Fashion is something that we cannot ignore in any way, especially when we talk about teenage girls. Fashion is not just about wearing trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Here are some of the fashion tips for teenage girl that you must consider when getting ready for an outing, college, party, or any occasion.

But at the same time, one thing that most of the teenage girls and women do not know is how you carry your outfits. It means the confidence in what you have worn enhances your overall personality.

What you choose, what you wear and how you wear say everything without speaking even a single word. In this ever-changing fashion industry, sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out what you should wear for a particular occasion or event as well as what would look perfect on you.

The way you choose trendy outfits and the way you mix and match different clothes to get a complete outfit plays a great role in adding a statement to your style. These tips will ease your task of choosing the right outfits, accessories and all that suits you and your personality.

Best Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

When it comes to style and fashion for teen girls, you have numerous choices to experiment to make your own mark. Here are some of the best fashion tips for teenage girl to look fabulous all the time.

  • Keep everything balanced
  • Add solid color bottoms in your wardrobe
  • Make the best use of accessories
  • Hairstyle and Makeup is like icing on the cake
  • Additional Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl


Keep everything balanced

fashion tips for teenage girl


Being a teenager, you have the freedom to try all kinds of colors, styles, and outfits. Apart from your dressing, you can also experiment with your hair, like dye them in any color you want. You have unlimited choices to step out of your home in your own way.

So, you must always grab this opportunity and be confident in your chosen colors and styles. But, make sure not to mess and keep everything in balance. One of the best fashion tips for teenage girl is not going for too many colors in one outfit, like if you are going to wear an embroidered shirt/top, balance it with plain bottom and vice-versa.

Add solid color bottoms in your wardrobe

fashion tips for teenage girl

As we have said earlier that you are free to wear all colors. But, when it comes to bottom options, the best idea is to have solid colored bottoms; they can be trousers, pants, tights, or jeans. It will help in preventing you from having a rush while choosing a top, blouse or shirt. You must know that solid-colored bottom can easily match with any top color.

The best advice is to always have a solid white and a solid black dress in your wardrobe, also do not forget to have blue jeans in your clothing collection.

Make the best use of accessories

When we are talking about fashion tips for teenage girl, how can we forget to include the tip to make the best use of accessories with your outfits? No doubt the right outfit adds a statement to your style but adding accessories works great in enhancing your individuality.

You can choose to wear pendants, watches, earrings, bracelets and even hair accessories. It is something that adds shine to your dress

Even a simple pair of earrings or rings has the power to make a great difference in your overall look. So, the best idea is to have different colors of accessories and keep mixing and matching with the dress you are going to wear. You can even choose the accessories based on the occasion as well.

Hairstyle and Makeup is like icing on the cake

fashion tips for teenage girl

Fashion is not all about choosing stylish and elegant dresses or outfits for different occasions. To get a complete makeover, you can experiment with your hairstyle and choose to go for a different hairstyle for a day or an event. To have that bold and fashionista look, you can also try funky hair colors. But at the same time, you are advised to choose the hair color wisely.

Applying makeup does not mean that every time you go out, you have to wear a lot of makeup. A light makeup like eyeliner and a light color lip-gloss is enough to reform your image. You can also choose to wear lip-gloss or lipstick that completes your dress.

Also, make sure to use the waterproof and best-quality makeup products to avoid any kind of harm to your natural skin.

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Some Additional Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

  • Layering is always in trend and lets teen girls try different colors at once. You can pair a colorful vest with a colorful shirt or jacket on the top and plain denim as the bottom.
  • Crop tops look fabulous when it comes to the teens. A striped crop top in neutral colors or shades can be paired with a simple pair of denim. To make it trendier and to have a more fashionable look, you can wear accessories as well.
  • Bright colors work great for teen girls and they must have them in their winter wardrobe. You can wear a bright woolen cap and bright woolen scarf by keeping other outfits in neutral or light shades. This is one of the excellent fashion tips for teenage girl that you must go with.
  • Every teen girl must have a white vest in her wardrobe which can easily be paired with a blue pair of denim and sneakers for a stylish yet elegant look.
  • You must have a classic denim jacket in the blue shade as one of the best fashion accessories for teen girls. You can choose to have a little fitted or little big size jacket, here, both work great with other clothes.
  • Shorts and stockings are something that you must have in your wardrobe to make a stunning style statement. You can also add a cap and aviators to have the whole look.


Simply follow these fashion tips for a teenage girl and become a fashion genuine by finding your own style.So, try out different clothing styles and be comfortable in what you wear.