Do you have curly hair? Don’t give up just yet on them because there’s no other hair structure that looks as good as those beautiful curls. They do take a lot of care, but thanks to a number of products on the market as well as helpful advice and tutorials on the internet, things have improved for curly hair. In terms of hairstyles, short curly haircuts for men are currently all the rage. 

Furthermore, this isn’t your typical trend that will fade away in a few months. No, no, no, sir! This is a timeless look that will never go out of style. So, here are some of the most popular short curly hairstyles for men and women.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Men 

Every man with curly hair understands how difficult it is. Most of the time, this hair type might be unruly and difficult to manage. While some people believe curls should be shaved or that they do not suit their face shape, this advice will assist you. 

Here are a few beautiful looks that will show you how to work with your natural texture rather than against it. The nine sexiest curly hairstyles and haircuts for men are listed here.

Curly Caesar

Curly Caesar- short curly hairstyles

Look no further than a curly Caesar for a classic and timeless look that suits your hair type. The cut is defined by short horizontal bangs and a regular length throughout the side, back, and top are all about the same length.

The Caesar looks excellent with texture, and a curly Caesar is a great way to keep your curls looking trendy while keeping them low-maintenance. It can be styled in a variety of ways, from sloppy and uneven to more uniform. For the most outstanding results, go to a hairstylist specializing in curly hair.

Tight Curls

Tight Curls- short curly hairstyles

Many men’s curls are naturally shorter and tighter. Use a pomade or style mousse to enhance your natural curls, rubbing the product in with your fingertips. Also, start with a modest, strong hair product and work your way up to using more if necessary.

Drake-Inspired Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

Drake’s haircuts, aside from his music, might be an excellent source of inspiration for your next salon visit. When it comes to styling and manageability, it’s a straightforward and precise cut that won’t take much effort.


Curly Taper Fade

A taper fade gradually shortens the hair on the sides and back while leaving the top longer. This produces a fashionable contrast, helping in the creation of a macho and polished look. 

There are various ways to test out this fade, but curly hair is one of the best because it is easy to style and looks neater. The taper fade gives the structure of your curls while also highlighting them and making them the focal point of your look.

Curly Taper Fade

Loose Curls With Side Parting

Here’s another dashing set for you. This is one of the most popular men’s short curly hairstyles. The fact that one side is quite short helps to maintain this style as a side-parted wonder. The tousled curls are swept to one side and styled. And the best part about this haircut is the stunning sweep, which keeps your hair out of your eyes and gives you a stylish look while being functional.

Curly Short Afro

Curly hair is notorious for being unruly and difficult to manage. As a result, if you work in an office or only have a few minutes in the morning to style your hair, a cut that helps keep your curls under control can be really beneficial. 

As a result, gents with Afros might consider a fade haircut. Simply request a cropped length on top that gradually shortens down the sides to reveal a clean shave around your ears to complete the look.

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Curly Short Afro- short curly hairstyles

Side-Swept Curly Hair

The side-swept curly hair is the solution for you if you want to appear effortlessly relaxed and laid-back. The appeal of brushing your hair to the side is that it makes a strong statement; your curls are in the spotlight. This is all about volume and is a terrific way to draw attention to your face. 

It does require some care, and you may need to adjust your locks several times throughout the day to keep them from falling into your eyes. But that’s what hair products are for: to help you tame your locks while still having fun.

Side-Swept Curly Hair

Curly Mid Fade

What’s not to love about a curly mid-fade short hairstyle? The mid fade compliments your curls and provides for extra length on top, making this the ideal way to show them off. Between a low fade and a high fade, a mid fade is defined by a narrowing between the temple and the ears.

It can save you time and make your hair more manageable by reducing the amount of time you spend brushing it. To style it, smooth back your curls for a refined look that works well in more formal situations. For a more relaxed look, leave it loose and natural.

Curly Mid Fade- short curly hairstyles

Curly Slicked Back

Slicked-back curls are undoubtedly attention-getting when it comes to statement hairstyles for guys with curly hair. Use a product that matches your hair’s natural texture and is long-lasting, whether matte or glossy. 

Also, consider your hair length and if slicked-back styling is appropriate for your face shape. Men with longer curls will have more options when slicking back their hair, as they will be able to change up how they separate it and how the curls are set.

Curly Slicked Back

Mid-Parted Tousled Curly Style

This haircut will look beautiful with loose curls. It is fashionable and elegant. Curly hair split in the middle has a certain charm to it. To add drama, create a tousled and messy texture.

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Mid-Parted Tousled -short Curly Style

Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Short curly hair is attractive and may be done by any woman. Fortunately, if you have a good look in mind, short haircuts for curly hair are simple to achieve and style. Girls have a variety of fashionable trends to pick from, with so many adorable hairstyles for short curly hair. 

This article will help you find the best methods to style your short curly hair, whether you have natural curls or just want an easy hairdo that appears naturally curly. These are the most excellent short curly hairstyles for women to inspire their next look, from trendy bangs and extremely short cuts to beautiful bobs and chic pixie cuts.

