Streetwear has always gained a unique position in the fashion industry. New York hip-hop culture and global runway fashion are the main reasons behind the popularity and preference of streetwear. It became popular in the ’90s, when many designers, celebrities, and fashion brands collaborated.

Streetwear is extremely popular among younger people, and we can also say that streetwear with younger buyers has emerged the demand for cheap streetwear brands. Streetwear styles are something that has managed greatly to evolve and stay popular these days too.

If you are looking for the best affordable streetwear brands so that you can buy these clothes without breaking the bank, here you will get to know everything.

Affordable Streetwear Clothing Brands

  • What is Streetwear?
  • Tips For Styling Streetwear
  • Some Affordable Streetwear Clothing Brands
  • Stussy
  • Kith
  • Denim Tears
  • Diet Starts Monday
  • A-Cold-Wall
  • Brownstone
  • Huf
  • Renowned La
  • FTP
  • Post-Imperial
  • Walker War
  • Bricks & Wood

What is Streetwear?

Streetwear is a casual fashion style that was introduced and was also popular in the 1990s. Streetwear clothing means getting comfortable yet stylish clothing. These clothes incorporate different types of items, such as graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and others.

Streetwear style is inspired by hip-hop culture as well as skater style. If we talk about the people who follow streetwear, they are known as hypebeasts. There are many designers who focus mostly on creating designs for this style.

In short, we can say that streetwear is a stylish and contemporary dressing for the youth, music, and sports favorites. This style is one of the iconic genres of clothing today.

streetwear brands

Tips For Styling Streetwear

Street fashion is mainly about buying and selling limited-edition items. Though this may not be possible for all people, you can take the help of some ways to add streetwear fashion into your look without going out of your pocket.

Buy Sneakers

Sneakers are highly preferable by people to get a casual yet stylish look. If you want to make a big impact on your look with just one clothing item, sneakers are the best choice.

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Prefer A Single Brand

Wearing clothes of a specific streetwear brand is an important part of streetwear culture. It is very rare that you see people wearing clothes of different streetwear brands to get a single look. So, try your best to layer clothes of one brand at a time.

Go With Proportions

One of the biggest victories of the popularity of streetwear fashion is to bring sweatshirts into this kingdom of high fashion. When it comes to streetwear, you can wear baggy denim with an oversized sweatshirt and other loose-fitting garments. This is something that has the power to break the rules of proportion to get a fashionable effect.

Be Yourself

Always keep in mind that streetwear is about being yourself, where you can wear any clothes or items without worrying about how you will look or what others will say about your look. So, never hesitate to put together unexpected combinations.

Here are some of the cheap streetwear brands for you all.

Some Affordable Streetwear Clothing Brands


Stussy- street wear brand

This streetwear brand was launched in California in the 1980s as a small graphic t-shirt brand. It is one of the best cheap streetwear brands around the world and has offered global shipping since its establishment. 

The reputation of this brand has transformed from a chilled-out surfer store into one of the famous urban brands. One of the amazing things about Stussy is that regardless of its growing sales, the brand has not lost the vision of its origins. 

Stussy offers a variety of streetwear clothing, such as tees, bottoms, jackets, hoodies, and many more, at the cheapest prices. The brand has also collaborated with high-end designers and lite streetwear clothing

You will find Stussy tees and hoodies at a very low price, i.e., something between $30 and $80. In addition to this, you can easily buy a pair of streetwear jeans for less than $150. Isn’t it amazing? 


Kith- street wear brand

Once, Kith was a footwear brand, but now it is known as one of the cheap streetwear brands. It was originated in New York and has gained a position as a brand offering amazing and affordable streetwear sneaker collections. You will also love its clothing collection as well. The whole collection is popular among the streetwear community for its value of money.

This brand has also collaborated with various other famous brands, such as Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola, and others. Due to this collaboration, Kith has turned into a symbol among streetwear fashion.

The brand has a wide collection of logo-heavy patterns with loose and oversized styles, where it becomes a solution to cheap streetwear sneakers and technical clothing.

Denim Tears

Denim Tears- cheap streetwear brands

Denim Tears is another one of the best cheap streetwear brands that originated with a social mission. The founder of this brand, Tremaine Emory, has been supporting black culture and racial justice for many years. He even encourages all the collaborated brands to work with the same.

Recently, Emory worked on the design of Chuck Taylors on IG that was motivated by the painting ‘African-American Flag’ painted by one famous artist, David Hammons. 

Denim Tears offers a wide range of streetwear clothing for people looking for cheap streetwear fashion. This includes curated shirts, jeans, shoes, and many more.

Diet Starts Monday

Diet Starts Monday

This brand was launched with the aim of a retail and restaurant concept in Washington, DC. This store got too much success in the initial months. Then, the store was closed, but it didn’t end here. It became the brand that started offering cheap streetwear brands all around the country.

After a few years, Diet Starts Monday collaborated with many companies to offer affordable streetwear collections. Now, you can find streetwear clothing and other items within the range of $45 to $200.

The latest release of this cheap streetwear brand is a variety of streetwear tees with various anti-police brutality messages and ‘Stop Killing Black People.


A-Cold-Wall -cheap streetwear brands

The owner of this brand is Samuel Ross, a famous fashion designer in London. He started this brand by offering clothing with a British streetwear label. All the collection is a combination of functional design, quality fabric, and amazing architecture. With the change in the weather, he focuses on streetwear couture as well.

