And finally, it is time to take off those jackets, beanies and all the outer coverings! Spring is here and with the best possible fashion trends. Though outerwears give more options to dress, the fun in dressing for spring is the freedom to choose from a variety of fashionable clothes. 

Moving from the cold winters to the sunny springs, we definitely need to upgrade our wardrobe. But along with that, a change in our hairstyle or haircut gives a different look for the new season. From the hair color to the hair cut, any change in the hairstyle can enhance your look.

Get yourself a new look this season because spring hair trends for 2022 are going to blow your mind! A new palette for your hair color, refreshing haircuts, and lovely hairstyles for your spring hangouts are what you are going to require for a gorgeous look this season. You can expect all the amazing hair trends to revive and emerge this year for you to keep up.

  1. Hair Colors In Trend
    • Bright Blue Hue
    • Mermaid Pink Ends
    • Face Framing Tendrils
    • Saturated Lavender
    • Honey Blonde
    • Long Ombre
  2. Spring Haircuts 2022
    • Jaw Length Bob Cut
    • Layered Long Hair
    • Flippy Layers
    • Curtain Bangs
    • Mixie Cut
  3. Hair Accessories
    • Monochrome Clips
    • Hair Scarves
    • Hair Bows
    • Crystal Barrette
  4. Trending Hairstyles for Spring
    • High Ponytail
    • Space Buns
    • Pinned Soft Waves
    • Sleek Straight Middle Part
    • Braided Tendrils

Hair Colors In Trend

Hair colors for spring are generally more vivid and bright to complement the sunny weather. The shades and hues for hair differ to the trends and the seasons. Blonde and brown are the colors that can be worn all around the year. But there are still various tones you get within these colors. All the trending colors for this year are listed below for you to choose from.

Bright Blue Hue

Now, can anything beat the refreshing blue tones in the warm spring weather? Blue, being a cool color, radiates revitalizing vibes. The darker shades of blue such as electric blue, bubblegum blue, midnight blue, royal blue, teal blue, etc. 

Mermaid Pink Ends

Pink has always been a beautiful color to have your hair dyed in. But shades of pink only at the tips of your hair is an ongoing craze. Shades of pink such as rose gold, strawberry pink, or bold hot pink can be some of the options. Pink usually goes the best with dark hair colors such as black or dark brown but blonde also carries the pink hues stunningly.

Spring Hair Trends - Pink Ends

Face Framing Tendrils

Now this is an interesting hair trend spring season can prompt you to try. The tendrils at the front of the face frame can be coloured to a shade lighter than the rest of your hair. Short hair, medium hair or long hair, it doesn’t matter because all hair lengths can be ideal for this hair color.

Spring Hair Trends Face Framing

Saturated Lavender

Lavender or shades of purple are simply beautiful to look at. And when they are on your hair, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! The shades of purple not only look flowery and rejuvenating, but also get your hair the attention it deserves. Light, faded, dark, however you like your purple, it can all go along with this spring season.

Spring Hair Trends - Lavender

Honey Blonde

Blonde has been a trend from quite a while but the tweaks in this trend is the fun of it. The honey blonde highlights are spring hair trends this season. Perfect for long or medium length, honey blonde is a shade that can let you flaunt your personal style without stealing the shine. With a tint of honey at the tips, with an ombre effect or the balayage style, however, you want to have your hint of honey with the blonde, you can go for it.

Honey Blonde

Long Ombre

Ombre is currently a trend not only for hair but also for apparels. The smooth shift in the hues is as satisfying on hair as on a piece of cloth and you can never get enough of it! A combination of a dark and a light shade can get you the ombre hair color look. Lighter shades such as platinum, blonde, light brown, etc can be combined with more vibrant shades such as blue, pink, red, burgundy, etc.

Long Ombre

Spring Haircuts 2022

Looking for new haircuts this spring? Wondering what is on the trending list for this section? Here is the list of all the spring hair trends you can get your hands on and try out this season.

Jaw Length Bob Cut

A jaw length or chin length, however short you want your hair, bob cuts are a must-try for all short hair lovers. Bob cut usually suits an oval face shape but you can be bold and try this hair cut how you like it. Jaw length bob cuts are the latest hairstyles for spring and can go with any type of occasion you might have.

Layered Long Hair

Layers are timeless and never get older even with the change in seasons. But long hair with different types of layers can be the hairstyle for spring, bringing back the volume and the different options to style your hair. You can add some colors to this lush layered volume to get a much more outstanding look.

Flippy layers

Layers are here again with a little bit of twist. Flippy layers are curled inside or outside of the face and are cut in a layer. These types of layers are ideal for thin hair since they add some volume to the hair and also make your face look thinner than usual. Ladies with long hair who want a new look without losing their length can go for this hair style for spring.

Curtain Bangs

Want to know which are the coolest fringes currently? Curtain Bangs! This retro and super stylish haircut is the one to definitely have a go at once.  Any face shape or hair length carrying curtain bangs is just fine. These bangs can be pulled off easily to flaunt your best face features rather easily. 

