Has anyone ever told you that women can’t rock cargo pants? If yes, they will not ever speak this once getting familiar with these rocking styles with cargo pants.

In the 90s, cargo pants had won the hearts of millions of women around the world, and this trend went viral so quickly. Later, the love for cargo pants disappeared for some time. But now, this legendary fashion can be witnessed in some new styles.

These days, women not only prefer wearing cargo pants but also trying something new to rock their look. So, if you are getting bored of wearing those common jeans and looking for the trendiest to go with, it would be great to look for cargo pants.

If you are confused about how to style cargo pants for women, this guide will help you in all ways.

Let’s Style Cargo Pants

  • Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Cargo Pants
  • Cargo Pants with Tie-dye Tops
  • Black Cargo Pants with Crop Tops
  • Black Cargo Pants with Oversized Tops
  • Cargo Pants with Biker Jackets
  • Cargo Pants with Colorful Slippers
  • Cargo Pants with Long Boots
  • Cargo Pants with Oversized Sweaters
  • Cargo Pants with Blazers for Work
  • Cargo Pants with Bright Colored Top
  • Cargo Pants with Off-Shoulder Shirt
  • Cargo Pants with Heels
  • Cargo Pants with Tank Tops for Hiking

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Cargo Pants

It is true that cargo pants have greatly influenced women’s fashion. Women, no matter what their age is, always look for fun and simple ways to add a fashion statement to their personality. When it comes to cargo pants, women think the same. They think that cargo pants are a casual outfit only, but they don’t know that these pants are something more than what they think.

Here, you will be able to get some fun and exciting ways to learn how to style cargo pants to make yourself a little impressive. But, before we proceed further, it would be good to have a look at some do’s and don’ts that should always be kept in mind when you purchase and wear cargo pants. No doubt, cargo pants work well with tank tops and fitted shirts. So, it is advised that when you select your top, make sure it fits you perfectly.

  • Cargo pants tend to be loose and baggy. So, they typically look perfect with short tops and shirts.
  • When you are wearing cargo pants, it is better to avoid wearing heels. You can only choose to wear heels if you are dressed formally.
  • Avoid wearing floral shirts with cargo pants as they don’t make the right match.
  • Cargo pants are known for giving you a simple yet clean look. But, it does not mean that you pair your pants with too many clashing colors and patterns.
  • When you want to wear some accessories with your cargo pants, sunglasses and bandanas go the best.
  • When you are purchasing your pair of cargo pants, keep in mind that they should not be too tight and also should not be too loose.
  • To get a busy look or when you are going for a casual outing, you can pair your regular cargo pants with a strapless tank top.

Cargo Pants with Tie-dye Tops

Wearing a top with a tie-dye look involving different colors and dye patterns gives you something amazing to try. These fabulous tie-dye long-sleeved tops with cargo pants will never make you look like a hippie. You can choose black cargo pants with barrel legs and a high waist.

Cargo Pants with Tie-dye Tops

You can pair these pants with a red and white tie-dye t-shirt. To finish the look, you can also tuck it lightly at the front. Also, you can enhance your outfit by carrying a handbag and high-heel summer sandals. Always keep in mind that red and sandy colors look amazing together.

Black Cargo Pants with Crop Tops

When we talk about how to style cargo pants, crop tops make an ideal pair with them. These pants are loose and bouncy; it means it would be good to pair them with a top that balances your overall outfit. This top should not make you look like a bag of potatoes.

So, the best idea is to go with a plain crop top as it will work great in making your outfit look more relaxed and less girly. You can opt for plain white or any colored top. This is a perfect combination if you don’t want to be completely dressed up, but looking for a great style.

Black Cargo Pants with Oversized Tops

If you are going to wear black cargo pants and are thinking of pairing them with an oversized top, just wear them. You can never go wrong with a combination of an oversized top and cargo pants. Just follow one trick to make your outfit look on point.

You can do this in two ways – one is to tie a knot in the front, and the second is to tuck the front center half of your top into your pant. Remember, if you are not in the mood to tuck your oversized top, you should avoid wearing it. Because this will make your body look out of proportion.

Cargo Pants with Biker Jackets

Cargo Pants with Biker Jackets

How to style cargo pants can be made easier if you have one or more biker jackets in your wardrobe. These jackets can make you look stylish yet edgy. People of all ages love street style and sporty look. So, this outfit is one of the great examples of this style.

