular basis.

There are many types of gladiator sandals and the length at which they can be tied such as ankle, knee or calf depending on how we like. Now, there are more options available such as metallics or animal printed, high heels or flats, you have a perfect pair of gladiators for any type of attire.


Clogs have had their own ups and downs during the years but they are here to stay for 2022. Clogs are not everyone’s cup of tea but those who take a liking to clogs can definitely go with the trend. Clogs are one of the most comfortable and minimalist footwear.

Clogs go very well with wide-legged pants or even some dresses and skirts. Since clogs have a lower, flatter heel, they can be alternatives to the mules or other flats. You can go bolder with your choice by choosing printed or patterned clogs over the monochrome ones.

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Chunky White Sneakers

Sneakers are always in trends but now the trend is all about chunky sneakers. Comfortable as they are and sneakers sure go with pretty much all outfits. Be it jeans, skirts or even a cute dress, sneakers can be paired with all of them.

Chunky sneakers give a sporty as well as a casual look to the outfit. For occasions where you do not feel like wearing heels, sneakers are the alternatives you can go for. Sneakers now are available in various designs, patterns with different types of soles too. You can choose from the variety which goes with your outfit the best.

Final Words

Shoes and footwear all have different meanings and are meant for different occasions. Footwears tend to define our personalities and so it is important to pay special attention to the kind of shoes we are wearing. And most importantly, one needs to stay updated with the trending shoes for women for every season.

All the trending shoes for women mentioned above are in style this year and you can pair them with the outfits in your closet. You might need to be mindful of how and what you pair the shoes with. But it is equally essential to explore your own comfort and personal style as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular women’s shoe in 2022?

Pumps, loafers, lace up sandals, mules, chunky sneakers, platform heels, fisherman sandals, etc are a few top trending shoes for women in 2022. You can hop into the trend by wearing ballerinas or flatform boots or kitten heels as well since they are all in hype this year. There are various other popular shoes that have been constantly spotted at runways and are being worn by various fashion influencers that you can try out.

Are flats shoes in Style 2022?

Definitely, flats are still cool in 2022. Flats have been in and out of trends with changing years, but 2022 has embraced a few types of flats very well. Ballet flats, gladiators, loafers, textured flat sandals, beach shoes, mules and many other flats are in trend and you can wear them to different occasions this year.