After the trend of minimalism and subtle fashionable outfits, the trend has moved on to the bold and daring styles. Extra short mini skirts, statement jewelry, psychedelic prints and colors, the hot pink tone, and many more trends are all about power and adventure this year. 

Platform heels are one of the trendiest footwear to own this year if you are a fashionista. From the height of the heels to the prints and material, there are countless platform heels on the rack for you. Each type of heel has its own significance and platform heels yield a powerful and statemental style. 

You can transform any plain outfit into an interesting one by simply adding platform heels to it. This is the power platform heels hold and you could use it for your outfits. Now, are you in a dilemma on how to style platform heels? Not to worry, we have you covered for that as well. Keep reading further to know how to style each type of platform heel like a pro!

Types of Women Platform Heels In Fashion

  • The Must-have Platform Heels For All Women
    • Statement Platform Heels
    • Clog Platform Heels
    • Platform Boots
    • Loafer Platform Heels
    • Mary Janes Platform Heels
    • Velvet Platform Heels
    • Embellished Platform Heels
    • Metallic Platform Heels
    • Retro Platform Heels
    • Chunky Platform Heels
    • Lace-Up Platform Heels
    • Wedges/ Mules

The Must-Have Platform Heels For All Women 

Statement Platform Heels

The most famous and widely worn by celebrities are these statement platform heels. Statement heels are the ones to wear when you want to uplift your outfit for a special occasion. The candy pink statement platform heels of Versace have been the talk of the town after the collection was released. You can find a classy pair of statement platform heels for yourself as per your preference too since there are a number of choices available.

Statement platform heels for women

How To Wear- You can pair any type of statement heels that you have with a skirt or a short dress and layer it with stockings. You can also wear statement heels when your outfit seems a bit simple for a party or special occasion. This will add some extra spice to your look!

Clog Platform Heels

Clogs have been the trend since 2021 and are still in fashion this year around. But platform heels and clogs? How do you think one can pull off this combination? For clogs, you can wear them with plaid skirts or jeans or pants. If you want something lightweight but stylish to wear, these are your perfect choices. Bottega Veneta’s clog heels were the most popular when the trend came out.

Clog platform heels for women

How To Wear- Clogs are comparatively more casual and lightweight so you can wear them over jeans or pants. Neutral or light shades of clogs go well with all shades of pants and jeans. You can also wear platform clogs over shorts or overalls to get some extra height with the outfit.

Platform Boots

Black platform boots are the footwear you can always go to no matter what outfit you are wearing. Platform boots not only provide a funky look but also make chic and comfortable footwear. Boots are always in trend so no need to worry about them going out of style, and also wear them all around the year. If you keep up with all the fashion trends, you might be aware of the famous Rick Owen platform ankle boots or Zara platform boots.

platform Boots for women

How To Wear- You can wear boots over almost anything but the best looks go with skinny jeans, leggings, oversized shirts or short dresses. You can also wear them over shorts or joggers of the same or a complementary shade. Coats or jackets add an extra charm to the boots while giving a more uplifting look.

Loafer Platform Heels

Loafers have been the most classic retro trends to make a comeback this year. And when platforms and loafers are available together, you do not want to miss it! Loafers are comparatively fancier than clogs and can be worn to parties or other special events. Loafers are wearable for casual events and parties but are not perfectly suitable for formal events. The best loafer platform heels for women were the ones Versace released this year in their summer collection.

Loafers platform heels for women

How To Wear- A few good pieces of clothes to wear over platform loafer heels are mesh ankle socks, pleated mini skirts, chunky knit cardigans, A-line mini dresses, oversized dresses, or shirts. You can also wear them over wide-leg pants or flared pants to get a more classy and retro look.

Mary Jane Platform Heels

Mary Janes have made a comeback this season after many ups and downs. But they haven’t lost their glamor even after all these years. If anything, they have gotten much prettier with platform heels combined with them. Mary Janes are the perfect footwear if you want to go out for a date night or a casual hangout with friends. Valentino’s Mary Janes have been quite in trend.

Marry Jane

How To Wear- Mary Janes can be worn over any cute flared or A-line dress, flared or wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, skirts and even oversized shirts and dresses. You can wear a fancy top and jeans with Mary Jane platforms if you want to go for something casual too. 

Velvet Platform Heels

Classic and chic heels are something all women should have in their closets. And velvet platform heels are exactly those types! Solid black platform heels in velvet are all you would ever need to dress up for any of your parties or special occasions. Miu Miu released their own collection of velvet platform heels and they are all lovely.

Velvet platform heels for women

How To Wear- If you are dressing up for a party, you can wear velvet heels over leather jeans or a jacket or an A-line dress and jacket. You can also wear it over a skirt or an oversized dress or shirt. You can also wear velvet heels over jeans to get a more improvised look.

