If you love keeping up with trends, of course, you will be aware of how Korean makeup looks is taking the world by storm.  The way Koreans do their makeup is quite different from how it is done in the west. Lots of Korean makeup ideas have marked their place in the beauty and makeup industry. Also, people around the world are trying to recreate them.

Also, when it comes to makeup trends, you can never go wrong with a natural Korean makeup look. Whether it is about how to handle skincare or how to go with certain best makeup techniques, Koreans very well know how to crack the beauty code.

All thanks to K-pop and K-drama that have brought a great impact on the rest of the world. Try to keep Korean makeup a little subtle. Here, you will get to know some of the easiest Korean makeup looks, trends, and tricks that will surely encourage you to try them once.

If you want to learn Korean-style makeup and dabble into them yourself, go through this simple and easy guide for how to go with the Korean makeup style.

Korean Style Makeup For Summer

You can enjoy a bit of freshness to enhance your beauty with some Korean makeup trends. From Korean eye makeup looks to Korean face makeup, these ideas are making headlines.

Mirror Skin Look

Mirror skin look- korean makeup look

Mirror skin means getting clear and glowing skin. This look puts more focus on skincare. In this look, you will get reflective skin, a more elevated bone structure, and you will be able to grab the attention with this beauty aesthetic.

You can achieve this look with a dewy foundation or concealer. All you need to use is cleansing oil followed by a hydrating facial mist, serum, and moisturizer. If you have blemishes or pigmentation, you can opt for adding a few drops of moisturizer or facial oil to a little amount of dewy foundation or concealer. Now, dab this mixture on the areas that you want to cover. Always keep in mind that for mirror skin, use less makeup to make your skin look better.

Mauve Eye Makeup

Mauve Eye Makeup

Whether you opt for purple or pink-hued Korean eye makeup looks, they make you look bolder. Mauve eyeshadow is on-trend and gives you a versatile makeup look. Mauve eyeshadow is a part of the purple and pink eyeshadows family, but still, it is considered more subdued due to the grey tones.

When it comes to Korean eye makeup looks, mauve eyeshadow is something that gives you an amazing look. 

Rosy Brown Tints

Rosy Brown Tints

Going with fruity hues are the most popular Korean lip trends that can work well in almost all seasons, especially in the summer. You can also opt for going something different from gradient lip styles. What about getting fully colored lips using a balmy rose hue?

One of the preferred lip hues for Korean makeup ideas is to opt for reds with hints of brown. Moreover, you can also use these rosy brown tints on your cheeks and lids as well.

Taupe Eyeshadow 

Taupe Eyeshadow- korean makeup look

Though taupe is one of the most undervalued eyeshadow colors, it is a trusted eyeshadow for all skin tones. If you want to get a strong Korean eye makeup look, the idea of using a taupe eyeshadow is frankly genius.

Apply it on your lids to get an effortless smokey eye effect for a warm look. In addition to this, taupe eyeshadow also works well in getting soft, romantic Korean makeup looks. You can also go with glitter, or it can also be worn as it is to get a natural effect.

Natural Brows

Natural Brows- korean makeup look

When we talk about how to make up Korean style, natural brows are no different. Instead of getting perfectly lined and filled in eyebrows, going with natural and brushed up brows are more preferred these days. This Korean makeup trend works great in reducing your grooming time.

Whether you have thin or thick brows, dark or light brows of any shape, brushing up brows goes well with all types of brow styles. To get this look, you need to have a spoolie brush and use it to comb the strands upwards.

You can also use a brow gel to brush your brows and choose to use light hair-like strokes to fill the gaps in your brows.

Some Amazing Korean Makeup Looks

When it comes to how to make up Korean style, it is all about experimenting without any expectation to get the perfect look. Korean makeup means putting less effort into looking younger, fresh, and healthy. Just check these wonderful Korean makeup ideas that will help you get the best.

Bright Without Looking Bold

Bright Without Looking Bold

For this look, you can choose to use face makeup products that help in adding radiance to your skin. Adding a strong hue to your lips and blush to pop up your face enhances this look. You can also apply the blush on your lids, thus giving you a dramatic effect.

  1. To create this look, start with using a primer to set your base.
  2. Then use a foundation with a dewy finish. Make sure to apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Don’t forget to get more medium coverage.
  3. After this, use a fixing powder to keep your makeup in place.
  4. Now, it’s time to dab some blush. For this, you need to use a fluffy makeup brush to apply a deep pink blush. Apply it from the apples of your cheeks towards your lids. Then, you can use your fingertips for patting the product.
  5. You can choose any bright lipstick of your choice. Since you are using a bright hue, it would be good to apply a lip liner before you go with lip makeup.

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Nude Reality Look

Nude Reality Look

This nude reality Korean makeup look is a wonderful idea for those who are looking to give their face a little uplift, without going out of the boundaries.

