On Sunday night, Mumbai’s largest fashion show came to a close with an impressive display of indigenous designs and textiles. Here are the best of the fashion extravaganza’s last day. Take a peek around

Hasttantr + Mehak Madan + KAZO

Hasttantr presented a selection of products that were inspired by nature. The khadi yarn was hand spun using only natural cotton fibers, resulting in hand weaving. Natural dyes and botanical eco patterns were applied in the garments, which have been known to have medicinal properties on human skin for centuries.

The collection served as a reminder to everyone that, just as each star among millions in a galaxy is unique, each of us has the beauty that should be cherished and embraced.


Summer soirees and dates were the focus of Kazo’s latest collection. There was something for the girl next door, from floral dresses to shimmering tops.


9 to 9 clothing was on display at Bureture, a corporate wear fantasy come true! The label attempted to recreate the modern bureau look with stylish and eye-catching styles that are a lovely combination of comfort and utility. The collection featured designs that not only reflected your professional prowess but also turned heads at any post-work social occasions!

Disha Vadgama

Disha’s collection was a tribute to an oasis, a location in the desert with water and vegetation. The collection represented a mirage: your search has not ended, despite appearances to the reverse.

Vespa presents Pallavi Goyal

Pallavi launched Ame, a collection inspired by today’s youth’s exuberant energy and infinite soul. This partnership brought Vespa and Pallavi Goyal together to honor and appreciate this unmistakable zeal. The vibrant color palette and fresh floral blossom embroideries utilized throughout the garment range provide the partnership with a very well-constructed illustration of this theme. The silhouettes went hand in hand with today’s youth’s liveliness and appeal.

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