Embellished Platform Heels

Embellished or bejeweled heels are what you can buy if you like it all adorned and posh. Embellished platform heels for women can be an ideal choice for special occasions and parties or even for date nights. These are more eye-catching and pompous, so if you do not like such types, you can go for something lightly studded. The Sophia Webster embellished platform heels are the statement heels that make all the heads turn in the room.

Embellished platform heels for women

How To Wear- You can wear embellished heels if you have a simple or equally shimmering dress to wear over it. Or else you can pair it with plain leather or skinny jeans or pants with a gorgeous top over it. 

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Metallic Platform Heels

Metallics always have a way to instantly glamourize the outfit no matter what you are wearing. The most common and popular metallic heels in 2022 were the Prada Platform Heels with various metallic shades. Golden platform heels or even silver ones are best pairable with any type of outfit for a party or special occasion. If you do not like it too fancy or flashy, these are the heels to go with this year.

Metallic Platform Heels

How To Wear- You do not need to worry about pairing these metallic platform heels. Skinny jeans, leather pants, skirts, flowy or A-line dresses, evening or cocktail dresses, almost any party wear can go well with metallic heels. 

Retro Platform Heels

The trend of prints and clashing colors is back along with many other vintage trends. So if you want a complete retro look, these are the pair of printed platform heels you should be looking for! The prints are quite fascinating and voguish when it comes to fashion. But these are all suitable for parties and casual occasions. You can find something similar to the Yves Saint Laurent retro platform heels for your occasion if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Retro Platform Heels

How To Wear- If your outfit is a bit plain such as jeans and a top, you can wear retro platform heels to get a much more stylish look. Also, you can wear these retro printed heels with plain or solid-colored dresses and jumpsuits to elevate your look. Leather pants and wide-leg or flared pants go very well with retro prints.

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Chunky Platform Heels

Chunky platform heels might seem a bit unusual. But these are extremely comfortable and easy to pair. Chunky footwear is generally more on the casual side and hence you can wear them for any hangout with friends or on a fun date! Chunky platforms give more height and are a bit more stylish than regular clogs or chunky shoes and sandals. These heels give you more of a funky and cool look rather than a sophisticated or elegant one so decide on an outfit accordingly!

Chunky heels

How To Wear- Chunky platform heels are easy to wear and pair with casual outfits. You can wear an oversized shirt or a tee and jeans, a short, flowy skirt or an overall like dungaree over chunky heels. If you want a more stylish look you can wear a short, flowy or A-line dress over it and layer it with a jacket.

Lace-Up Platform Heels

Lace-Up heels and sandals are perfect for summer. Not only do they allow you to tie them in a stylish manner but also allow you to show off your footwear and outfit in the best possible way. Lace-up platform heels are wearable to parties or special occasions and even casual ones. One of the best lace-up platform heels for women are the ones from Naked Wolfen available in different monochrome shades.

Lace up

How To Wear- Lace-up platform heels can be presented much better when paired with short dresses and skirts so that both the lacy heels as well as the outfit are properly visible. You can also wear them with shorts or overalls with a length above the knees. If your jeans are ankle length then you can certainly tie the laces around the ankle for a better look.

Platform Wedges 

Wedges always have a special place in our hearts and closet since they never really go out of style. Wedges are simply easy to wear with any type of outfit and are for all types of occasions as well. Whether it is formal or casual or a special event, when in doubt about what to wear, go for wedges! The Gucci Women platform heels are certainly high in price and height but they are also the ones to steal your heart!

Platform Wedges

How To Wear- Wedges go well with any outfit, be it jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses or even gowns. For a casual look, you can pair it with a tee and jeans. If you want a more sophisticated or elegant look, you can go for a dress or a formal shirt and skirt layered with a coat and wear wedges below. For a cocktail party, you just need to put on a dress and wear your wedges!

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Final Words

As one of the biggest trends around the world, platform heels for women are particularly must-haves for every woman. Although platform heels are deemed to be more comfortable than most other heels, not all types of women platform heels are that comfortable. 

But if you know how to style platform heels, owning one is the best choice for this year. You can try different styles or colors and go bold, or stick to your comfort zone and still be stylish with the classy monochrome colors. But what is guaranteed is that one will never get bored of wearing platform heels for women!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are platform heels trendy?

Platform heels for women have risen in popularity again after all the years of ebbs and flows. The platform heels are now even more versatile and comfortable than before with a wide variety of styles available. They are predicted to be seen all over 2022 in various colors, patterns, and materials.

Q. What goes well with platform heels?

Platform heels go perfectly well with any type of clothes. Be it any occasion, there is always the right pair of platform heels for the outfit. For a casual outfit, you can wear platform heels over a regular tee or a fancy top and jeans. You can wear them over an oversized shirt or A-line dress for much more special occasions. 

Q. Are platform sandals in style 2022?

Platform, wedges, and lace-up or strappy sandals and heels are the most popular trends in 2022. Other than these footwear, clogs, Mary Jane, loafers, and chunky footwear is also on a rising trend making their comeback from the vintage era. You can expect all these footwear to be seen in 2022 along with platform heels for women.