The winter is gone and now is the time to get away from all the layers and outerwear. Springtime calls for rejuvenation and upgrades to the closet. A fresh pair of clothes and all the trending accessories, this spring will bring to you all that you need to glam up.

A wave of vintage has been blowing around, bringing back all the best styles of the old ‘80s and ‘60s. Get caught up in this wave for the spring season with all the right accessories and color shades you need to know about.

From the trending colors to the outfits to the accessories, this guide for spring 2022 fashion trends will aid you to gear up for the season and flaunt your inner fashionista in every possible way. 

All The Latest Spring 2022 Fashion Trends 

  • Trending Colors in Spring 2022
    • Primary Blue
    • Lime Green
    • Hot Orange
    • Canary Yellow
    • Soft Lilac
    • Caramel
    • Bubblegum Pink
  • Vintage Trends Revived in 2022
    • Oversized Blazer
    • Baby Tees
    • Mini Skirts
    • Tie Front Tops
    • Corduroy
    • Flared Jeans
    • Denim on Denim
  • Keep Your Eyes Out For All These Spring Trends
    • Pearl Jewelry
    • Headscarves
    • Berets
    • Pumps
    • Clogs
    • Cylinder Bags

Primary Blue

Blue-spring fashion trends 2022

The hues of blue are always refreshing for springtime. And the shade of blue that is on the trend is primary blue. The shade not only gives off a cool vibe but also complements your skin tone. However, you need to pay attention when you pair it with red and white unless you want to look like the American flag! 

Kelly Green

Kelly Green- spring outfit

The green tones are perfect for the spring season, right? Kelly green is another hue trending for its rich, bold, playful, and pretty outlook. This lush color can complement most of the skin tones. However, greens are usually tough to pair with the correct color combination. 

Hot Orange

Hot orange outfit

Orange has always been a very popular and vibrant color that fits spring ideally. Hot orange adding to the tangy tinge can be a more interesting color to add to your closet. An orange monochrome outfit paired with a black or orange set of footwear can give you a dashing look. 

Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow

Spring and yellow go hand in hand. This cheerful and bubbly color, canary yellow, is a more vivid hue of yellow. Canary yellow can be worn with your formal, casual, or any party wear that you have. The shade of yellow seems to overpower your look, hence going minimal with this color would be better.

Soft Lilac

Soft Lilac

Purple and the shades of purple are currently trending all over the world. Soft lilac is specifically the color you can grab for your fashion trends 2022 spring summer. A pastel like shade, soft lilac goes easy on your eyes and yet gives a sleek touch. Soft lilac accessories work moderately depending on the occasion you are wearing them for.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel-spring fashion trends 2022

The shades of brown are very neutral and can be worn with all types of clothes and by all skin tones. Caramel or salted caramel can be the 2022 spring fashion trends you can wear. Caramel is a more upbeat color than khaki or tan and can be worn along with purple or peach. This can be the most ideal color for your pants or formal wear this spring.

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink

Pink is generally considered to be a gender specific color, but it can be more gender fluid than we expect. Bubblegum pink was replaced with fuchsia and hot pink for a period of time, but it is back again. And with such a dynamic color, it is impossible to go wrong when styling!

Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer- spring fashion trends 2022

One of the 2022 spring summer fashion trends all the way from the ‘80s is oversized blazers. Oversized blazers have evolved over the years in the fashion industry and are back on the stage. The blazers are all about bold colors, padded shoulders, sequins, crystals, etc.

Oversized blazers can be worn with flowy skirts, slip dresses, trousers, and denim, making them incredibly adaptable. They can make incredible work suits or office wear for your spring, making it airy and stylish for you.

Baby Tees

Baby Tees were the cutest trends of the early 2000s and we are glad to have them as 2022 spring fashion trends. Baby tees are cropped from above the belly button and have a tighter fit towards the chest.

The tees can have quotes, graphics, cartoons or any other designs on them. You can pair these baby tees with any type of bottoms such as wide-leg pants, mom jeans, pleated skirts or any other fashionable bottoms. These are one of the most versatile outfits in your closet.

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are the well known vintage trends and have recurrently appeared in the fashion industry over the years. Though mini skirts are criticized for being too short or revealing, we can’t help but fall in love with these nostalgic attires. But it is better to be careful when dressing with these skirts.

Mini skirts need not be necessarily too short, just a height enough to be less revealing and shorts underneath can help you carry these apparel. Pleated, jeans, khaki or any other type of mini skirt can be paired with crop tees, corsets, knitted sweaters or oversized tops or shirts to get a fashionable look. 

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Cut-outs- spring fashion trends 2022

Cut-out first started gaining attention in the early 2000s. The cut-outs can be on pants or on the tops or even in a bodycon dress, whichever you prefer. The cuts are basically around the chest and shoulders in tops and around the hips in pants.

