Grammys are not the only thing in Taylor Swift’s possession, she also holds our hearts in captivity! Besides being a singer, songwriter, and composer, Taylor Swift is now also a style icon for us seeing how her fashion style has evolved over the years.

From the red carpet to the gym, you can always expect the best Taylor Swift outfits at any time. Very widely known for a few of the best outfits for her music videos, Taylor Swift definitely knows her way into fashion. From ‘Fearless’ to ‘Evermore’ all her music videos are not only music inspirations but also fashion inspirations.

If you are wondering how to style like Taylor Swift, all you have to do is grab a few shorts, skirts, and cute dresses. Sassy, classy and bubbly, you can expect nothing less than these with Taylor’s outfits. We are here to give you some tips to dress like Taylor Swift even if it is just a superstore that you will be going to!

Taylor Swift Fashion Ideas To Upgrade Your Outfit

  • Taylor Swift Fashion Line
  • Taylor Swift Outfits- Streetwear Outfits You Ought To Recreate
    • The All Black Look
    • Color Blocking Footwear
    • Overalls All The Time
    • Lovely Pastels
    • Layer With Jackets
    • Matching Sets 
    • Retro Skirts
    • High-Waist Shorts

Taylor Swift Fashion Line

All the Swifties had an assumably dream-like moment when Taylor Swift announced her fashion line’s launch. Prior to the release of her album ‘Lover’ in 2019, Taylor announced she would launch her own fashion line in collaboration with the renowned designer Stella McCartney in support of her album theme. 

The fashion line was released on the 23rd of August worldwide. The line contained T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags emblazoned with song lyrics and Lover song lists. Watercolor hues, dreamy shades, the outfits were all pretty and not to mention featured Tay’s adorable cats too!

Taylor had also released a clothing line for her album ‘1989’ but it was only for China. The clothing line included sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts with 1989 printed onto them. However, the merch was only available in China, unlike her later album Lover’s clothing line. Now a lot of Taylor Swift merchandise is available online and fans can buy them from any country!

Taylor Swift Outfits- Streetwear Outfits You Ought To Recreate

The All Black Look

All black is one of the classiest looks to get besides the fact that black is a sexy color! You can never get bored of black no matter how many times you or Taylor wears it. So why not go black all the way? 

How To Style- All black look is the simplest to achieve. You need all the black you can from your wardrobe and simply style them in order. A black tee, top or turtleneck always works perfectly. For bottoms, you can go for black jeans, leather pants or skirt or even slacks. Want more black? A black coat, stockings or jacket and boots or heels are your things to grab. 

Outfit Suggestions

  • A complete black overall like a romper or a jumpsuit with black boots or heels
  • A black jacket or trench coat with a short black dress
  • A black turtleneck with black slacks or leather pants
  • A black top, black skirt and black stockings paired with black or glittering boots or heels
Taylor Swift Outfit - All Black

Color Blocking Footwear

Color-blocking footwears are quite popular among fashionistas and youngsters nowadays. So you can also join the trend by just adding a contrasting color of footwear to your outfit. Watch and learn how effortlessly Taylor has been rocking this trend even before it started! 

How To Style- Color blocking footwears look best with a monochrome outfit or a pale colored outfit since they stand out even more in the look. But you can also go for a color blocking footwear if you have a matching set outfit or a neutral toned outfit. This makes the outfit stand out more and makes it even more voguish to look at!

Outfit Suggestions

  • A monochrome white or black outfit paired with bright colored heels like pink or blue
  • A neutral tones outfit  with bright earthly colors like red or yellow
  • Pastel or pale colored dresses with neutral or nude shades 

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Overalls All The Time

We know Taylor is a fashion queen and we can expect her to slay any outfit without lifting a finger. But we did not know overalls were included too! Rompers and jumpsuits are some of the best casual wear to add to your wardrobe since they require very less effort to style. 

How To Style- Overalls do not need much to style since they are already stylish enough. But you can always layer them and add some more flare to them. A plain cropped top or tee or even a shirt. For an extra layer, you can reach out for oversized shirts, jackets or coats. Boots or sneakers anything goes with overalls so just put them on.

Outfit Suggestions

  • A plain cropped top or tee inside a jumpsuit
  • An oversized shirt or jacket paired with a jumpsuit or romper
  • A plain tee beneath a romper and sneakers
  • A monochrome jumpsuit with a contrasting tee inside or a same shade jacket to layer

Lovely Pastels 

Now, pastels are really pretty and sweet colors, aren’t they? And just like us, Taylor can’t seem to get enough of them! Pastels are absolutely refreshing colors to wear for summers if you do not like too bright colors or want a pop of new colors this year. These colors might remind you of her album ‘Lover’ with the colors as the theme!

