For the last few years, long skirts have turned their position into a complete wardrobe staple from one of the hot fashion trends. Still, there is a common question asked by many women – “How to wear long skirts stylishly?”

A long skirt is a clothing piece that every woman should have in her closet. These skirts not only look fantastic but are also very versatile. When you style these skirts rightly, they give the perfect outfit for a range of occasions in every season. In addition to this, the chic style can flatter any body type. Whether you are tall or short, plus-size or slim, a long skirt is something that works great for all women. All you need to do is to choose the right design and style and pair it with the right top.

From a tulle long skirt to patterned skirts and pleated skirts, there are lots of long skirts styles to choose from. What makes it more popular is its usefulness, like you can wear them at formal events and as casual summer outfits. These skirts are truly a great wardrobe staple that looks fabulous on any body type.

Do you know other than wearing your long skirt with a tank top, you have a number of ways to style your skirt? Fortunately, here you will be able to get some trendy long skirt outfit ideas for a chic look. Let’s get this started.

Some Amazing Long Skirt Outfit Ideas Long Skirts with Crop Tops

  • Long Skirts with Button-Down Tops
  • Long Skirts with Fitted Tops
  • Long Skirts with Denim Shirts
  • Long Skirt with Layering
  • Long Skirts with T-shirts
  • Long Skirts with Boots
  • Long Skirts with Off-shoulder Tops
  • Long Skirts with Blouses
  • Choose Long Skirt Styles For Your Body Type

Long Skirts With Crop Tops

Just like you pair your high-waisted jeans with crop tops, you can get a great look by pairing your high-waisted long skirt with a crop top. This is one of the great ways to wear long skirts elegantly. No worries if you don’t like wearing a crop top due to any reason. You can opt for one that shows a little skin. One way is to wear a high-waisted long skirt, instead of a skirt with a normal waist type. It is a great way to wear long skirts in the summer months.

Whatever type of long skirt you have, you can never go wrong with pairing it with a white top. This long skirt outfit idea works great in picking up the primary shade of the skirt. This can be one of the easiest and favorite ways to recreate.

Long Skirts With Crop Tops

Long Skirts with Button-Down Tops

One of the most casual ways to style your long skirt is to pair it with a casual button-down top. You can opt for wearing a pleated maxi skirt if you have one, and you will surely love the balance of this complete outfit. When you are wearing a solid-colored long skirt, it will look great with a printed shirt. This is something that is a fabulous choice for picking up the color of the skirt.

Long Skirts with Button-Down Tops

Long Skirts with Fitted Tops

Do you have a gorgeous tulle long skirt? Or, do you have a long skirt in chiffon or silk? Are you wondering how to style your long skirt? Let’s talk about pairing your long skirt with a fitted top. You can either choose to wear a fitted long sleeve top or a bodysuit.

Long Skirts with Fitted Tops

Whatever type of long skirt you have, a fitted top looks great over it. This can also be one of the great long skirt outfit ideas for special occasions – that looks both gorgeous and glamorous.

Long Skirts with Denim Shirts

Do you have a denim shirt in your closet and have not used it for a long time? Now, it’s time to pair it with your long shirt to get an elegant look. Don’t be surprised! You can wear it with a long skirt without going out of style.

You can opt for wearing a skinny belt or a statement belt to define your waist. You must not miss trying this look, which is easy to recreate with any top of your choices, such as a short top, long-sleeved top, a tank, or any other. If you are wondering how to style your bright-colored skirt, you can go bold in contrasting colors. You can also go with some basics, such as a white T-shirt.

Long Skirts with Denim Shirts

Long Skirt with Layering

One of the easiest ways to enhance any look or to add attentiveness to any outfit is layering. When it comes to long skirt outfit ideas, adding a layer works great. Whether you are thinking of wearing a denim jacket or want to layer your outfit with a tank top and a cropped leather jacket, you will always be appreciated for your look. Layering gives a smart way to add style to your long skirt outfit.

Long Skirt with Layering

A black long skirt is a highly versatile item that must be there in your wardrobe. Another way to layer your outfit is to wear a long skirt with a denim jacket. This can be one of the great looks for the spring season. How can you add more style to this look? Go wearing a statement necklace.

To get this look, you can choose a solid-colored or striped long skirt and allow your skirt and necklace to do the talking.