Mixie Cut

Mullets and pixie haircuts are a sensation, but a combination of both is a blast! This bold and edgy haircut has been on a rising trend this season. The front is short like the pixie haircut and the back is longer like a mullet. Miley Cyrus was seen rocking this hairstyle a year back. But it is understandable why many would be hesitant to move forward with this unique hairstyle. Perfect for both formal and party, mixie hairstyle does not require much styling to it.

Hair Accessories

Accessories are essential to glow up your attire or to get the perfect type of look you desire. And hair trends spring this time around have various accessories that are vintage or old school but give a dashing look. Below are a few suggestions for the trending accessories to use.

Monochrome Clips

Clips, with a pleasant surprise,  have paved their way into the spring hair trends for this year. You might be wondering why monochrome hair clips? But the answer to this question is simple. Hair clips are perfect to keep your hair in place as well as adorn them. The simplest but classic look you can achieve with hair clips is side swept waves with several monochrome or glitter hair pins clipped on one side.

Monochrome Clips - Spring Fashion Trends

Hair Scarf

Headscarves or bandanas are trending oldies and for all the right reasons. This hairstyle for spring is hip and voguish wearable along with casual outfits. You can tie the headscarf keeping the face-framing tendrils loose and out of the bandana and keep the rest of your hair behind. This is an ideal hairstyle to keep your hair protected and away from the face as well.

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Hair Bows

Hair bows are absolutely adorable and can be worn along with casual or party outfits. Hair bows can be tied with your hair held back or hair kept loose with a half up half down look. There are various hairstyles possible with hair bows and you can never get tired of having a new look every time with this accessory.

Crystal Barrette

Barrettes are the hair trends that spring calls for this time around. And to be precise, crystal barrettes are the ones in the list. Crystal barrettes can be an excellent accessory for your formal events or parties since they not only give an elegant look but also make a dazzling addition to your outfit. You can use barrettes when you go for waves or sleek straight hair to add some glitter to it. 


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A transition from winter to spring brings its own set of trends. The hairstyles for spring are such that they give you the pleasure to experience the gust of wind around the nape of your neck. And you might want to try these as soon as possible!

High Ponytails

High ponytails are always classy and chic. No matter what time of the year it is, a high wavy or straight ponytail can go with any outfit. Formal, casual or party and type of outfit can be paired with a high ponytail. You can also tie a ponytail keeping a few strands loose at the face frame.

high ponytail

Space Buns

Space buns are not only adorable hairstyle for spring but also look way cooler than regular hairstyles. This hairstyle helps you keep your hair up in an unusually fashionable manner. You can get space buns with all of your hair up or with a half up half down look too.

Pinned Soft Waves

If you want to let your hair down rather than tying them, you can try this simple hairstyle for spring. Pin some of the front hair towards the back leaving some tendrils loose. This hairstyle is not only very easy and hassle-free, but also looks pretty with almost all casual outfits. You can use the trending accessories to adorn your hair for a party or hangout.

Pinned Soft waves

Sleek Straight Middle Parts

While the waves and curls ruled the winters, this change of season asks for a change in hairstyle too. The straight and sleek middle parts are the latest hair styles spring brings back to you. The ever-classy straight sleek hair along with the middle partition can be a dazzling look for this spring. Add some color to it or an accessory or two to upgrade this hairstyle!

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Braided Tendrils

Here is the braided hairstyle trend spring season you were looking for. Braiding your face framing tendrils up front can be simple with a bit of feminine touch. You can also have two or three braided tendrils and garnish them with accessories such as beads or glitters to add in a little bit of fun.

Braided Trendils

Final Words

Fashion trends are constantly evolving but your style need not be. Trying all you love and want to do among the latest ongoing trends is the most interesting thing about style and trends. 

With all these hairstyles for spring, you can be as bold as you want and experiment with these chic fashion trends this spring. Spring always calls for a change and so does your hair! So find the look that best suits your personality and be brave about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the next hair trend 2022?

Jaw-length bob cuts, pixie hair cuts, and such short hair are quite popular these days. Several other vibrant hair colors, hair extensions, and fairy hair are a few of the hair trends for 2022. 

What is the most popular women’s hairstyle in 2022?

The hair style trending lately for women in 2022 is the tousled waves for short hair, braids, shag and curtain bangs, face-framing tendrils, etc that you can use as per your personal styling preferences.

Is short or long hair in for 2022?

Long or medium length hair are more expected to trend during the transition of the seasons in 2022. Nice thick and lush hair will be the dominating part rather than the short inches hair cuts.

Are there curls in 2022?

Textured or natural hair is more to be embraced by the women this year and is likely for curly hair too. Naturally curly or textured hair can be one of the trends this year throwing shade on natural beauty more heavily.

What is the most protective hairstyle?

Box braids, knotless braids, faux three strand braided ponytail, spring twists or passion twists, pineapple updo are some of the most popular protective hairstyles.