Taking a nostalgic road to the 2000s, the fashion has come a long way, and so has the most popular piece of clothing of the 2000s! Yes, the low waist trend is back into fashion with everyone embracing it from the runways to the street lanes!

Hailey Beiber, Dove Cameron, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and many more celebrities have been spotted in these voguish pants from quite some time. You can get into the low rise without seeming old fashion with these outfit ideas.

No matter if you are new to this trend or looking for fresh ideas to style that low waist denims in your closet, we have some interesting outfit ideas you can try. Below are a few types of low rise pants you can try on and some awesome ways to pair those low rise women jeans!

Low Rise Jeans For Women For Y2K Fashionistas

  • Different Types of Low Rise Women’s Jeans
    • Low Rise Cargo Jeans
    • Low Rise Baggy Jeans
    • Low Rise Wide Leg Jeans
    • Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans
    • Low Rise Skinny Jeans
    • Low Rise Cut-Out Pants
    • Low Rise Trousers
  • How To Style Low Rise Jeans For Women- Y2K Outfit Ideas
    • Oversized Shirts
    • Crop Tops
    • Crochet Tops
    • Oversized Hoodie or Pullover
    • Bralette Top
    • Suit or Blazer
    • Corset Tops

Different Types of Low Rise Women’s Jeans

Low Rise Cargo Jeans

Low Rise Cargo Jeans

Why not?? The cargo pants are back into trend! Cargo pants are the best way to keep your outfit trendy without making it seem old fashioned. Not only are the low rise cargo pants completely in fashion this year but also can be paired easily with other Y2K outfits as well. You can wear a cropped top or a halter neck over it or maybe a corset top would work amazingly too!

Low Rise Baggy Jeans

Low Rise Baggy Jeans

Low rise baggy pants might sound difficult to pair or pull off, but not to worry! There are a number of ways you can style these pair of jeans. An oversized shirt or a shacket can work incredibly well with a crop top or a bralette. You can also style it with a jacket or coat, either cropped or long to make the outfit more fashionable too.

Low Rise Wide Leg Pants

Low Rise Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg jeans and pants are getting more popular because of how comfortable yet stylish they look. Also they are extremely versatile to pair with and wear at any occasion. So, low rise jeans may turn out to be a good option if you are a fan of them. Try pairing the low waist wide leg pants with a corset, a bralette, a crop top, a sheer top or a crochet top. These allow you to highlight your body curves more prominently.

Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans and flare jeans are making their way into the trendy fashion list this year since the Y2K fashion is here! But for styling a low rise flare jeans or bootcut jeans, you can go for tie-up tops or even the bralettes for a sexy outfit. Boot cuts and flares look amazing with cropped tops and tees so you can flaunt your waist and booty with these pair of apparel! To get a complete Y2K outfit, you can also go with a halter neck or a one sided shoulder top.

Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Low Rise Skinny Jeans

A skinny jeans is always the classic one no matter how much time passes! A super skinny low rise jeans may be absolutely amazing if you want to wear it for a casual outings or even for semi formal occasions. Pair them with anything, be it oversized tees, cropped tops, shirts, jackets, blazers, they are good to go with any outfit you have. Skinny jeans do not take much to style so they can be the easiest and the most versatile option to go with.

Low Rise Cut Out Pants

Low Rise Cut Out Pants

Looks chic and sexy, doesn’t it? A low rise cut out pant can be the a good pair to go with for a party or a date night! Cut out is the trend that is going around so why not go with a cut out top with it as well? Or you can wear a fancy bralette or a cropped top with a jacket or oversized shirt as layer. If you have a skinny, hourglass or triangle body type, this can be a good choice to show off your figures if you are ready to go bold with it.

Low Rise Trousers


Low rise trousers can make one smart outfit if you want a decent one to wear at work. Perfect for casual and semi-formal outfits, low waist trousers can be worn with tank tops, casual t-shirts, oversized shirts, formal tops and even with crop tops. You can whip up a casual ensemble with an oversized jacket, a bralette and low rise trousers with platform shoes or chunky shoes as footwear.