Here are the best 11 hairstyles for women that are both fashionable and sexy.

Short Curly Hair With Shaved Temples

This is the curl style to choose if you want to make a statement with your curls. With shaved temples and loose curls stacked at the crown and placed systematically at the forehead, this hairstyle becomes more trendy and edgy. This look is not only beautiful, but it’s also quite easy to maintain.

Short Curly Hair With Shaved Temples

Blonde Pixie-Bob

Do you remember how a pixie bob used to look? Women usually use this haircut with flawlessly straight hair to highlight the volumetric crown and frame the front of the cut. Women with curly hair should get used to the fact that everything looks different on their hair. 

Different, according to this blonde pixie-bob, signifies one-of-a-kind and special. To put it another way, you can’t go wrong with a curly take on an old style.

Blonde Pixie-Bob- short curly hairstyles

High Updo For Short Curly Hair

How about arranging all of your lovely curls in a sexy high updo to open up your beautiful face? Though you may believe that playing about with short locks is difficult, your little bouncy cuties have no such boundaries. Because they’re so short, don’t twist them around the base; instead, do a high ponytail and let your hair fall out in a random pattern. Also, have fun!

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High Updo For Short Curly Hair

Retro Short Curly Style

Another one of those retro short curly hairstyles is this one. This short hairstyle with large curls is stylish and attractive to women of all ages. Curls like these provide volume and definition to hair while still looking quite elegant.

Retro Short Curly Style

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

This is a classic and elegant style. You don’t need to sweep your hair straight back if you have a square face. To achieve a playful and flirty style, simply clean your curls to one side. The freely arranged locks will give your hair volume and bounce, highlighting your facial angles.

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Short To Medium Curly Bob

In her childhood, every girl wished for doll-like hair. If you’re still dreaming about it, now is the time to act! You’ll appreciate the dolly you see in the mirror if you mix in your gorgeous dark brown curls with a few pale highlights.

Expect a lot of compliments because enhancing your natural hair color will increase its beauty, causing everyone to realize how beautiful your hair is.

Short To Medium Curly Bob

Curly Top With Shaved Sides

This curly haircut is as incredible as excellent gets and bold as bold gets! It’s fantastic for two reasons, as you may have noticed: the strong visual effect and the cold blonde color that graces the curling crown. 

Curly Top With Shaved Sides- short curly hairstyles

By the way, such a head-turning concept isn’t just for individuals who want to express themselves; it’s also an excellent technique to lengthen the silhouette of your head, which is a win for females with round faces.

Sarah Jessica Parker Ringlet Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker has worn a number of curly hairstyles during her career, and this is one of the people’s favorites. Apart from looking attractive, the curled curls in this short bob seem smart and sophisticated. These are ideal if you want to project a professional image.

Sarah Jessica Parker Ringlet Curls

Asymmetric Curly Hairstyle

If you’re not sure about letting your pixie grow wild, try a few snips and trims to get a look like this. One side is shorter, while the other has a longer front. The bouncy curls give the overall appearance a lot of definition and joy.

Asymmetric Curly Hairstyle

Choppy Layers With Balayage

This laid-back look is made up of a sweet brownie foundation with light brown balayage blends. Adding choppy layers and making it a textured cut gives it a casual vibe. When style, it’s important to emphasize rather than hide texture. 

When waving your hair, use a high-quality texturizing styling product. Switching to the Curly Girl technique will, of course, play a key role in achieving such bouncy and dynamic curls.

Choppy Layers With Balayage

Short Curly Thick Hair

This type of short curly haircut is ideal for women with super dense, curly hair in 2022. It won’t smother your curls by dragging down your hair. It may appear to be a little short for some, but the perfect volume and dramatic definition of the curls will make you forget about the length. 

It’s also quite simple to keep up with. You may either fluff up your tresses with a round brush or leave your magnificent locks air dry for a sexy look that never goes out of style.

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Short Curly Thick Hair- short curly hairstyles

Tips For Short Curly Hairstyles

  • Don’t Wash Every Day: Washing your hair every day will only harm it. Many ladies wash their hair only once or twice a week. In between shampoos, condition or simply spritz your hair to keep your curls happy and healthy.
  • Dry your hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel: “Hair Plopping” is all the rage…for a reason. Towels are known to cause hair damage. Using a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair can not only avoid breakage but will also keep your hair from frizzing.
  • Brushing your hair, especially with brushes with rough, heavy bristles, can only cause damage. Use a wide-tooth comb or finger-comb your hair.
  • Blow-Dry with a Diffuser: If you have to blow dry your hair, use a diffuser to soften and protect your curls. Your locks will be damaged if you use too much heat.
  • Satin pillowcases will keep your hair from flattening and frizzing while you’re sleeping.
  • Keep it Clipped: To keep your hair healthy, have it trimmed every 6-8 weeks. It will make your curls develop faster and protect them from damage and frizz.