  1. To create this look, start with using a primer to set your base.
  2. Then use a foundation with a dewy finish. Make sure to apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Don’t forget to get more medium coverage.
  3. After this, use a fixing powder to keep your makeup in place.
  4. Now, you have to line your eyes using the right eyeshadow pencil. Make sure to smoke it out to keep harsh lines a little soft. Do the same on the lower lash line as well.
  5. No makeup look is completed without lipstick or lip gloss. Here, you can choose one of your favorite clear lip glosses. Simply apply it and smile away!

Korean Wet Look

Korean Wet Look- korean makeup look

Getting a wet look is one of the preferred Korean makeup looks. This is something that gives you a dewy and glowy look. Here, it would be good to opt for neutral hues. But, make sure not to overpower. You just need to add a splash of color.

  1. To create this look, start with using a primer to set your base.
  2. Then use a foundation with a dewy finish. Make sure to apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Don’t forget to get more medium coverage.
  3. After this, use a fixing powder to keep your makeup in place.
  4. Now, apply a bright blush to your cheeks. You can use a pink blush to them and dab it with your ring finger.
  5. Then, apply thin eyeliner on your upper lid. You can also use an eye pencil to draw the line on your lid.
  6. End this look by applying nude or coral hue lipstick. Make sure to use lipstick with a satin texture, not the matte one.

Tricks For Korean Makeup To Look Younger

Embrace A Straight Brow Shape

Using a liquid cushion product for your brows makes them look as if you have real brow hair. This helps in mimicking the youthful brow effect when you draw in your brows straighter rather than severely arched.

Always remember that Korean women prefer little curved brows because they think that little curvy brows make them look younger. Make sure not to go super-curved as it may not look good on you.

Opt For ‘Fruit Juice’ Makeup

If you want to look younger with Korean makeup, you need to know that Korean women are more likely to prefer aesthetic fruit juice makeup. It simply means that when you get enough color on your cheeks, they will look as if they are fruit ready to eat.

To get this look, simply apply fruit-colored blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it upward and outward. Now, finish this makeup look with a fruit-colored lip tint.

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Try peach blossom eyes

Getting peach blossom eyes means you are going with something like fruit juice makeup. One of the common Korean-style makeup is to go with blending peach-colored or reddish eyeshadow around your eyes.

This effect makes you look as if you have just cried. This is a quality that makes you more attractive. You will surely find this look uplifting.

Go With Puppy Dog Eyes

Cat eyes are popular in the western beauty world, while in Korea, women prefer keeping their eyes open by winging the eyeliner, followed by bringing it a little downward.

If you want to make your eyes look naturally long and a little curved down, swap cat eyes for puppy dog eyes as the best Korean makeup look.

Get fake laughing eye bags

Korean women call wrinkles around their eyes a little pocket of fat when they smile. Some women are so conscious about their eyes that they opt for getting plastic surgery to make their eyes more pronounced.

These crinkles under the eyes are different from under-eye bags. Actually, it is a result of popping out muscles that appear when you smile and even make you look cuter.

It is suggested to apply a highlighter shade under your eyes and then a bit darker eyeshadow underneath to highlight it.

Use cushion foundation

Makeup experts recommend applying a cushion foundation to get a luminescent, glass-skin effect. For this, simply press the center of the foundation using a cushion, as it will help in spreading the foundation evenly on the applicator. Then, dab this cushion gently over your face.

Here, it is suggested to avoid using a beauty sponge because you cannot control its application as much. On the other hand, with a cushion, you can use your fingertips to apply foundation on your skin evenly. You can use cushion products for foundation, blush, and even for brows.


How to achieve a Korean look?

If you want to rock a Korean makeup look, these simple steps can help you achieve the desired look quickly.
Take a creamy white or nude kohl concealer to hide pigmentation on your eye area up to the brows.
Apply a shimmery white eyeshadow and blend it using an eyeshadow brush.
Then, use a soft shimmery medium brown shade on the upper lash line.  
Take shimmery turquoise kohl and apply it on the lower lash line.
Use black eyeliner to define your eyes.
Apply mascara to complete eye makeup.
Now, apply a soft pink-hue blush to shape your face.
Use a soft nude brownish pink lip gloss to create ombre lips.  And you are done!

Which are the best Korean makeup brands?

There are a number of Korean makeup brands that offer you a variety of makeup products to choose from. Some of the popular, reliable, and best Korean makeup brands are:
Holika Holika
EM Cosmetics
I’M Meme
Etude House
Kaja Beauty

Can you get a Korean look with a few makeup products?

Yes, you can do this. Korean makeup is all about giving a minimal and pure look. Make sure to use a lightweight foundation with a versatile lip tint. You can use it on your cheeks and lids as well. This will give you a perfect Korean flushed look.