Have you noticed the upsurge of Korean skincare products or pop music? If yes, then you are not alone. With the passage of time, South Korea is leading viral beauty fads as well as cultural movements. It is believed that this rise is not different in terms of Korean street fashion trends.

If there is anything that people around the world should be familiar with about what Korean women are currently wearing. There, everything in fashion is linked to streetwear on various levels. Of course, there are several other things to be considered in the country. But, if we talk about Korean fashion, we have to look through several coolest and elegant street styles that make Korean women dominate the world in their unique style.

Even if you know the basics of Korean street fashion women styles, you may need to know several things to put them together to make a perfect look. If you know the basics but don’t know what to wear to get that great Korean style, you came to the right place.

From Where It All Started

Before moving to the main section of this post, let’s have some talk about Korean street style fashion. Since the rise of K-pop, K-fashion has begun to skyrocket and gained popularity around the world due to several reasons. With emerging K-pop stars and groups, more fans are getting inspired by their street style.

But, have you ever thought about what is common in Korean street fashion? This is something that you may be able to better understand after going through Seoul streetwear fashion shows.

The main inspiration of Korean street fashion for women comes from hip hop. This can easily be recognized by seeing the popularity of oversized and baggier clothes. Due to this reason, still many women are found to be conservative when it comes to K-pop fashion.

From initially to still, women tops are covered humbly in several ways, such as cover chests and midriffs. But recently, women are becoming mature enough to break out their shells and move further towards the fashion trends that show some skin, like off-shoulder tops.

If we go further, you will find that miniskirts and short skirts are also becoming popular in Korean street style fashion. If you want to stick to the modest nature, you can pair these skirts with hidden shorts.

What are you waiting for? Simply continue reading this post to give a glance at Korean street fashion for women.

  • Oversized Tops
  • Oversized Joggers & Cargo Pants
  • Tennis skirt
  • Blazers
  • Puff Sleeves
  • Matching Sets
  • Street Style Face Mask
  • Oversized sleeves
  • Accessories

Oversized Tops

Korean street style fashion loves its oversized tops. This style comes from a history where people were more conservative in fashion. At that time, it was hard to find the clothing style that was fitted on the women’s body to show off their body shapes. The fitted clothes were considered not appropriate for them.

Due to this, it was also hard to find the chest area in Korean fashion trends. Therefore, it results in the popularization of oversized tops that were earlier considered for their modest yet cozy nature. With time, now this fashion trend is still there, but there are slight modifications that become popular as Korean street fashion. It is added with shoulder slits and off-shoulder styles, where it shows a little bit of skin, and it becomes more acceptable.

Oversized-Tops-Korean Street fashion

You can find various oversized off-shoulder tops designed in different patterns with inspiration from current Korean fashion trends. Many of these outfits are more catered to the K-pop fashion, which usually is more daring and shows a little skin.

Oversized Joggers & Cargo Pants

Just like how Korean street fashion women love their oversized tops, we can say the same thing for the oversized joggers and cargo pants. As we have said earlier that the latest Korean fashion style is influenced by K-pop and music, this has resulted in finding a huge collection of unisex street style. It means genderless clothes are becoming more popular these days, including joggers and cargo pants. This kind of fashion style is not only versatile, but you can see this style on various occasions, where people love to go out in casual streetwear.

Oversized-Cargo pants

Like oversized tops, you have plenty of oversized cargo pant styles. Some women love to wear thick bottoms and prefer layering on top to get a perfect Korean streetwear look. The latest collection fits high-waisted to give a more feminine silhouette, regardless of genderless shape and cinches at the ankles.

Tennis Skirt

We all know that tennis skirts are not new; they have been in the trend for many decades. But, how is it linked to Korean street style? These types of skirts play a big role in Korean fashion style for women. Tennis skirts are more popular among younger Korean women. They prefer mostly to wear these skirts during the spring and summer months. We can also say that tennis skirts are popular as Korean summer streetwear.

Blazer Korean street fashion

Being versatile and more feminine, these skirts are generally worn with oversized tops or oversized sweaters. This Korean street fashion for women style does not seem to disappear anytime soon.

