Are you eager to know the latest women’s sneaker trends? When streetwear clothing is becoming quite popular among women, wearing the trendiest sneakers is also one of the important parts of streetwear styles. It is true that being comfortable, whatever you wear, never goes out of style. So, buying a pair of sneakers is always a great idea. When it comes to investing in shoe collection, certain factors should be considered, such as design, quality, material, and a perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for casual sneakers or sporty sneakers, we have covered all styles of trendy sneakers for women. It would always be good to invest in something that is trendy and can be paired with different outfits. In addition to sneakers worn by sports enthusiasts and athletes, this footwear has now become a full-blown fashion trend. Since sneakers are stylish and comfortable, they provide women with unending wearing opportunities. Almost all shoe lovers may have a pair of go-to sneakers in their amazing collection. If you are thinking of investing in the best sneakers, simply go through these popular women’s sneaker trends and get the best pair for you.

  1. Chunky Sneakers
  2. Platform Sneakers
  3. High-Top Sneakers
  4. Sock Sneakers
  5. Tennis Sneakers
  6. Designer Sneakers
  7. Casual Sneakers
  8. Dad Sneakers
  9. Classic Sneakers
  10. Retro Sneakers
  11. Collab Sneakers
  12. Workout Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers

When we talk about the latest sneaker trends for women, chunky sneakers are one of the unique footwear trends this year. Some fashion critics counted these types of sneakers as a timeless footwear option for trainers. Some women also don’t like wearing oversized and bulky footwear. But, these chunky sneakers are something that is experimented with in various shapes and silhouettes, making them one of the best sneaker trends to rock in 2022.

Chunky Sneakers- women sneaker trends

If you are the one who is looking forward to elevating your look with the perfect sneakers, these chunky soles give you the fastest way to style your look. The extra height of the sole will turn heads on the spot. Whether it is about street style experts, fashion influencers, or enthusiasts, this style shows no signs of slowing down.

You can wear your chunky sneakers with loose-fitted jeans and pair your bottom with a simple cute t-shirt. These sneakers will make you stand out in your group. Always remember, the chunkier, the better it is. You can find chunky sneakers for women with any taste and budget.

Platform Sneakers

If you are fond of shoes with unique designs, you can have platform sneakers in your collection. Don’t get confused with chunky sneakers. Platform sneakers have a weird design that you will love to invest in.  No doubt, in the past few years, you might have seen various women’s sneaker trends with some odd styles. But, some of these sneakers have become daily wardrobe staples, especially for those who love to try something unique and hot.

Platform Sneakers

In 2022, sneakers are expected to be more preferred than sandals and casual trainers. If you are looking for something clean and crisp without having too much detail, platform sneakers can be the best choice to rock the 2022 fashion trend.

High-Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are mostly used as athletic shoes. Some women prefer wearing these sneakers as basketball shoes, while some get confused with this style with mid-top shoes.

High-Top Sneakers-women sneaker trends

You must know the difference between high-top and mid-top sneakers. Mid-top sneakers are shorter than high-top and do not extend over the wearer’s ankle, whereas high-top comes over the wearer’s ankle. These days, high-top sneakers have gained a place by making them favorite footwear for many women, all due to their fashionable and functional design. This sneaker trend is continuing to grow among women. Since they are classic and versatile, these high-top sneakers will never go out of style. You can wear them with jeans and even with skirts as well.

Sock Sneakers

When it is about trendy sneakers for women, sock sneakers are not behind. These types of sneakers for women are made of stretch-knit and breathable fabric. Like the name, these shoes resemble a sock. Though sock sneakers are not something new in footwear trends, the look and design of these shoes have gained great popularity among footwear lovers. 

Sock Sneakers- women sneaker trends

If we went ten years ago, you would see sock sneakers in great fashion. You can see women wearing sock sneakers on the catwalks paired with beachwear outfits in order to get a sophisticated look. These sneakers were worn by many celebrities and designers. They are highly functional sneakers that have now become one of the most purchased trendy sneakers for women right now.

Due to its increasing popularity, many brands have come forward with a nice collection of affordable sock sneakers.  

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Tennis Sneakers

The design and style of these tennis sneakers are inspired by traditional tennis shoes. The tennis sneakers are made of rubber soles and low-top canvas, similar to tennis shoes. But, it does not mean that these trendy sneakers for women are made to wear for the tennis court.

They have a classic look, which makes them able to gain a position in the list of hype sneakers in 2022. You will also love to own tennis sneakers with leather uppers. If you are looking for that luxe, lived-in look, these sneakers are the perfect choice for you.

