Spring is the season where you can finally take out all those shorts, sundresses, and skirts you kept in your closet. It is finally time to go bare thighs and legs now as spring is here. Skirts are what we wait desperately for to wear in this warm season.

Skirts might seem too uncomfortable to wear but they also are the most airy and evergreen pieces of clothes in the wardrobe. This is because dressing with a skirt requires a bit of attention to the dressing since it can turn into an embarrassing moment within a second if not taken care of.

So, are you wondering how to style a mini skirt now that they are a raging trend again? Not to worry a bit about it. We have you all covered up with this. From the types of skirts to how you can dress with them safely, we have it all listed for you below, so keep reading ahead.

Tips On How To Style Mini Skirts Easily and Safely

  • Different Types of Mini Skirts
    • Asymmetric Mini Skirt
    • Tweed Mini Skirt
    • Embroidered Mini Skirt
    • Suede Mini Skirt
    • Micro Mini Skirt
    • Distressed Denim Mini Skirt
    • Leather Mini Skirt
    • A-Line Mini Skirt
  • How To Wear A Mini Dress
  • Celebrities Inspired Way To Wear Mini Skirt
    • Margot Robbie
    • Kendell Jenner
    • Rihanna

Different Types of Mini Skirts

Asymmetric Mini Skirt

An asymmetrical skirt can be tricky to style if you do not have the right top for it but you can still wear it with many different types of tops, shirts or tees. An asymmetrical mini skirt can be the casual or party wear you can always turn to and style up instantly with any type of top in the closet. The top can be the same or complementing color as the skirt if you want to go monochrome and wear contrasting colors for boots.

Tweed Mini Skirt

Tweed skirts can be the most versatile skirts in your wardrobe. Not only can they be paired with a formal top or cardigan but also with a sexy crop top or bralette to get any type of look. Try tweed mini skirts and you won’t be needing to worry about how to style a mini skirt. You can wear these skirts to your work when worn with a sweater or shirt, belt, coat and leggings. If you want a more casual look, you can pair an oversized or cropped top over the skirt and wear heels, boots or sneakers below.

Tweed Mini Skirt - how to style a mini skirt

Embroidered Mini Skirt

When it comes to how to style a mini skirt Embroidered skirts are easy to pair and just so lovely to look at as well as wear. The best part is they leave a lot of color options to choose from for the outfit. Embroidered mini skirts are the ones you can wear with a formal outfit to the office or as casual too. These mini skirts can be paired along with loose camisoles or tops, most probably of white or any other colors in the embroidery. 

Suede Mini Skirt

Suede skirts are exceptionally popular recently and are easy to style as well. These are on a bit of a comfortable side if they fit you just perfectly. You can wear a monochrome outfit by wearing a similar shade and contrasting boots if you want a classy look. If you want a chic look, you can go for contrasting or complimenting tops and heels or sneakers and layer them with a coat or jacket.

Micro Mini Skirt

An extremely short skirt might seem difficult to style without looking too exposed. But you can still style it with a bit of effort and some fashion sense. You can pair it with a contrasting loose top or a crop top and add some layer to it with jackets, coats or cardigans. If the skirt is too short, you can add stockings or leggings or even thigh-high boots to not look too exposed.

Distressed Denim Mini Skirt

Denim skirts are a must in a women’s wardrobe since they are easy to pair with any tops or t-shirts. Distressed denim mini skirts are one type of denims you can get your hands on. You can pair distressed denim skirts with any tank top or crop top or even layer with an oversized jacket or shirt.

Distressed Denim Mini Skirt - how to style a mini skirt

Leather Mini Skirt

A leather skirt is perfect for a party night or an outing with friends. You can wear that leather mini skirt along with a crop top or a bodysuit and layer it again with a long or mid length jacket. You can also add black stockings and boots to get an all-black outfit look or go for other heels such as platforms or ankle straps.

A-Line Mini Skirt

A-line mini skirts make one of the best short skirt outfits. You can wear them for any type of occasion without looking overdressed or under-dressed. What makes A-line skirts ideal outfits is they look elegant even if they are on a shorter length. 

The short length can be covered with a coat and stockings or leggings. A-lines can be paired with shirts or formal tops if you want to wear it to your office, just make sure the length is appropriate.

A line Mini skirt - how to style a mini skirt

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How to Wear A Mini Skirt Comfortably?

1. Be Mindful About What You Wear Underneath The Skirt

Especially for mini skirts, it is essential that you wear underpinnings to avoid any types of wardrobe malfunction. It is always better to wear spandex like sports shorts or cycling shorts underneath skirts to avoid such situations. Neutral colors like nude, white or black can be very useful. 

2. Wear Sneakers Or Flats Rather Than Heels And Stilettos

It may seem that stilettos and high heels will make you look taller but that is not the case. In reality, it is the flats that make you look taller, mostly the ones that expose your ankles. You can also wear knee high socks since they make your legs look slim and tall. If you want to wear heels, you can go for mules with heels to get some height.

3. Layer Over The Skirt Using Coats Or Jackets

Mini skirts and long jackets go absolutely well together. You can safely wear a short mini skirt with the protection of a long jacket so that you do not feel like you are in danger of exposing your behind. Long jackets or coats can help with that, but mid length and crop jackets also look good with mini skirts if the skirt is not too short to wear.