Young women love to wear plaid school girl style tennis skirts. One style of these skirts has a cheeky leg slit that allows shorts under the skirt to see by others. This style is quite popular in K-pop fashion and has become a preferred skirt style by younger Korean women. 


These days, wearing a blazer is no longer linked with business and work purposes only. As per the latest Korean fashion trend, this outfit has been flashed as a new wave of a fashion style where it can be worn with everyday loungewear. But, now, it is worn oversized as a new style statement in the same way as Korean women tend to wear oversized tops.

When you wear a loose blazer, it will make any outfit appear more casual due to its shapeless nature, but still, it has its own grace when you wear it.

Blazer Korean street fashion

Women who are inspired by Korean street fashion have started wearing oversized blazers over their casual clothes, such as a blouse and fitted bottom to get a clean look.

You can wear an oversized blazer with any kind of top you have. This style will look more like streetwear rather than everyday loungewear. A blazer is an outfit in itself that can be worn for fashion and style instead of just to look professional in your work.

Puff Sleeves

The trend of puff sleeves has come and gone many times. But as fashion is a cycle, therefore, the puff sleeves have again come as a new Korean street fashion women style. If we talk about Korean style, it draws more attention to your upper part, which means what you wear at the top matters the most. There is no restriction to the length of these puff sleeves. They can be small or long as per the style, like as short as shoulder length or as long as quarter sleeves. These sleeves are usually cuffed at the end to get that puffy effect, which is today known as puffed sleeves.


You can choose to wear a puffed sleeve with a zip-up chain crop top. You can find a variety of puff sleeves for the latest Korean fashion trend.

Matching Sets

Do you know that Korean matching sets are also a great trend these days? Whether you are with your partner or with your best friend, matching outfits with your favorite person always makes your bond stronger. Coordinating your outfit with someone very special to you is a great way to show your closeness with one another.

Whether you want to announce your relationship status to others or you want to symbolize your friendship, the idea of matching sets is very common. Friends prefer to wear the same outfit and themes to match with one another. Couples prefer to wear variations of the same clothes as per their respective gender.

This Korean street fashion for women can also be seen in Chinese street fashion and Japanese street fashion as well.

The best idea is to coordinate with your friends in the same outfit. You can choose to wear different shades of the same outfit.

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Street Style Face Mask

Wearing a face mask was never a fashion trend in any corner of the world. But, due to the current health concerns, it has become everyday wear. It is something that without it, you can’t even step out of your home. In various countries, including Korea, face masks are now being worn as a streetwear fashion.

Before this pandemic, face masks were only used for self-protection wear from the high pollution. Now, when face masks have become more normalized, many young people have started wearing them for fashion purposes. This, in turn, gave rise to the Korean streetwear face masks. Moreover, people have also started to personalize their face masks with their outfits.

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Oversized Sleeves

When we compare oversized tops and bottoms with oversized sleeves, they have arrived with different concepts. The oversized sleeves have a modest nature. Due to this, they had not gained more popularity than other Korean street fashion for women

Oversized-Sleeves-Korean street fashion

In this style, the length of the sleeves is too long that they reach longer than your arm length. This style can easily be understood as it is associated with youthfulness. It simply means that more fabric is required for these oversized sleeves. Thus, the bunching of excess fabric on the arm gives a doll-like look. If you want to look cute with the Korean fashion trend, this style will give you a youthful look.


Do you know that Koreans love to accessorize? This trend has become more popular in the past few years. When it comes to Korean street fashion, young women and even men love to wear different kinds of accessories to complement their looks. Some even think that more looks better, so they don’t feel afraid of wearing these accessories. Some even think that pile-up accessories give them the perfect look of a Korean fashionista.

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Final Words

When the world is paying more attention to Korean street fashion, many people prefer adopting different aspects of Asian trends. The Korean fashion trends discussed here are some of the common styles you might find in Korea. Many of these styles have been in the trend for years.

Some of the Korean streetwear continue to get popular with a little modification throughout the years, such as oversized tops. These modifications are predicted to be continued and will be evolved as fashion trends. To get the curated collection of Korean latest fashion, you have numerous brands and online stores to browse through