When a protest, ‘Black Lives Matter’ entered the UK, this brand contributed by making a donation to its BLM financial help program. The brand works by creating ten grants in a variety of categories, including streetwear fashion, urban planning, public administration, food services, and others.



Brownstone, one of the best cheap streetwear brands, was launched by Lebron James, James Harden, and the cool kids at Complex. This brand has contributed to various programs. Once, they designed and sold a shirt that had raised more than $45,000 to aid several BLM causes.

The brand was also considered for building the official merch for the Roots Picnic 2020. You will also find a huge collection of comfy shorts and cozy-cool hoodies that you can buy without breaking the bank.


Huf-cheap streetwear brands

This streetwear brand was launched by Keith Hufnagel. Later in the late 1980s, Huf encouraged skateboarding in the streets of New York. At the time, skateboarding was not as popular as it is today. But, it was connected to a strange combination of punk rock and hip-hop. This formed a counterculture of outcasts that was misinterpreted by the classic genres and the masses.

Keith Hufnagel was influenced by this way of living and introduced a skate streetwear clothing collection. Today, this brand has brought together some of the reputed brands that have marked their positions in the skateboard, streetwear, and sneaker communities.

This brand is worldwide known for offering streetwear pieces that are made by skateboarders and made for skateboarders. It is a representation of a refined and forward-thinking skateboard brand that offers its streetwear collection at the best prices.

Renowned La

Renowned La

This brand was determined by highly imaginative creative director John Dean. He focused on pushing street menswear to the next level. Nowadays, this brand puts efforts into diversity and sustainability, which can easily be seen in the streetwear collection labeled as ‘Against All Odds.

The streetwear collection of this brand discovers the American Dream and a variety of graphic t-shirts introducing the highlights of black culture since the Civil Rights Era.

The most recognized part of this brand is that all proceeds go to ‘The George Floyd Foundation’ and ‘Reclaim the Block’.


FTP- cheap streetwear brands

FTP (Fuck The Population) was established by Zac Clark at the age of 15 only. He started working as a designer for his friends that they wore in school. Also, these t-shirts had printed ‘FUCK’ on the back. Since its foundation, this brand has been known for offering affordable and controversial streetwear collections.

Zac Clark is a gun enthusiast who had once posted several photos of his firearms on the social media platform. Due to this, cops took action and raided the FTP warehouse. As a result of this, Zac was arrested and got bail of $415k.

One of the interesting facts about Zac is that he wears bandanas to defend his identity. He does this because he does not want to be the face of the FTP. He hesitates to make people recognize his identity

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This streetwear brand was created by Niyi Okuboyejo with the aim to design amazing streetwear clothing that has never been seen anywhere else. This brand is known for making clothes that shock people. Once they choose anything, there is always a story behind each creation.

This brand uses local Nigerian artists to hand paint the patterns on their clothing collection before dyeing fabrics. Once they are made, the exclusively designed fabrics are transported to New York, where these fabrics are cut and turned into shapes.

Whether you look for shorts, tees, or button-up tops, this brand has a breathtaking approach to designing each piece. Post-Imperial is not only popular for designing attractive streetwear products, but you can get their collection within your affordable budget.

Walker War

walker wear- cheap streetwear brands

This brand was founded by April Walker and is known for OG of the style. The streetwear collection of Walker War is quite popular these days. You can also see Jay Z, Aaliyah, Biggie, Tupac, and LL Cool J wearing this brand’s clothes. Many people love the way the founder designs the clothes to bring transparency about racism in the fashion industry.

April does all this through amazing clothing and style. You can also go through the brilliant and perspective essays on similar matters written by April. If you love streetwear clothing, you will surely get impressed with the cool designs of this brand.

Bricks & Wood

Bricks & Wood- cheap streetwear brands

The founder of Bricks & Wood, Kacey Lynch, is a powerful advocate for storytelling. When he introduced this clothing brand, he thought it was a stupid idea. But, he never refused to put it down. The brand started becoming popular due to its quality, genderless, and sustainability.

You can find the whole collection of this brand made with high-quality materials and top cutters and sewers. Moreover, most of the clothing pieces of this brand can be worn by both men and women. They aim to promote balance and equality.

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What is the best streetwear brand?

There are various best streetwear brands, but it is hard to recognize one as the best brand. Some of these include SUPREME, STÜSSY, A-COLD-WALL, BAPE, OFF-WHITE, CARHARTT WIP, WTAPS, KITH, CAV EMPT, CDG PLAY, PATTA, NIKE, and HERON PRESTON. If we talk about the top streetwear brands, these are Nike, Supreme, Adidas, Noah, Palace Off White, and Vetements.

What are some unpopular streetwear clothing brands?

It is true that not all streetwear clothing brands are able to gain popularity like other similar brands. Some of the unpopular brands include Half Evil 333 Clothing, Wacko Maria, Evisu, Meltdown lab, Noah Clothing, The Hundreds Clothing, Ghost Supply Clothing, Royal Surge, Stay Groundead, and Guacawole.

Is Stüssy still popular in 2022?

One thing always keeps in mind is that Stussy is a streetwear brand that has never faded or gained less popularity since its establishment. Yes, Stussy is still popular in 2022, providing a forward-thinking collection of streetwear collections. This brand has been respected and steadfast for around 40 years.