Tennis Sneakers

Designer Sneakers

When it is about streetwear and high fashion style, sneakers are something that has earned a remarkable place as one of the most versatile footwear options. Whether there is Balenciaga, Gucci, or Tom Ford, designer sneakers have become one of the must-have accessories for all fashion lovers’ wardrobes. The high-profile designers have come up with plenty of designs embracing the sportier side of footwear. Many more designers are continuing to join this group.

If you are looking for footwear with premium materials and high-end brands, designer sneakers are the perfect selection for you. You can wear your designer sneakers with jeans and enhance this look with a blue jacket. It will help in showcasing next-level style and versatility, along with providing a high level of comfort. Some brands, such as Saint Laurent and Gucci, are known for offering sports-luxe sneakers, and the same is to be continued in 2022.

Designer Sneakers

Casual Sneakers

Do you want to give your casual sandals a break? If yes, nothing would be better than trying shoes with laces. Here, casual sneakers would be a perfect choice.

When talking about the sneaker trends for women in 2022, the list is incomplete without adding casual sneakers. Though these sneakers are the least overwhelming, they can be the best go-to footwear option with all outfits. These sneakers are designed with the aim to provide a high level of comfort. They have a sleek silhouette that looks really great with skinny jeans for women.

Casual Sneakers

Dad Sneakers

When it comes to the current women sneaker trends, dad sneakers will be very popular in 2022. No doubt, they have been in fashion for a few years now. Some people describe this sneaker type as ugly sneakers. But, they are super comfortable and amazing all day. Though these sneakers have thick, chunky soles, and also have paneling in bright colors, many women find them as the best sneaker trends. In addition to pairing them with dad jeans, you can wear dad sneakers in plenty of ways.

Dad Sneakers- women sneaker trends

To get a sporty look, you can try these sneakers with your activewear or just choose to pair them with joggers and a t-shirt for a rocking look. The dad sneakers in great trend these days are designed in bold colors for an additional visual impact.

Classic Sneakers

Whether you love casual wear or not, classic sneakers are the footwear option that every woman must have in her closet. If you are thinking of buying classic sneakers, it is advised to look for heritage sports brands instead of very fashionable sneakers with stylish designs.

Classic Sneakers

Classic sneakers are one of the trendy sneakers for women in terms of their simplicity and comfort. They are made of either canvas or leather. Though they come in various colors, white and cream-hued are the most favorite among women. You can match your sneakers with any outfit. Just get the best pair and give that worn-out touch to your next outfit of the day. Some brands are well-known for their timeless classic sneakers that can be paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, and any outfit. Even sneakers fans will be pleased to see that many of this footwear consist of traditional designs with some unique details, such as leather upper, emblem/any design on the sidewall.

Retro Sneakers

Many women sneaker trends come and vanish like the changing of the tides. If we talk about the best style in the summer, streamlined and simple trainers are highly preferable in footwear fashion.  Then, women jump towards the options with bulky kicks that are more suited for other purposes, just than walking or sporting activities. But, there is one sneaker style that remains untouched by this storm of sneaker trends.

Retro Sneakers

Retro sneakers never went anywhere. They are still there in the latest sneaker trends, winning the hearts of footwear lovers. If you are thinking of buying timeless trainers, retro sneakers are one of the solid options you can find for yourself. They come in bold colors and classic patterns, which make them a style statement in their own way. For women who are more adventurous, pastel hues are ideal to create a fresh and youthful look.

Collab Sneakers

Nowadays, you can see many celebrities and influencers wearing sneakers. This has taken a new turn in women’s fashion, especially fans that are influenced by these high-profile people. Many footwear designers are collaborating with luxury fashion brands and end up with a collection of classy sneakers on their shelves. You can also go through SoleSavy, an online community that is more focused on sneaker collaborations between top brands and designers. The main benefit of buying collab sneakers is that you are getting authentic sneakers, which is a part of a significant trend. Collab sneakers are truly fashion statements that are loved by women around the world.

Collab Sneakers

Workout Sneakers

Comfortable clothing and women’s sneakers worn during athletic activities have reached the next level in the past two years. Generally, workout sneakers have now become one of the best go-to shoes for many trendsetters.

These workout sneakers offer well-improved grip and support and also make you look stylish in the gym. These shoes enable you to work out safely and with great efficiency. Many top brands have come up with some of the perfect workout sneakers for women.

Workout Sneakers

Among the huge selection of workout sneakers, the classic lace-ups have become one of the best choices among women. You can wear these trendy sneakers for women for gym sessions, grocery runs, and even for relaxing around at home.

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Final Words

Now, the boundaries of sneaker trends for women have become so vast that you have plenty of sneaker options to choose from. They are now the favorite footwear for women all around the world. Just be aware of the women’s sneaker trends and choose the best that suits your style, purpose, and budget.