Remember Dua Lipa’s black midi dress with more than six cuts? That black cut-out halter top Kim Kardashian wore on her Instagram brought back the trend, didn’t it? 

And just like that, the trend for cut-out outfits is being seen on the runways and the streets! Cut-out tops are one of those creative apparel you can find. Leaving all the creative ends open for the designers, cut-out tops have cuts at various sections of the clothes. 

Tops, dresses, bikinis, jeans, anything and everything cut-out is in fashion this season. If you are looking for an outfit for a fun date or for a party night, cut-out tops can work for you. You can rock a cut-out top anytime and anywhere if you have all the right outfits and accessories.

No need to worry if you are clueless about how to put together one of those cut-out ensembles. We have a few cut-outs top patterns and outfit ideas you can browse through. Find what you can wear for your occasion or mix and match the different apparel together to get the best outfit possible!

Outfit Guide For Cut Out Crop Top

  • Types Of Cut-Out Tops You Should Know About
    • Asymmetric Shoulder
    • Halter neck
    • Frog Button
    • Lacing Detail
    • Chest Cut
    • Long Sleeved
    • Turtleneck
    • O-Ring Detail
  • How To Style Your Cut Out Tops
    • Cargo Pants
    • Linen Trousers
    • High Waist Shorts
    • Mini, Midi or Maxi-Length Skirts
    • Leather Apparel
    • Wide Leg Pants

Types of Cut-out Tops You Should Know About

Asymmetric Shoulder

Asymmetric shoulder cut tops are the most basic cut-out outfits you will find. If you do not want to go for something too bold or want something regular and subtle yet fashionable, you can go for a shoulder-cut crop top. The cuts may differ as per how open or bold you want your top to be from minimum to classy to sexy. You can style your shoulder cut with wide leg pants or a mini skirt or even leather pants depending on the occasion.


Halterneck-cut out top

A halter neck brings back the nostalgic feelings of the ‘70s as well as the chic vibe. Halter necks are the sassiest attires to go for if you are looking forwards to a party night or having a date night! Halter necks go best with wide leg pants and mini skirts. As for footwear, you can wear thigh high boots, or even style with platform boots. You can also pair cropped halter neck cut out tops with bootcut pants!

Frog Button

Frog Button

Frog buttons are one of those elegant but classy options you can go for since they look absolutely cute. Frog buttons with Chinese collars are a good option for a date night or a formal event you have to attend. You can pair these tops with trousers or pleated skirts with a contrasting color tone. You can also wear them with skinny jeans and platform boots. You can avoid layering this pretty little top and flaunt the collar by itself too.

Lacing Detail Cut

Lacing Detail Cut

Lace sounds sexy, doesn’t it? And so it always is! A saucy lacing detail in your top should be perfect for your wild night out or party night at the beach as well. However, be careful what you wear underneath, while you dress with these tops. You can wear a bandeau or stick-on bra for these depending on the type of lacing. For the bottom, you can slip on a pair of leather pants or skirt or even denim works!

Chest Cut

Chest Cut

Chest cuts are really chic tops to shop for! Chest cuts can be worn on regular or casual occasions as well as for parties if you style them the right way. For a casual outfit, you can wear them with joggers or cargo or even wide leg pants. For a party, a mini skirt or leather pants are what you should be looking for. As for the footwear, you can go for sneakers or boots here. But if you want that party feeling, feel free to reach out to those platforms or mules. 

Long Sleeved

Long Sleeved

A cut out long sleeve top can be a good option if you do not want to layer much but want some covering as well. A long sleeve top with a frog button or turtleneck might be some good choices to keep your eyes upon. Black cut out tops, whether cropped or tucked in, look amazing in full sleeves with trousers or cargo pants. You can also go all-black with denim or leather pants or a monochromatic look too.



Turtlenecks are a really good option all year round since they come with sleeveless as well as full-sleeve tops. A black cut out top with a turtleneck can be paired with a mini skirt or skinny jeans and layered with a trench coat or an oversized jacket for a stunning outfit. The best thing about turtlenecks is you can go for minimum accessories here. Thigh high boots or combat boots might be something you want to go for here!

