The hottest supermodel, Bella Hadid, revealed on her social media about being the new brand ambassador for the luxury crystal brand ‘Swarovski’. Swarovski has been one of the most well-known crystal brands for its unique design and quality work. Bringing a fresh face as its ambassador, Swarovski portrays the different sides of crystals in the image of a new-generation icon.

About The Campaign

After giving us the dreamy and sporty Burberry outfit at the Met Gala red carpet, she gave us a sexy lingerie dress, also by Burberry. And just when we thought Bella was going to tone it down, she yet again gave us some more thrilling news and photos about her new gig with Swarovski!

The campaign is lead by the creative designer of Swarovski, Giovanna Engelbert, and photographed by the famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. A crystal can take on many forms and are as transformative as Hadid has mirrored. Going from a sporty look, to a sweet gal, to a confident and fresh look, Bella shows the different images of crystals as the new Swarovski brand ambassador.

“Bella goes from sporty to glamorous while remaining the same girl with confidence and authority. In that sense, she conveys the values of Swarovski to perfection. Today, crystals are a dynamic part of our everyday wardrobe: a way of accentuating your individual style in a way that can be as casual as it can be elaborate. Bella is the poster girl for this state of mind.”

stated Giovanna Engelbert

Check out the campaign photos below: