Crochets from the ’70s are making their way back to take over the world again!?

Crochets are back in trend this summer after a long time. The trend for crochet is gaining more popularity over time because of its versatility and coziness. A crochet top can be something you can wear on a daily basis as well as for a vacation on the beach. 

As Prada’s crochet tote bag, Sydney Sweeney’s crochet swimwear and Olivia Rodrigo’s crochet pullover are making a huge wave, crochets are making their way into the latest summer trends. This voguish piece of clothing might turn out to be one of the most stylish apparels in your wardrobe.

If you are unsure how to rock this trend and need a little help with your outfit, there is no need to stress over it anymore. We have some fantastic outfit ideas you can try with your crochet top. Also, if you are new to this trend, we have your back with a list of different crop top patterns that you can shop for!

Crochet Crop Tops And Bottoms Outfit Ideas

  • Different Types Of Crochet Tops And Bottoms
    • Crop Top
    • Halter Neck Crochet Top
    • Button Up Crochet Top
    • Crochet Vests
    • Crochet Peplum Tops
    • Crochet Dresses
    • Crochet Skirts
    • See Through Crochet Tops
    • Tie Up Crochet Tops
    • Crochet Shorts
  • Outfit Ideas For Crochet Tops
    • Pair With Denim
    • Crop Top And Mini Skirts
    • A Layer Of Crochet
    • Go Complete Crochet
    • Layer Your Crochet Top
    • Pair With Shorts

Different Types Of Crochet Tops And Bottoms

Crop Top

crochet Crop tops

Crop tops are incredibly stylish, but with crochet, they make a stunning outfit! Crop tops are easy to style and can be worn regularly as well. There are multiple ways to style a crochet crop top. Buttoned, peplum, tie-up, tube, tank top, there are various crochet crop top patterns to choose from.

Halter Neck

crochet halter neck tops

Halter necks have made a comeback from the 70s along with crochet. So how about wearing these two styles together? Halter necks are extraordinarily sexy and chic outfits giving you the ‘IT’ girl vibes. You can go for a halter neck crochet top along with shorts, jeans or skirt and add on a layer for your vacation or hang out plans!

Button Up Crochet Tops

Button Up crochet tops

One of the crochet crop top patterns is the button-up crochet top. These tops might be like a shirt or a cropped top with buttons as well. A button-up crochet top can be paired with a plain tee or worn alone as well like a top. But you might want to wear a bandeau or a cropped vest underneath if the top is too sheer. You can also leave the buttons open and wear a simple cropped tee or tank top as an underlayer.

Crochet Vests

Crochet Vests

Knitted vests are currently on a rising trend. But if you do not want a heavily knitted or warm vest, you can go for a crochet vest this summer. A vest is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear for all seasons all-round the year. If you want to wear it alone, you can pair it with denim or high-waist shorts. If you feel like layering the vest, you can wear a tee or a shirt under it.

Crochet Peplum Tops

Crochet Peplum Tops

Currently, peplum tops are extremely popular, especially ones with puffed sleeves. So to stay with the trend, you can opt for a peplum crochet top this season. Peplum tops go well with pants and jeans as well and can be worn on a regular basis and for casual occasions. Peplum tops look pretty alone but if you need some extra layering, you can always add on a cardigan or jacket over it.

Crochet Dresses

Crochet Dresses

A white crochet dress or maybe a vibrant colourful one is really difficult to resist. Crochet dresses are super adorable and comfortable to wear as well. This is the type of dress you can wear every day or for a casual hangout too. Crochet dresses can be layered with a jacket, crochet cardigan or shrug for an elevated look. You can also wear a tee under the dress as a layer.

Crochet Skirts

Crochet Skirt

Crochet skirts are some of the most adorable outfits to have in your wardrobe. Crochet skirts look the best when paired with a fancy crop top, a tank top or a tie up top. Crochet mini skirts or maxi skirts are ideal for beach wear or rave parties. You can even style a corset top by pairing it with a crochet skirt as well to make it a party outfit! Maxi crochet skirt can be worn along with airy tank tops, off shoulders or halter necks to get a fresh look with it.

See Through Crochet Tops

See Through Crochet Tops

See-through or mesh tops are timeless apparel and easy to style as well! You can pair see mesh crochet tops by wearing them as layers over bralettes, bikini sets, or even tank tops. Mesh crochet tops come in different sizes of mesh, so it is always better to wear something that provides coverage underneath. They make lovely overlays and can be worn with cargo pants, high waist shorts, maxi or mini skirts and even denim jeans. 

Tie Up Crochet Top

Tie Up Crochet Top

Tie-up tops are kind of thing nowadays with how airy, comfortable and pretty they look. The tie-up crochet tops can be tricky to wear but you can wear them with a stick-on bra or a bandeau. To pair it, you can choose a skirt, shorts, wide leg jeans, or even style it with low rise jeans that are trending recently. You can add on a crochet cardigan to get more coverage or a denim jacket can always be an option too.