4. Keep The Fit In Check

Make sure that the skirt fits you just perfectly, that is, it is not too tight or too loose, not too long or too short either. This is because it makes wearing them more inconvenient rather than making you feel bold and confident. Also if the skirt is too tight or short, you are likely to experience trouble while sitting or bending. For the skirt that is too loose or flowy, the breeze might cause trouble for you.

5. Balance The Proportions Of The Outfit

The proper balance of proportions is very important to get a good overall look. If you are wearing an asymmetrical top, you can always go for a pencil skirt. If you are keeping your legs bare then you can cover your arms with a jacket or full sleeves to balance.

6. Wear Your Mini Skirt With A Bodycon Dress

A mini skirt can be paired with a bodycon top or dress just perfectly. But another benefit is that you do not expose your underwear. Instead, the bottom of the bodycon is less embarrassing to be seen. But to avoid that as well you can wear protection shorts under the skirt.

7. Check For A Panty Line

Before you set out for your occasion, remember to go into the sunlight and see if the panty line is visible or not in the sun. You do not want your attire to be see-through to reveal your undergarments, so it is always better to check beforehand for it.

8. Bend At Knees When Bending Down

When you bend down wearing a tight or any type of skirt, there are chances that your undergarments get flashed. So you need to learn how to bend either without bending your knees or to bend while keeping your knees together all the time so nothing is exposed.

9. Keep Your Knees Together When Sitting

While wearing skirts, this is another problem similar to bending down. You need to keep your knees together even when you sit so that your undies are well hidden. You can also cross your legs or tuck one leg under the other to make sure the skirt is well-positioned for you to sit comfortably.

10. Do Not Go For Too Short Or Too Tight Skirts

Lastly, do not go for too short skirts or too long skirts since they might be difficult to maintain throughout the occasion and cause too much inconvenience. Tight skirts can also be uncomfortable to wear since they do not leave much space for air and are also difficult to move around in.

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Celebrities Inspired Way To Wear Mini Skirts

Margot Robbie

This Margot Robbie look is just outstanding and classy. You can recreate this outfit very easy since all you need is an oversized shirt and a matching colored skirt or a contrasting colored skirt to wear over the skirt. To complete the look, you can wear either mid-length boots or with leggings and ankle strap heels of the same color.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is widely known for her fashion sense and it has never disappointed us. The ensemble is so well matched with the brown teddy vest up over a full sleeve black top giving a contrast to the outfit. The monochrome black outfit is blocked with the brown shade of the vest. She accessorized the outfit with matching pointed black boots.



Rihanna has been trending recently for her edgy maternity outfits and this is one of those outfits of hers that we can admire. Breaking the stereotypes of wearing only covering clothes, Rihanna has tried everything from sheer net bikini to mini skirts. The look consists of a bikini top of different color while the leather jacket, skirt and boots all go black. The accessories she used are chains and sporty glasses over the outfit.


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Final Words

Mini skirts have always been controversial garments but fashion does not have any limitations. So you can explore and wear all you want. Now no need to worry about how to style mini skirts, you can just use a few tips mentioned above and style it safely.

For mini skirts that are too short, like the micro-mini skirts, it is always advisable to buy one length longer or layer it so that it does not cause trouble for dressing. Styling depends from person to person and so you can wear your skirt however you feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tops go well with mini skirts?

You have various options in tops to wear with mini skirts since they go well with almost everything depending on the type of skirt and occasion. Camisoles, casual tees, cropped tops, shirts, sweaters, bralettes, tank tops and many other types of tops go equally well with mini skirts. You can also wear jackets and cardigans over mini skirts by matching the shades.

Are mini skirts still in style?

Recently, Miu miu released their new Spring/Summer collection 2022 and presented mini skirts in the collection. This has caused the revival of the previously famous mini skirts and brought them back into the trend for this year. So you can comfortably wear your mini skirts with a twist of modern fashion.

How do you wear short skirts casually?

You do not need to do much to learn how to style a mini skirt. Almost any type of top goes well with mini skirts but it depends on the occasion and the type of skirt it is. 
For a casual look, you can wear distressed denim skirts, suede skirts, A-line skirts, micro-mini skirts or even embroidered skirts. All these skirts are easily paired with camisole tops, cropped tops or classic plain tees and shirts. For footwear, you can wear boots or mules or even flats such as gladiators or kitten heels.

How to style a mini skirt in 2022?

There are various ways to wear a mini skirt. You can either tuck the top into the skirt or let it go over the skirt. Also, you can layer the skirt and top with oversized coats, shirts or jackets or wear cropped jackets. You can also wear fancy stockings, leggings or knee high or thigh high socks to get a more enhanced look.

How do you style a flowy mini skirt?

You can style a flowy skirt along with an oversized tee or shirt. You can also wear a bodycon with it or a cropped top. Flowy skirts are also perfect to wear with turtlenecks, cardigans or sweaters if you want a more elegant look. For a more edgy look, you can go for bralettes or other daring tops as well.