Bangs, face-framing layers, bob cuts, and some more bangs! This is what might pop into your head when you hear Korean women hairstyle. It is not entirely wrong, but definitely, everything Korea has to offer too. 

The K-pop trends have been on a rise for the past few years and while keeping an eye on Korean idols and fashion, Korean hairstyles are also something to look into. The haircuts and hairstyles are worth trying even if you have long hair or short hair.

One of the best parts about Korean hairstyles is that you can wear them every day and still rock all types of outfits. Whether it is your office hairstyle or a party one, you can wear these hairstyles anytime you want. The best part? They are all so easy to style and do not take much time from yours! We have a few Korean hairstyles for women that you can try at home.

Korean Hairstyle For Women That Are On Trend

  • Accessorizing The Hairstyle Korean Style
  • Korean Women Hairstyle For Long/Medium Hair
    • Low Ponytail
    • Low Bun
    • Half Up Half Down
    • Braided Tendrils
    • Space Buns
  • Korean Women Hairstyle For Short Hair
    • Low Ponytail
    • Blunt Bob Cut
    • Waves
    • Medium Length Lob Cut
    • Jaw Length Blunt Cut

Accessorizing The Hairstyle Korean Style

Ribbons are one of the cutest accessories to use for Korean women hairstyle. This may not be the best hairstyle for older women, but for teenagers and women in their 20s, this can be a very good styling tip. Always an accessory is the best way to level up any hairstyle.

A few popular accessories used in Korea are hair clips, ribbons, and headbands. You can use ribbons to tie the ponytails or the buns. Hair clips can be used to style either open hair or ponytails and buns by clipping them to one of the sides. To style open hair, you can also keep some face-framing tendrils out and clip the hair on both sides with a neat look. Headbands are an option for both open hair and ponytails.

 Korean Hairstyle Women

Korean Women Hairstyle For Long/Medium Hair

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is a classic hairstyle you may have seen many female leads in K-dramas wearing. And guess what? This is the easiest Korean hairstyle women can do in their everyday life without spending too much time on it. Wendy of red velvet can be your inspiration for a low ponytail in medium hair.

A low ponytail can be tied just by grabbing all your hair and pulling it back into a ponytail with a height as low as you are comfortable with from your crown. Then you can tie it and take out a few face-framing locks to get a more filling look. A low ponytail can also be tied with a strand of hair as a different hairstyle.

Low ponytail - Korean Hairstyle Women

Low Bun

A low bun is a very famous Korean hairstyle women did since they look very elegant. Koreans are very attached to their traditions and culture. Buns have been a tradition from historical ages. Although the styling may be different as times change, low buns are always one of the best hairstyles to keep. Weki Meki’s Kim Do-Yeon posted a picture of her in complete denim on denim look and a low bun too.

A low messy bun can be the casual hairstyle you want to keep for your school or college or even for a casual occasion. A sleek and neat low bun can be your formal hairstyle for a party or any special occasion. A low bun can also be decorated with embedded or jeweled hair ties or clips if you want to keep the hairstyle for a party look.

Low Bun - Korean Hairstyle Women

Half up Half Down

Another popular Korean hairstyles for women is the half up half down look that many K-drama characters are seen in. The half up half down look just gets a different appearance with different types of bangs and hence can be something interesting to try. Itzy’s Lia, soloists IU, and Hyuna have been spotted wearing such half up half down hairstyles quite frequently. 

For a half-up half-down hairstyle, you can go for a half-up high ponytail or a low one, whichever you like. Both are quite trendy hairstyles in Korea and look amazing on formal as well as casual wear. You can also go for a half up half down bun if you want your hair tied up instead of open. 

Half Up Half Down - Korean Hairstyle Women

Braided Tendrils

Braids may not be a common Korean hairstyle women do, but surely they are on the trend for the latest hairstyles. Braided tendrils are when you braid a few strands of hair randomly between or from the front of the hair. Itzy’s Yeji was one of the idols to try these braided tendrils. Soloist IU also had a braided hairstyle for her latest photoshoot for Gucci.

You can neatly take a section on the front of the hair so as to get a face-framing braid. You can tie the braid neatly and tie it or leave it messy and untied. This is the hairstyle you can do however you want to and do it on either side of your hair or just both too.