Crochet Shorts


They look so comfy, right? Crochet shorts might be one of the best apparel to wear during summer, not to mention the cutest as well. Crochet shorts can be worn for a beach party, a casual hangout or even on a daily basis. You can wear brightly coloured or stylish underwear beneath it to make it even sassier! Crochet shorts can be paired with matching crochet tops, tank tops, bralettes and even tie up or knitted corset tops. 

Outfit Ideas For Crochet Tops

Pair With Denim 

Pair With Denim 

Denim is that one piece of clothing in your closet that goes with anything and everything from a sheer sexy top to an oversized casual tee. If you are not sure what to wear with your crochet tops, here is the safest yet classiest option to go for. Pair it with denim; either style wide leg pants with it or go for a skinny fit, or maybe a sexy bell bottom, denim can easily rock it all. 

A crochet top can be instantly styled with denim and you can layer it with a denim jacket too for a perfect outfit!

Crop Top And Mini Skirt

Crop Top And Mini Skirt

Crop tops and mini skirts go hand in hand to make an amazing ensemble! Crochet crop tops and mini skirts make a sassy and cute outfit for the summer season. Mini skirts provide different styling options such as layering over bikinis and swimwear. You can wear a matching crochet skirt and top. 

Another option to style is a crochet skirt paired with a laced or cotton top. You can also pair a patterned crochet top with a simple mini skirt as well. You can also check out how to style mini skirts if you want to dress more aptly with the clothing piece.

A Layer Of Crochet

A Layer Of Crochet

No kidding, crochets can make one of the best layers for your outfits! A sheer or see-through crochet top makes a wonderful layer over a shirt, tee or even a bikini. Crochet overalls can also come in handy if you want to style a plain tee or a crochet shrug or kimono with fringes that can work on layering a simple outfit. You can also layer your bikini set with a crochet cover-up to make it more fashionable.

Go Completely Crochet

Completely Crochet

A matching crochet top with a crochet bottom can make an ideal summer ensemble itself! If you are not sure how to do that, simply buy a set of crochet tops and shorts, mini skirts or maxi skirts. You can wear a brightly colored or fashionable underwear beneath the outfit and slightly accessorise it. Even a crochet dress works well for a complete crochet outfit. Another option can be a crochet top pattern and layer it with a crochet cardigan!

Layer Your Crochet Tops

Layering it with jackets

Layering always works wonders! If you are not too confident or bold about your styling sense, layering can be a quick and easy solution for you. So if you don’t want to layer outfits with crochet, why not try layering your crochet tops with other apparel? Denim jackets, cardigans, a fringed shrug or kimono or even shackets can make good layers over the crochet bralettes and crop tops. 

Pair With Shorts 

Pair tops with shorts

Shorts are the best summer outfits and can be paired with any apparel in your wardrobe. No matter what type of crochet top you wear, shorts can always be paired with them. You can also layer the outfit or use more fashionable belts and accessories to glam up your ensemble. You can also pair crochet shorts with crochet tops and get a voguish look in an instant!

Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Go jump into the crochet trend and put together the best crochet ensemble you can. Crochet tops are no big deal to style and can be paired with almost anything in your closet. 

So no need to think twice before purchasing it since it will make a trendy piece of clothing for your summer. You can try the outfit ideas given above or go bold with your own fashion sense as well. Let us know what you paired with your crochet top as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our crochet tops in fashion?

Absolutely! From fashion weeks to celebrities to luxury brands, everyone is on to the crochet trend. While the 60s and 70s styles are rejuvenated, crochet is among them. Crochet tops are back into fashion this year and can be worn throughout the year with different outfits.

What do you need to crochet a top?

You will need to have a chunky yarn ball, a crochet hook, a needle, safety pins,  scissors and a measuring tape. You can choose the yarn of your desired size and colour. However, one should keep in mind that the size of the crochet hook decides how thick or thin the crochet top turns out to be. So make sure you choose the size of the crochet hook very decisively.

Can you wear a crochet top without a bra?

If you are bold enough to wear a crochet top without a bra, you can definitely give it a try. If it is heavily woven, it is okay to wear it without a bra, but otherwise, it is advisable to wear a bralette or a bandeau underneath the crochet top. Some crochet tops might require you to wear a nude tank top beneath as well if you are not comfortable with a bralette alone.

What do you wear over a crochet bralette?

You can pair your crochet top or bralette with denim shorts, high waist pants or a skirt to get a perfect summer outfit. You can also wear matching crochet shorts or skirts with stylish or colourful underwear underneath. You can layer the crochet top with an oversized shirt or a sheer overall as well.