Long Skirts with T-shirts

If you are looking for how to wear long skirts casually, you must try this look i.e., wearing your long skirt with a tucked-in t-shirt. Whether you have a plain casual long skirt or a blush long skirt, wearing a casual top is something that will make your look less dressy.

Long Skirts with T-shirts

You can become your favorite long skirt outfit idea for a casual look. This combination looks effortlessly stylish as every woman has a cute t-shirt in her closet.

Long Skirts with Boots

Before you pick to wear your long skirt with boots, it is important to know that it is not the easiest look to pull off. But, when this combination is done accurately, no one can stop you from getting a chic look. For this look, you have to pick a long skirt that shows a little ankle. You can style your skirt with a plain black top or any crop top, whatever you have. This is a great way to look gorgeous with long skirts.

Long Skirts with Boots

Long Skirts with Off-shoulder Tops

No doubt off-shoulder tops look stylish with whatever bottom you wear. They are easily available and look amazing with a long skirt. Wearing this long skirt outfit is the best choice for a dinner party or for any birthday celebration. If you think that you cannot wear a long skirt to a little formal setup, you are wrong. Just look at this outfit, and you will get to know everything. You can pair your long skirt with an off-shoulder lace top to get a classy outfit. Don’t forget to complete this look with a pair of heels or boots.

Long Skirts with Off-shoulder Tops

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Long Skirts with Blouses

Wearing a long skirt with a blouse is a fabulous look for an afternoon or evening party. You might have worn long skirts with t-shirts or stylish tops, but have you ever tried a blouse with it? If not, you must try this look.

All you have to do is to pick a well-fitted and simple blouse. Some blouses with collars and tie-up blouses always look great with long skirts. If you want to keep your look smart, not shabby, the best way is to wear a well-fitted long skirt. You can either choose to wear a long skirt made of silk or a similar material. It is something that will give you a structured look.

When you are not sure what kind of top will look perfect with a long skirt, simply go with a black or white blouse. It is one of the perfect long skirt outfit ideas you can always try without any second thought.

Long Skirts with Blouses

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Choose Long Skirt Styles For Different Body Types

1. For Short Body Types

Short women who don’t have many shapes can wear layered skirts as they will add texture and dimension. They can also wear pleated skirts with lots of texture and additional volume. Additionally, draped skirts and wrap-around long skirts are also great choices for short figures as they give a more flattering look.

2. For Curvy Body Types

Every curvy woman must wear long skirts as they look attractive and shapely in them. Curvy women can wear yoke-waist, box-pleated, and high-waisted long skirts. These skirts’ styles flatter curvy figures. They can also choose A-line skirts as they help in reducing wide hips and high waists and make them look slimmer.

3. For Tall Body Types

When it comes to long skirts for tall women, they look fabulous in all types of long skirts. These women can opt for flared, bodycon, and box-pleated long skirts. Mermaid and layered long skirts are also great to flatter their height.

4. For Short Body Types

Short women are recommended to wear closely matched colors as it helps in elongating their figure. Wearing one color is a great idea to give the impression of a long silhouette. In addition, it is also advised to stick to small prints instead of large prints. Always remember that large prints can marsh a small figure.

5. For Pear-Shaped Body Types

For women with pear-shaped body types, flared long skirts are the perfect option. These women have wider hips, and wearing this type of skirt makes them look more balanced by skimming over their hips. They can also wear smart pencil skirts and wrap-around long skirts to flatter their look. Wearing a cropped top or cropped cardigan works great in drawing attention to the waist. Similarly, wearing a baggy sweater helps in covering the hips.

6. For Apple-Shaped Body Types

These women have extra weight around their waist, which means they don’t have a defined waist to shape their overall figure. These women can wear pencil long skirts or stretchy bodycon, and pair them with a blazer in order to get a streamlined figure. They can also choose tulle long skirts and A-line skirts.

7. For Inverted Triangle Body Types

The women with inverted triangle body types look fabulous with box-pleated long skirts as well as asymmetrical long skirts. These types of skirts help in adding flared shape to their bottom.

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Final Words

There are a number of ways to wear long skirts, whatever the season – cold, spring, fall, or summer. To know how to wear long skirts, you must try these long skirt outfit ideas by choosing the right skirt as per your body type. 

If still, you are not sure, you can never go wrong with keeping it simple – just a white tee or a plain blouse. You have a number of options to play around with by layering with scarves, jackets, necklaces, etc. Get the best fashion-forward look!