Yes, the spirit of individuality is cool and key, but there are some clothing must-dos you need to adhere to so you build a reputation of the all-time stylish gent. However, you need not be afraid as most style rules are not rules at all! 

Some rules arise and then evaporate in weeks. While others have more sticking power, and only a few rules have stayed with us for centuries. Men’s fashion is pretty straightforward and safe. However, there are some fashion rules for men; go by them and prevent yourself from becoming a moron.

Must-follow Fashion Rules for Male! 

  • Invent your style
  • Never Use the bottom button on a blazer.
  • Look after your appearance.
  • Mix various textures
  • Wear what fits perfectly
  • Dress according to the occasion
  • Always match your leather.
  • Go for Versatile Outfits
  • Wear footwear according to the occasion
  • Do not cut corners on glasses.
  • Know how to wear and tie a tie!
  • Know when to break rules

Fashion is not only about buying new clothes and outfits. It is more about having a perfect fashion sense, an understanding of modern trends, and combining different elements in a way that can dazzle anyone as soon as they see you! 

Ironically, if you want to look effortlessly fashionable, you will have to put in a lot of effort. You may not know how to buy a suit and tie in the right way, but you need not worry because we are here for you. We will present you with some basic fashion rules for males that can help you dress like men and make you look dashing. These rules are very easy to follow and are keys to your handsome looks. So, here are some men’s fashion rules that you should follow to turn your good outfit into a great one: 

Invent Your Style 

The concept of your fashion, the idea, and the inspiration behind that look should always start with you. You need to discover how you want to be noticed by others. For that, you need to gear up and rediscover, experiment, and reinvent your style!

To achieve this, pick up something that you wouldn’t wear on a typical day, mix up your style a little and give yourself a little break from your daily fashion style. Go shopping and buy something unique yet classy to make yourself amazingly dashing.  

Never Use The Bottom Button on A Blazer

It is quite understandable that when presented with buttons, men do them up. However, if you are wearing a modern suit jacket designed to flare out at the hips to create a slimmer waist, you should not use the bottom button. 

Fashion Rules for Men- Bottom Button of blazer

If your button every fastener and fabric pulls and pluckers of the suit, it will disrupt the silhouette and destroy the seams. This may be a tiny thing, but you should follow one of the best fashion rules for men to get the desired shape of your body. 

This will also happen if you stay buttoned up when sitting down. An ideal suit will fit close to your upright boy. So, when you sit, your posture will also shift, which will put tension on the fastening. This will test your tailor’s stitch work. 

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Look After Your Appearance

Every mother will offer you this advice. You invest time and money in your clothing, so you need to look after it. Purchase wooden hangers for shirts and buy a shoe tree for your best shoes. Ensure that your suit is dry-cleaned and pressed. Ensure that you wash your clothes regularly and avoid tumble drying them as it can degrade the fabric. Also, take great care of your shoes and polish them frequently. 

Fashion Rules for Men - Appearance

Equally, it doesn’t limit your clothes as you also need to take care of your skin. Follow a simple but no less solid grooming regime. Brush your hair and cut your nails regularly. These essential but straightforward fashion rules for males will take you a long way! 

Mix Various Textures 

Fashion Rules for Men - Texture

The texture is the distinctive physical composition of its parts’ size, shape, and arrangement. When you look at various men’s fashion rules, you will notice that trying different fabrics is the easiest and most effective way to texturize a look. 

Layer heavy fabrics on and around light fabrics and stand out from the crowd by becoming a little bold with your fashion. You can also layer different colors, patterns, and shine to texturize your wear. 

Wear What Fits Perfectly 

Unarguably one of the infallible fashion rules for men is to wear what fits perfectly. This is the most crucial aspect of your outfit. Avoid wearing anything too tight or too loose, as it will portray you as somewhat unfashionable.  

A classic shirt with the right fit is the epitome of a timeless look. And when you have that one shirt that fits perfectly, from the color and cut down to the form and material, you know it’s just unbeatable.

Fashion Rules for Men - Know your fit

The brand is not essential here, but if the fitting is off, even the best clothes won’t impress other people. So, one of the first things you need to worry about is choosing clothes that fit your stature. Prevent investing in clothing that cannot be adjusted to fit your body type. 