Space Buns

Space buns are absolutely adorable hairstyles and can be the ones to wear when you do not want your hair on your face. Space buns can be done with a half up half down look or as full buns also. Joy of red velvet and soloist Taeyeon are some of those idols who slayed the space bun look!

A space bun is easy to make with or without a pigtail. You need to section your hair into two equal parts and tie them each into a ponytail or a pigtail. Then just wrap the pony or pigtail around the hair tie circling it entirely and tie it with another hair tie to keep it in place. Space buns are somewhat casual hairstyles so you can wear them for any casual parties or on regular days too.

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Korean Women Hairstyle For Short Hair

Low Ponytail

Long ponytails sure look good as long Korean hairstyle for women. But they are also suitable for short hair. Short haircuts can also be tied into a low ponytail if at all your hair is of the jaw or medium length. If you have seen Seo Lee Ah in Business Proposal, you know exactly what we are talking about!

To style a low ponytail in short hair, you can use fancy hair clips or even ribbons. You need a small-toothed comb to brush your hair back entirely into a low ponytail. Then secure it with a simple hair tie or a ribbon and accessorize it however you like it. A low ponytail can be your hairstyle for a formal or a casual event when you want your short hair away from your face for a while.

Low Ponytail

Blunt Bob Cut

If you are looking for short Korean hairstyle women, then this one might also come in handy. A blunt bob cut is best for this summer if you want some length to your hair but do not want to manage them all the time. Just get yourself a blunt bob cut and all you need to do it keep them open to get a good hairstyle.

A blunt bob cut is perfect for women with sharp and bold features that make it a charming hairstyle. A blunt bob cut with medium or chin length can be the ideal length if you do not like it too short. Clips, ribbons, and headbands are everything you can use to style a blunt cut. But they look good with braided tendrils too.

Korean Hairstyle Women - Blunt Bob Cut

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The waves along with short hair is a timeless Korean women’s hairstyle. Waves give some additional volume to the short hair since the hair looks thin when we cut it short. A straight blunt cut is surely an amazing look. But the waves add some natural texture to the hair giving it a bouncy and disheveled look.

Waves can go with any short hairstyle like a layered blunt cut or blunt bob cut of any length. You can add waves only to the edges or to the entire hair, whichever look you need for your outfit. Ribbons or headbands may be good accessories to use along with waves since they add some element to your hair without spoiling the wavy texture.

Medium Length Lob Cut

Medium length lob cut or a layered bob cut is one of the Korean hairstyles for women that is famous. The hairstyle not only gives texture and volume but also does not require much time to style. The best example for the hairstyle would be the actress Kim-Hee Sun’s latest pink-colored hairstyle.

For a medium-length layered bob cut, you can keep some face-framing hair in the front to get a fuller look. A ponytail or a messy bun would look stunning in this hairstyle if you need to keep it back. You can also go for some braided tendrils along with a ponytail for an even better hairstyle. Waves and curls with layers are always a good option if you want to add more volume to the hairstyle.

Medium Length Lob Cut

Jaw Length Blunt Cut

A jaw-length blunt bob cut is one of the most popular hairstyles going around for this summer season. Easy to maintain, less effort to style, and, even better, shows off your facial features. There is nothing to stop you from getting this hairstyle if you love or want to try short hairstyles.

A jaw-length bob cut is most suitable for women who have round or small faces. This is because this makes the face look a bit more full. Jaw-length bob cuts are somewhat difficult to tie a ponytail or bun with. But half up half down looks, waves, or accessories might come in handy as options to get a different look.

Jaw Length Blunt Cut

Final Words

While everyone is keeping up with the Kpop fashions and trends, Korean hairstyles women are also a trend to follow. Korea has its own culture for bangs, hairstyles, and haircuts that is unique and interesting. 

You can try out these famous hairstyles and also the trending Korean fashion for 2022 to get a complete Korean makeover. See which hairstyle is to your liking and try it out at home without putting much effort. Let us know which hairstyle was the best and easiest for you to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyle is trending in Korea?

Korean hairstyle women that are on trend in Korea are high and low ponytails, half up half down ponytails or buns, space buns. Braids, pigtails, blunt cut, lob haircut and different types of waves are some other hairstyles popular among Korean women.

What is Korean jelly perm?

A jelly perm or a ‘hippie’ perm is a trendy Korean women hairstyle with loose and messy curls. This gives off a very naturally disheveled look to the hair meanwhile giving a cute and chic appearance as a whole.