You can wear a pair of cut out top and pants to match or you can wear any type of jeans or pants below the cut out top. Cut-out tops are a craze and allow you to flaunt your curves and body more splendidly.

Tie Front Tops

Tie Front Tops- spring trends

If you have heard or seen a lot of celebrities or influencers wearing these tops you probably know what these are. Tie front tops are ideal fashion trends 2022 spring summer since they provide the style and comfort side by side. 

Several types of tie front tops are available that can be paired with different styles of pants. You can style cropped tie front tops along with skinny, loose-fitted jeans or even skinny jeans or pants. Add in a baguette bag to it and clog to the footwear for a complete vintage outfit.


Corduroy had been in trend back in the ‘70s and was mainly used for children’s clothes. However it is gaining attention again and this time for everyone.

You can have a jacket, pants, bag, skirt or even a shirt made of corduroy now. Corduroy can be paired with a corduroy or else denim too. These are very fashionable outfits to include in your closet for spring 2022.

Flared Jeans

Apart from mom and dad jeans, flared jeans are the spring 2022 trends that have been taking over the fashion world. Wide-leg, boot cut or bell-bottom, any flared jeans that might suit you well can keep you up with this trend.

You can pair these flared jeans with sheer tops, cut-out tops or corsets. Flared jeans are incredibly versatile and can be paired with various outfits from your wardrobe. 

Denim on Denim 

The double denim or denim on denim trend of the mid-2000s is the latest 2022 spring summer fashion trend. If you know how to pair the denim cuts or how to ensemble the clothing pairs then you can undoubtedly rock this outfit. 

You can pair shorts and a cut-off vests, flared jeans, crop tops, and low-rise bottoms, with an oversized jacket. But make sure to keep the fabric and the color consistent to make the outfit perfect.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry was, even though never out of trend, it still had its dips. Now with the vintage fashion trends brimming, pearls are back to shine. You can get a pearl necklace or double-layered necklace to pair with your outfit for a party. You can wear it with a skirt, a dress or a party outfit to get a more elegant and feminine look.


Head Scarves or Bandanas were a hip trend back in the 2000s and now they can be seen again on a rise. These hair tie ups not only give an edgy look but also keep your hair protected in a stylish way. You can wear these with any casual outfit for this spring season.


Berets were adorable accessories in the early 2000s and lost their position to other head accessories such as bucket hats and caps. But now you can get that lovely girlish look with a beret by pairing it with a dress, skirt or even fancy tops. A beret can be a perfect addition to keep your hair protected and look pretty as well.


Pumps and platforms are the trending heels or footwears you are looking for. Pumps were a big hit back in the 2000s and are gaining popularity now too. Several celebrities and fashion influencers can be seen wearing pumps with their outfits nowadays. Pumps can be excellent footwears since they can go with almost any type of outfits.


Clogs are, if you are wondering this, footwears with front closed and have a raised platform. Clogs were popular back in the 1970s and 1980s. Later they lost their popularity and were nowhere to be seen until now. Clogs can be paired with skirts, pants, or jeans and be incredibly comfortable as well as stylish footwear.

Baguette Bags

If you have seen the movies of the 2000s, you’ve probably seen these bags a lot. Bags that have short belts and are held by the chest with bold colors and different patterns are now to be seen in spring 2022. These bags can be the perfect accessory to get a complete vintage look.

Oversized Bags

You may have noticed celebrities carrying such big or oversized bags in airport or street fashion. This is a trend that can come in handy for your school or college! Oversized bags can go with any casual outfits and look very classy as accessories.

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Final Words

All trends and seasons have something new to offer and bring in a constant change that is needed. Spring has more outfits and styling options to offer than any of the seasons. The old trends making their way with Gen Z hyped up about these trends.

You can go as bold and creative as you want with these expectedly trending voguish apparels this spring. This guide for fashion trends 2022 spring summer can aid you shop for your closet and style up like a fashionista smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fashion for spring 2022?

The latest fashion for spring 2022 is the Y2K trend or the vintage fashion trends from the ‘90s to the mid-2000s. The apparel from that period that got popular lately are flared jeans, low-rise bottoms, mini skirts, tie-front tops, etc.

What are the new spring colors for 2022?

Colors on the trend for spring 2022 are bold and bright colors such as blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, and lilac or purple. These shades not only seem vibrant but also match the spring feeling. Apart from these, caramel or shades of brown are also well received in 2022.

What should I wear to spring 2022?

For this spring, you can style up with green footwear, accessories as well as outfits. Others are the vintage or Y2K fashion outfits that are in trend and oversized blazers to wear in spring. You can also coordinate the outfits as per the trending colors for Spring 2022.