Korean trends are booming all around the world with the K-dramas and idol groups setting new bars and standards for us! But K-pop fashion is equally a craze among the fans because the outfits of our favorite actors and actresses are all fantastic. 

Korean fashion is somewhat different from the western trends but it does not mean they do not follow the latest trends. They just do it in a different way that makes us fall for the outfits instantly. 

There are a few clothes like cardigans and pullovers that are worn throughout the year. But as the trends around the world keep changing, so does Korean fashion. You can now dress similarly to the famous girl groups without being too cliche. We have some latest Korean summer fashion trends for 2022 that you can try now.

Top Korean Summer Fashion Trends 

  • Korean Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Try
    • Matching Sets
    • Denim on Denim
    • Platform Boots
    • Mini Skirts
    • Front-Tie Tops
    • Puffed Sleeves
    • Suits
    • Cut-out Tops
    • Knitted Vests

Matching Sets

A matching set of top and bottom is one of the trending outfits among the girl group idols. And we can see how classy it looks no matter what color or what type of outfit it is. You can go monochrome now with your outfits. A monochrome or a matching set of outfits can also include the same color of footwear or you can go for a contrasting or color-blocking shade too.

Inspiration for this type of outfit can be various idols such as Rose of Blackpink or Solar of Mamamoo. There are many other idols who wore monochrome or matching sets for outfits.

Matching Sets

How To Dress- For a matching set outfit, you will need the same colors for the top and bottom. The colors can either be the same shades or can have a slight color palette change in the hue. A monochrome look can be with a skirt and top or a suit or even pants and top. A dress along with the footwear and accessories of a similar shade can also do the work for you.

Denim on Denim

Yes, the denim on denim look is back for good and you can find it in Korea too now! One of the best things about denim is that you get countless ways to style them. Be it layering or be it a denim shirt or top, a denim-on-denim look is always classy. A denim-on-denim look is one of those casuals that any body type can go for depending on the ways to style.

A few of the idols who have perfectly styled denim on denim looks are Yuna of Itzy, Moon Ka Young, Jihyo of Twice, and many others. These are some looks that are absolutely easy to recreate and style.

Denim on Denim

How To Dress- Denim has a wide range of options to style from such as denim tops, shirts, dresses, jeans, pants, shirts, and even jackets. With so much to choose from, you can mix and match any of these outfits and get a denim-on-denim look. One of the most famous denim on denim looks is a denim jacket paired with denim jeans. Another look to get is a denim dress along with a cropped denim jacket.

Platform Boots

Platforms have been a big trend in the 2022s and K-pop fashion is no outsider to the world trends. Platform boots and heels are a sensation this year since they were brought back to life during the major fashion shows. Platform boots are however more comfortable to wear rather than heels and also easy to style. If you are petite and want a good amount of height, platform boots can do it for you.

A lot of Kpop idols such as Twice, Itzy, Krystal, and Jessica Jung of f(x) have posted their photos wearing platform boots paired with different types of outfits. You can go for complementary platform boots or color-blocking boots inspired by the Kpop Idols.

How To Dress- Platform boots can be worn with denim jeans, shorts, skirts, and even a few dresses. If your boots are knee length, you can wear a short dress or skirt to pair with them. If the boots are short then you can go for skinny or distressed jeans to get a more heightened appearance.

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Mini Skirt

Mini skirts took the entire globe by storm when they first featured on the runways and several K-pop celebrities adopted the trend too. Korean fashion has always been more about skirts and dresses and more stylish tops too. Mini skirts provide more options to style the outfits as long as you know how to keep yourself properly covered. 

It seems that the mini skirt is still well received in the industry since a lot of idols such as Krystal of f(x), Lisa of Blackpink, Joy of Red Velvet, soloist Hyuna, and G-Idle’s Miyeon wore several types of mini skirts. Also, Girls Generation Yoona was featured in the Miu Miu editorial wearing a ripped pullover and a mini skirt.

Mini Skirt - Korean summer fashion

How To Dress- You can dress anything in a mini skirt for any type of occasion. But there are a few types of apparel that go well with most types of mini skirts such as cropped, cut-out, tube or front-tie tops, pullovers or knitwears can go well with mini skirts. If you want a more sophisticated but stylish look with a mini skirt, you can pair it with a t-shirt and layer it with a jacket or blazer. But make sure you wear protective shorts or stockings below the skirts for your comfort.

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Front-Tie Tops

A front tie top is that which has a string to tie it either around the chest or the bottom of the top. Such tops are recently very popular around the world and so in South Korea. These are the types of tops to go for if you have a skinny or fit figure. A front-tie top can be a good addition to your wardrobe since they are perfect for casual wear and would go with most of your pants and jeans.

Itzy’s Chaeryeong and Red Velvet’s Yeri have one of the most iconic looks in front tie-up tops. Many more idols have also been spotted wearing these types of tops in different styles.

How To Dress- Front-tie up tops can be easy to pair since they go well with skirts, shorts, and pants all of them. But to get a different look, you can tie your laces in a different manner. Some front-tie up tops also go well with joggers and athleisure too. You can layer these tops with jackets or cardigans for a better casual look.