You can wear your cargo pant with a leather bike jacket and a one-color shirt underneath. To add more energy to your look, you can combine this outfit with ankle boots. This combination will surely give you a much more complete look.

Cargo Pants with Colorful Slippers

Wearing cargo pants does not mean you have to focus on something plain on the top. You can always wear colorful t-shirts with cargo pants. This combination not only works great in uplifting your look but also your mood.

But when it comes to footwear, women have plenty of options to choose from. What about wearing some colorful slippers? This will give you a casual and fun look, where you don’t have to overthink what to wear and what not to. So, take out your pair of colorful slippers and get the best idea for how to style cargo pants perfectly.

Cargo Pants with Long Boots

Winter is a season that gives you a variety of outfits as well as an opportunity to do experiments with these outfits. Cargo Pants are not just an outfit to wear in summer. You can also wear them in winter with long boots. This gives you a great idea to know how to style cargo pants in the cold weather.

Another option to enhance your look is to add scarves and cardigans. This is something that will add charm to your look. Also, it will become one of your favorite easy-to-wear winter attires. If you have long boots, don’t miss wearing them with your favorite cargo pants.

Cargo Pants with Oversized Sweaters

Cargo Pants with Oversized Sweaters

Many women prefer wearing oversized and baggy sweaters. Do you know why? Because they look too comfortable and also work great in giving a chic look to your personality. If you are going for an outing with your friends and want to look effortlessly great, the best idea is to wear an oversized monochrome sweater with your cargo pants.

It is something you can go with without any second thought. You can complete the look by pairing your outfit with ankle boots. Don’t forget to carry a handbag to look classy.

Cargo Pants with Blazers for Work

You might have seen many fashionistas wearing cargo pants with coats. Some of them even choose to tie their hair in a low ponytail for a fabulous appeal. This is a great idea because managing your hair with a coat or blazer can be tough for you. This way knowing how to style cargo pants for women becomes easier if you have a nice blazer. 

Do you also want to look stylish with your cargo pants? Just pair it up in a low ponytail and you are ready to hit the roads. If you have a summer blazer, this is the time to try something new.

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Cargo Pants with Bright Colored Top

We can’t ignore the fact that bright colors have the power to uplift the mood and your overall look. On one hand, where cargo pants come in limited colors, you have the chance to add a variety of colors to your outfit by choosing a bright-colored top with your cargo pants.

This can be one of the instant refreshing looks. Another way how to style cargo pants is to wear a baggy top with a cowboy hat. This will look great for a casual outing or if you are doing some common tasks over the weekend.

Cargo Pants with Off-Shoulder Shirt

Cargo with Off-Shoulder Shirt

Some women love to wear girly and feminine clothing. So, they find wearing cargo pants a little hard as they are not sure how to style cargo pants for women in a perfect way. Also, they are confused about how to contrast their outfit to add a touch of femininity.

Well, here, the best way to add a feminine touch to your outfit is to pair your cargo pant with an off-shoulder top. This style is an ideal idea for parties or even when you are hanging out with friends. To make it more casual, you can choose to wear this outfit with sneakers as the perfect combination.

Cargo Pants with Heels

When you wear green cargo pants, you can opt to pair them with purple shoes. If you want to learn the best ways how to style cargo pants, you should always look for different options. These are something that can make you noticeable and stand out among others.

An easy way to do this is to opt for wearing your cargo pant with a plain top or cardigan. Try to carry a statement handbag as well. This will give you a unique yet classic look. You can choose to wear heels. Just make sure they do not hurt your feet.

Cargo Pants with Tank Tops for Hiking

Tank Tops for Hiking

Cargo pants are one of the perfect outfit options for hiking as they are quite tough. Also, these pants provide protection while hiking. If you are looking for some casual and easy outfits for hiking, the best way is to wear cargo pants with a tank top.

This combination is a great idea to get an energetic and sporty look. If you have a hat, pair your outfit with a matching hat. This will make you look more stylish.

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Final Words

Most of these ideas for how to style cargo pants for women are perfect on the streets and for casual outings or events. You must also know that wearing cargo pants at formal or semi-formal events is not an appropriate choice.

But, you can wear cargo pants in several interesting ways to stand out in casual events. Just try these ideas and enjoy the perfect casual look.