How To Style- Pastel colors can be a tad bit difficult to pull off by everyone. But if you know your color, you can go ahead and style it as monochrome or simply pair it with a white outfit. Pastels can also be paired with other pastel or watercolor hues or bright colors like orange, red, or green. Apart from these, you can always choose white when in doubt!

Outfit Suggestions

  • A pastel dress paired with neutral or nude colored heels
  • Pastel matching set of a skirt or high waist shorts and top with a jacket
  • A dual-colored pastel two-piece. Pink, Yellow, Blue, or purple can be worn with each other.
  • A plain white or black top with pastel shorts or skirt

Layer With Jackets 

Jackets solve almost any wardrobe problem that you can ever have! Layering is always a good option and Taylor knows it. You may hardly see her in jackets but when you do, you know the apparel is a bomb. 

How To Style- You can put on an oversized bomber jacket over a cute little dress just how Taylor did or you can wear it with shorts, denim, or even skirts. Oversized jackets can always be paired with almost any outfit. You can go a color block or monochrome with the jackets. 

Outfit Suggestions

  • A regular tee, shorts, and oversized jacket
  • A denim jacket with a tee or tank top and denim jeans
  • An oversized jacket with a short dress and boots
  • An oversized jacket with a flowy or mini skirt and a cropped top
Layer With Jackets - Taylor Swift Outfits

Matching Sets

Matching sets are a craze nowadays and the trend is worth trying! Many of the Taylor Swift outfits for streetwear are matching sets. Matching set outfits can make very good casual or streetwear as well as party outfits if you are ready to pull it off!

How To Style- You can wear the same patterned or same colored tops and bottoms such as tops and skirts, shorts, pants along with shirts and jackets. If you are wearing a dress, you can match it by keeping your heels of the same pattern or color.

Outfit Suggestions

  • A matching set of pastel top and skirt/ high waist shorts along with a color blocking footwear
  • A floral dress along with floral patterned heels
  • A patterned top with similarly printed pants and heels of same shade
  • A plain white or solid colored tee with printed or colored pants and coat of the same pattern or color. 

Retro Skirts

Retro or vintage is one of the trends for the year and you can dive right into it with retro skirts and tops. Taylor Swift’s fashion style has always been classy and she knows how to carry her fits very well. 

How To Style- Retro skirts may seem difficult to style, but in reality, they are quite easy to pull off. You can pair a plain retro skirt with a plain or printed cropped top. You can also layer your outfit with a jacket or cardigan. Printed or fancy tops can also be an option for your outfit idea.

Outfit Suggestions

  • A retro print skirt and a plain white or solid colored tee with boots
  • A plain retro skirt with a cardigan and a regular tee
  • A plain shirt and plain/printed retro skirt
  • A  matching set of a printed cropped tops and retro skirt
Retro Skirts - Taylor Swift

High Waist Shorts

High Waist shorts are one of the best outfits to own in a wardrobe. What is there to not like about them? Not only are they fashionable, but they can also be styled in a number of different ways. High waist shorts are best when you have long legs that you can show off. They also make you look taller and help you show off your pretty hips too!

How To Style- You can wear high waist shorts with either cropped tops and tees or tuck in your tees and tops to flaunt your shorts better. You can even wear shirts and tie a knot at the front to make them more stylish. Or you can tuck the shirt inside. Sweater vests also go well with 

Outfit Suggestions

  • Solid colored high waist shorts with a monochrome cropped top
  • Solid colored high waist shorts with a corset top and an oversized jacket
  • Printed high waist shorts and a plain tee of a complementing color
  • An oversized jacket, blazer or coat paired with a monochrome high waist short and top.

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Final Words

The Taylor Swift fashion file is a lot thicker, but these are a few ways you can style your outfits to get some similar outfits. As simple and chic as her fashion sense is, the outfits, however, give a sense of a bold but girly vibe.

So go ahead and try these outfit ideas inspired by Taylor Swift and see how easily you can switch plain apparel to fashionable ones! Let us know what you think about these ideas and share your own too because we love classic outfit ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothes does Taylor Swift wear?

Taylor Swift’s wardrobe has a good variety of fashionable outfits. Mini skirts, skinny jeans, high-waist shorts, oversized shirts, cropped tops and pretty dresses are a few of the pieces which she is frequently seen wearing for her streetwear. She is also seen wearing overalls and rompers quite a few times.

What does Taylor Swift normally wear?

For Taylor Swift, the outfits you will normally see her in are skirts, shorts, flowy or skin tight dresses, heels, sneakers, skinny jeans, overalls and even in jackets sometimes. The styling of Taylor Swift is more inclined towards chic but subtle as well as comfortable outfits. 

What designer does Taylor wear?

Taylor Swift has worn dresses designed by several top designers such as Jimmy Choo, Prada, Keds, Oscar De La Renta, Elie Saab and many more. She was also previously known for wearing streetwear outfits from a brand named ‘Reformation’.