How To Style Low Rise Jeans For Women- Y2K Outfit Ideas

Oversized Shirts

low rise jeans for women with oversized shirts

Oversized shirts are the ‘must-haves’ in your closet! Almost anything can be paired with an oversized shirt, including low rise pants. You can pair an oversized shirt or shacket with a crop top or a tube top and wear low rise bootcut or wide leg pants for the bottoms. Another way to style an oversized shirt is to wear it buttoned up with a tuck in or keeping it loose. An oversized shirt can also be worn as an underlayer with a coat or a pullover.

Crop Tops

low rise jeans for women with crop tops

Crop tops are essentials in the wardrobe since they can make an outfit with any other apparel. You can go for any type of crop top such as tie-up, halter neck, crochet, corset, sheer, turtleneck or even casual cropped tops. You can wear low rise wide-leg pants with a cropped top. You can try experimenting and upgrading the outfit by adding accessories and layers to it.

Crochet Tops

low rise jeans for women  with crochet tops

Crochet tops are on the rising trend this season and for all the right reasons! Crochet tops are not only comfortable but also easy to style with any types of bottoms. You can wear crochet crop tops with low-rise skinny or wide-leg pants for a casual outfit. Low-rise cargo pants and baggy pants can also make funky bottoms with halter neck and tie-up crochet tops. You can also go for crochet kimonos to layer the outfit.

Oversized Hoodie or Pullover

low rise jeans for women with oversized hoodie

Oversized pullovers, knit wears and hoodies can be some super cozy attires to slip on low-rise jeans. These might be the most ideal options for daily wear and casual outings since they are comfortable to wear and easy to style. Skinny, wide-leg booty cut or cargo pants, anyone of these can be paired with the hoodie or pullover. You can further style it with an oversized shirt or jacket to add some layers to the outfit. Or you can also use tank tops, turtlenecks or crop tops as underlayers.

Bralette Top

low rise jeans for women with Bralette Top

Bralette tops are the sexiest tops to bring into your closet! They might turn out to be one of those stylish apparel you can style anytime and with anything. You can wear them with an oversized shirt or a jacket to get some layering. Low-rise cut-out pants, wide-leg pants, bootcut, flare or cargo pants can be a fabulous pair for a bralette.

Suit or Blazer

low rise jeans for women with suit or blazer

Low rise jeans can also make excellent semi formals! Don’t believe it? Try pairing them with a tank top and a blazer. You can also pair a low rise trouser with a suit or a blazer or a turtle neck and tuck it in to get the semi formal look. Pair the suit or blazer with a low rise trouser or a low rise skinny or wide leg pant to get the semi formal or formal look in a more fashionable manner.

Corset Tops

low rise jeans for women with Corset Tops

Corset tops can be the casual or party wear outfits you can wear along with most of the bottoms. A corset top with front tie or a cropped corset top can look classy along with low rise jeans. You can reach out for low rise cargo pants or baggy pants or even wide leg pants to pair with a corset top. If you have a hip cut out corset top, you can pair it with a low rise cut out pant to get an overall look.

Final Words

The trending low rise jeans for women may seem like a limiting outfit, but it can turn out to be one of the most fashionable piece when paired correctly. You can go ahead and try the new trendy piece of clothing with a number of other outfits that suit your body type and preference.

For all the Y2K fashionistas, the low rise jeans may be a sign to go for a complete Y2K outfit this season. You can try out all the outfit ideas with the jeans or experiment with other outfits as well. Let us know what your favorite ensemble was for this apparel!

Frequently Asked Questions

What body types look good in low-rise jeans?

Body types that look flattering with low-rise jeans are the athletic or skinny body types. Even straight, top hourglass or inverted triangle body types can wear low rise jeans. Majorly body types that have short waists can go for the low rise trend since this allows them to flaunt their figure and body proportions more fluently.

Why low-rise jeans are better?

Low-rise jeans are better for women who have a tall and skinny body type. These allow to accentuate the curves of the hips and the butts while also giving a lengthening look. Low-rise jeans help to silhouette the structure of the waist and the hips hence it looks the best on skinny body types.

What brands still sell low-rise jeans?

Many fashion brands are still up for selling low waist jeans such as Zara, H&M, Madewell, Levi’s, Everlane, GRLFRND and many more. Many brands have low-rise jeans of different types available in their categories since the resurgence of the trend.