Puffed Sleeves

The trend of vintage puffed sleeves is slowly coming back as many idols have been wearing it for their events and shows. A puffed sleeve top or shirt has now evolved and looks much better when you wear it. Puffed sleeves are best for women who have a pear body shape since the shoulders are not too broad. Wearing puffed sleeves gives the impression of an hourglass figure making your curves more prominent.

Nowadays, there are many girl groups who have been wearing puffed sleeved dresses and tops such as Twice Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyong. Also, other idols who rocked the puffed sleeve tops are Irene of Red Velvet and soloist Bae Suzy.

Puffed Sleeves

How To Dress- You can wear puffed sleeves tops with either flared or wide-leg pants or skinny jeans. Puffed sleeves do not need many accessories since they give a very fancy look in themselves, so you can use a simple necklace or earrings for accessories. For bottoms, you can also wear tight or flared skirts. For footwear, pumps or loafers can be a few of the best options. Avoid layering puffed sleeves since they are more stylish when worn alone.


Suits are the power pack outfits that enable you to work anywhere. A power suit is one of the classiest outfits to wear to your formal events or workplace. Not only do they make you look more charming but also bold. Korean summer fashion unexpectedly also includes this formal attire that you can experiment on a daily basis for your workspace. 

Business attire or suits have recently become one of the most classic attires with many K-dramas featuring few of the best business outfits. A rather trending look in suit would still be that of actresses Kim Sejong and Seol In Ah from Business Proposal. Other than that, Park Min Young has always been one of the hottest actresses to rock a suit or business attire.

Korean summer fashion - Suits

How To Dress- You can wear a power suit with a monochrome tone or go for a contrasting but neutral tone for tops and bottoms. For a suit, you can go for an oversized one with wide legs or flared bottom pants. If you want to go for a blazer, you can pair it with a plain white or black t-shirt, shirt or top and for bottoms, you can slip into a skirt, high-rise shorts or clacks too. 

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Cut-Out Tops

A trend for cut-out tops has been a rising Korean fashion in the K-pop industry. A cut-out top usually has one or a few fashionable cuts either around the shoulders or the waist or the shoulder blade. These types of tops make a perfect casual or party outfit. Cut-out tops can be a good option if you have a long torso or broad shoulders too. These tops can help you highlight your figure or best portion of your upper body very effectively.

If you are looking for inspiration for cut-out tops, you can have a look at a few idols who completely nailed the looks with cut-out tops. You can recreate the looks by Weki meki Lucy and Minnie G-Idle to get a similar look.

Korean summer fashion - Cut out tops

How To Dress- To wear a cut-out top is very easy, but you need to wear the proper innerwear needed for the top. A cut-out top goes very well with skinny, wide leg or boyfriend jeans for bottoms. You can also wear flared, plaid or mini skirts with cut-out tops. For footwear, you can go for chunky sneakers, boots or platforms for a more stylish look.

Knitted Vests

Knitted vests might seem like winter outfits but in South Korea, they are still Korean summer fashion trends for summer too. Various kpop idols are seen wearing knitted sleeveless vests for their performances or shows. Knitted vests are those outfits you can style for a casual event or wear on a daily basis too. For a party, you can style your vest according to your preference as well.

Knitted vests or sweaters were seen on currently hot Kpop idols such as Lia of Itzy, Weki Meki Kim Do-Yeon, and many more. You can style your vest or knitwear with them as an inspiration and try your own variation.

How To Dress- A knitted vest can be worn over a shirt or a t-shirt too. For bottoms, you can go for a matching plaid skirt or a mini-skirt too if you want a more stylish look. If you want a casual look, you can wear wide-leg pants or flared jeans for bottoms. Knitted vests can also be worn alone if you do not want to layer the vest and wear matching colored or denim jeans below. 

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Final Words

Korean summer fashion for women is widely known for its different styling and layering methods. Layering has always been one of the best parts of the Kpop fashion industry and this is what draws the world towards them.

With the world getting to know more about the Korean fashion industry, even the Kpop fashionistas are keeping their eyes on the world trends and creating their own fashion styles. So, try out these fashion trends that are widely popular among the K-Pop girl groups and idols and try to recreate your favorite outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fashion is trending in Korea?

Korean fashion trends for the year 2022 include many worldwide trends such as platform heels and boots as well as cut-out tops, mini skirts, denim on denim, and knitted vests. 
Other than these, suits or business apparels are also quite a sensation because of the sassy yet sophisticated look they provide. Also matching sets, front-tie tops, and puffed sleeves are some other trends that can be seen in Korean fashion for women.

What clothes are trending in Korea?

For Korean summer fashion, slacks and knitwear are still a trend since they are evergreen outfits in Korea. But other than these, the cotton dresses with puffed sleeves and matching sets are also famous. You may also notice a lot of denim shorts and skirts, cut-out or tops with strings, and boots are a few common trends in Korea. 

How can I get Korean style?

To get a Korean style, you can always layer your clothes with either knitwear, pullovers, or jackets with shirts, tops, or tees underneath. Skirts, shorts, and mom or wide-leg pants are some famous fashion trends that can help you get a Korean style too since a lot of people in Korea wear these.