Dress According To The Occasion

This is one of the most important fashion rules for men as the last thing you want is to overdress or look awkward at a gathering. Ensure that you have knowledge about the occasion beforehand and get an outfit that fits the event perfectly. 

Fashion Rules for Men - Occasion

Attending a casual meeting and dressing too elegantly can make you look awkward. On the other hand, dressing too casually for an executive meeting will result in nothing but an unpleasant experience. 

Always Match Your Leather

This is a fundamental rule, as even in an age when contrasting suits and sneakers are encouraged, not matching your leathers is an amateurish mistake. 

There is no place for ifs and buts as the same tones of the leather should always match! The problem is not with the color, as black and camel will complement each other; it is the material. Leather will provide your shoes with a shiny texture; now, mixing vivid colors will cause every piece of clothing and accessory to fight for attention. 

Fashion Rules for Men

Whether you are attending a wedding or looking for an everyday office look, you should not invest in a suit without pairing it with perfectly matching leather accessories. It means that you need to be precise with the choices of your belt, watch, and any bag you might be carrying. 

This rule does not apply to accessories, as you must ensure that every piece of leather you are wearing should be in sync. So, keep this one of the essential fashion rules for males in your mind before you throw in a pair of brown loafers and a black leather biker jacket. 

Go for Versatile Outfits 

You may be tempted to wear classic-style clothes, but modern technical fabrics have changed the clothing landscape. They are making the coats what they should be – lightweight, breathable, and adequately protected. 

Changes in climate, seasonality and buying habits have pushed heavy wool coats in the back. People are now leaning towards field or bomber jackets as they are good all-around options. If you want to style correctly, you can always go for a short mac. 

Wear Footwear According To The Occasion 

If you attend a formal occasion, you will need well-polished dress shoes. Either go for a derby, oxford, or brogue version of the two. If you prefer leather, go for calk skin and black color as it is the safest bet, especially if you have worn a tux. However, if you wear a suit, go for dark browns or tan. Add texture by getting a smooth suede or patent leather. 

Casual wear is something – relaxed, but not anything will go! You can always rely on sneakers as they are the king, but add some playfulness to your look by going for retro styles. However, that doesn’t mean you go for dress shoes, muddy, tattered trainers with broken laces and holes.

For weekends, you can go for espadrilles in canvas or driver loafers. While attending beach parties, you can go for thongs. Follow this one of the essential men’s fashion rules and make people notice you! 

Do Not Cut Corners On Glasses

Glasses - Fashion rules for men

Invest both time and enough money in finding and choosing the right spectacles for you. According to a stat, people only spend seven minutes picking a pair of glasses that will be an essential accessory and something that will define their personality for a couple of years. 

Poor choice and fit are the two main reasons that many people hate their glasses. Take the shape of your face into account, consider the top line of the frames’ relation to your eyebrow shape and then buy what you feel good in. So, if you want to look fabulous for the next couple of years, then follow this one of the most important fashion rules for males. 

Know How To Wear And Tie A Tie! 

The first thing you need to do is choose the right tie for the right shirt according to the occasion you are attending. After that, learn how to tie your tie. You can go to Youtube and search for videos regarding the different knots you are looking for. You will make mistakes as sometimes the knot will be too long or too short; master them gradually. 

How to wear Tie

You can try a flimsy-looking knot that does not fill the gap between the collar, or you can aim for the tip of the tie to skim your belt buckle and sit like a button against the collar. Stay away from novelty ties, and please, for God’s sake, DO NOT tuck the tie into your trousers as it is one of the must-follow men’s fashion rules! 

Know When To Break Rules 

Know when to follow a dress code like a black tie and break that barrier. Some fashion rules for men exist to give better style to men as some function demands it or some high authority might expect you to follow these dress codes. 

Know When To Break Rules 

However, you need not follow too many rules as you will become a machine that follows all its commands. Now and then, break these rules to prevent your style from becoming monotonous. You should enjoy the freedom that you are allowed to make mistakes while you can. That is how your style will advance, little by little! 

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Final Words 

These fashion rules for men will help you make yourself a better-looking person. By following these simple men’s fashion rules, you will be able to stand clear from the crowd and make yourself more approachable and desired.