O-Ring Detail

O ring Detail

Now O-rings are something really sexy to go for! If you want an instant glam up, go for these tops since they can rock those party or date night vibes flawlessly. The rings give a seductive side so you do not need to spend too much time styling the outfit. 

A bootcut or skinny fit leather or denim pants are what you need to look for. You can also go for mini skirts or maxi skirts here. Accessories may differ depending on the placing of the rings but you can choose to keep it a minimum too!

How To Style Your Cut Out Tops

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are extremely funky and cool trendy pieces of attire. A cut-out crop top and cargo pants are a fantastic match for a casual outing. If you want it sassier, you can go for leather ones along with boots. Cargo pants can be accessories with utility belts or chain belts as well as layered necklaces or chokers and small pairs of earrings.

Expert Tip- You can complete your outfit with a cool shacket as well for an overlayer or a cut-out sweatshirt or hoodie.

 Linen Trousers

Styled With Linen Trousers

Nothing is as classy and comfy as a pair of trousers! Linen trousers or, if you prefer, slacks can also be one of the sassiest and finest options to wear below crop tops. Linen trousers can be paired as a monochrome color palette or a contrasting one, or even a color block one. You can go for different types of heels or sneakers with trousers.

High Waist Shorts

cut out top with High waist shorts

Shorts, be it denim, linen or leather, can also slay a cut crop top effortlessly. You can style the high waist shorts with a belt or a waist chain. High waist shorts are something you can wear for a casual outing or for everyday wear. You may also go ahead and layer it with a sheer oversized shirt or a shacket. Even denim jackets or leather jackets can do the work amazingly. You can slip on your combat boots or sneakers or maybe some funky footwear depending on your occasion.

Mini, Midi or Maxi-Length Skirts

A skirt may be a lovely option to go for if you have a beach party or a casual outing as an occasion. Skirts are apt for any occasions if you own the right ones. A mini skirt is perfect for a party or date night, flowy ones are good to go for a casual hangout, while for a beach or cocktail party you can choose a midi or maxi length. As for footwear, you can style platform heels with all types of skirts while they are trending this season.

Leather Apparel

Leather skirts, pants or even shorts can make a pretty good match with cut out tops. Perfect for a wild party night, leather is one of those timeless apparel you can wear throughout the year! Add on a layer of a leather jacket as well, maybe a cropped one and a pair of boots to go with the outfit! There you are, with an effortlessly sexy party night outfit. Boots or laced heels look absolutely fabulous with leather depending on the leather apparel!

With Wide Denim

cut out top- With Wide Demin

Denim pants are one thing that can go well with almost any top in your closet. The most classic combination is a black cut out top and wide leg pants. Be it a party or a casual hangout, this combination can never go wrong. So when in doubt, just pull out your denim pants and a belt to style the crop top and you are done. You can get more outfit ideas to style your wide leg pants a little better.

Final Words

Cut-out tops can be fun to wear on regular days if you are bold about your fashion choices. You can go for basic shoulder cuts or neck cuts for daily clothes. For party wear, you can choose something more funky or sassy such as a laced O-ring or asymmetrical top.

You can dive into this trend nonetheless, with any type of cut-out outfit. Be it a dress, jeans or tops, you can wear any type of outfit for your occasion. Let us know which outfit idea was your favorite and had fun putting together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear with a cut out top?

Cut out crop tops can be paired with almost any bottom you have, so you can wear them for multiple occasions. Mini, maxi- or midi-length skirts look lovely with a cropped cut-out top. Also looser, high-waisted pants and shorts can also pair nicely with a short crop top. You can also pair trousers or joggers or even cargo pants with cut-out tops. For another option, bootcut pants are also a stylish piece of clothing to wear with cut out tops.

Are cut out tops still in style?

Cut out trend is back on the racks with designers trying to turn them into something fresh and fun. From necks, shoulders, waist, chest or even ribs and laces, there are multiple patterns you can find in this new trend. This trend may come in handy if you are looking for simple but interesting outfits.

How do you wear a cut out top?

You can wear a bandeau or a cross neck or a halter underneath a cut out top depending on the type of cut it has. As for the bottoms, you can go for anything from high-waist shorts to skirts to bootcut pants depending on the occasion. You can wear boots or sneakers for footwear as well as platform heels.