“Winter clothing is all about having a classy outerwear” 

Wondering what to wear now that winter is here? No worries, we’ve got you alright. Coats, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and boots are a few things that may pop into your head after you hear winter. However, there is more to it than you can think of!

Winters might not seemingly restrict your dresses but give you seamless possibilities to upgrade them. Though dressing for winter can be hard, it’s not ‘that’ difficult if you have the right gears. On the contrary, winters can give you a chance to flaunt your styling skills even more since there are countless winter styles for women to choose from.

Hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, turtlenecks, scarves, leggings, long coats and boots are some of the essential winter outfits for women to have. But there are yet other winter fashion outfits that you can include in your closet because clothes are never too many to own, right?

The colors that you simply might want to eye on to dress for winter this year are bold and bright. Shades of red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green are trending this season. But these are not all, if you’ve got a darker skin tone, what you can opt for are neutral shades like beige, white and brown. These tones will set your style regardless of how you dress for winter.

Knitted Sweaters

Knitted Sweaters - How To Dress For Winter

Timeless as they are, sweaters never go out of fashion. Is there anything more comfortable than a warm sweater? All colors in sweaters never seem too much or too little.

To top it, you get a fairly good variety to decide on. Cable-knitted, wool-knitted, cashmere, and hand-knitted oversized sweaters are the fashion trends this winter. Jeans and pants both go well with sweaters if you wish to get an off-the-cuff look. Sweaters paired with a turtleneck or coat can be a wise choice too.

Another thing you’ll be able to experiment with could be a knitted dress. Sweater vests are back into the trend too for you to get your hands on! Sweaters may be your all-time go-to’s for winter whether you’re going back to school, market, or an outing.


Cardigans - How To Dress For Winter

Cardigans are absolutely adorable apparel! They offer you a snug as well as the girl next door look. The magic cardigans do is, they make you look slimmer and a tad bit taller too. Cardigans can go well with all shades, bright, pale as well as neutral. 

A cute cropped cardigan paired with jeans or pants is simply an ideal match. Or you can slide it over that pretty dress or skirt you’ve got and you’re done! 

Long and open cardigans over simple shirts, t-shirts, tops, tank tops, and even crop tops can get you ready for your hangout or office.

Cardigan vests together with a turtleneck and a skirt, jeans, or pants are also a combination you would like to wear as casual or formal attire. 

Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur - How To Dress For Winter

If you keep up with the trends, here you are! Go grab a faux fur coat or sweater for your wardrobe. A chic piece of clothing you can wear to a party or a special occasion, faux fur coats and jackets are dashing outfits to dress in winter.

You can layer your jeans or your party dress with a faux fur coat. Be it mid-rise, crop jackets, or long coats, faux fur will always dress you stunningly. Brown, black, white, and pink are some colors you can select.

With a color complementing your jacket, a few coordinating accessories and a pair of heels are all you need to get the look!

Leather Outfits

leather Jacket - How To Dress For Winter

One can never forget the OG leather jackets when it’s winter! Giving a bold and hip look, leather can be worn to your outings and parties. Leather jackets not only keep you warm but also make you look fashionable.

But now not only leather jackets, you can also wear leather pants and skirts, cause why not? Leather pants are currently a sensation and so you would possibly want to wear them even more. 

Leather dresses, if you are a keen fashionista, are what you should be looking for! Faux leather coats combined with a dress or jeans are also a terrific choice. Red, black, and brown are the colors to get that sassy image.


Turtleneck Outfits For Winter

Turtlenecks are ‘must-have’ winter outfits. Not only do they go with jeans, but they also make the best underlayers! Casual, formal, or party, any event you have to attend, turtlenecks may be your savior.

Sheer, funnel, knitted, slim, printed- any turtleneck top you own, pair it up with an oversized sweater, cardigan, coat, jacket, or blazer. This can be the easiest top to dress in winter 

Slim fit turtlenecks also give an elegant and urban look with a top, skirt or dress. A knitted turtleneck dress is also something you can doll up beneath a coat.

A cowl neck or pullover turtleneck sweater can be worn alone over skinny or flappy jeans and a pair of boots. You can achieve a complete black-on-black look with a black turtleneck and black jeans. 

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Coats And Blazers

Blazer - How To Dress For Winter

Coats and winters can ever be separated, can they? Winter outfits are all about chic coats and jackets. 

Long coats can give you any look you want, be it classy, sassy, saucy, elegant, sophisticated, vintage, modern, simple, or any other look in winter. Long faux coats, leather coats, plaited coats, printed coats, trench coats, etc. are a few of the many types of coats you can get your hands on.

Blazer layered over a turtleneck or any other top undoubtedly gives a fabulous look. An oversized blazer is the fashion vogue nowadays and you can’t help falling in love with it! As comfortable as it looks, blazers also make a stunning add-on over dresses. Pants, jeans, or perhaps skirts with an oversized blazer can do the work perfectly.



Shawls and scarves are very wise additions to your wardrobe. Scarves can be worn in multiple stylish ways and overall outfits. Above that, they keep you warm.

You can just tie your scarf in the front or just leave it hanging. You can maybe, double loop it around your neck and pass it through or tie a knot. Otherwise, you can drape a portion of the scarf around your shoulder in a fashionable manner.

Scarves can be worn above all the winter outfits like coats, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, dresses, etc regardless of the event you wear it for. 

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Now that you know how to dress for winter, you need something to complete your look. Boots can be a replacement for those shoes and stilettos you can’t wear during a snowstorm. However, you need to choose your boots carefully.

OTK, or as they are said, over-the-knee boots go well with almost any outfit, a dress or jeans. The other types you can explore are faux fur-trimmed, combat boots, hiking boots that are on the uptrend. 

With or without heels, boots can make any outfit a lot better. Kitten heel or wedge heel boots of a minimal height are perfect to style with your dresses in winter. Leggings and jeans can be paired with combat or thigh-high boots for all you want. 

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Beanies, Berets, and Bucket hats


To enhance your outfit, if you are looking for a cute, vintage, or funky accessory, these are something you might want to buy. Beanies, berets, and bucket hats can make wonderful add-ons to winter outfits.

Beanies have been a trend for decades and they aren’t getting dull anytime soon. The coat, jacket, or cardigan that you wore for your outing or maybe even to school will look a lot cooler with the addition of a beanie. 

Berets not only give a vintage but also a fresh, young, and slightly adorable image. The trench coat, long coat, or dress that you wore, now, upgrade it with a pretty little beret.  

Bucket hats are usually worn in summers. But you can also don it with your casual jeans, sweater, or cardigan this winter. Bucket hats give you the downtown look you desire. These small but stylish accessories can help you upgrade your attire entirely. 

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Final Words

So now you can explore for yourself how to dress in winter. Mixing and matching among these outfits will get you dressed up for any event you need to attend. This, even then, is not the limit. A wide range of winter styles for women is available to fill up the wardrobe. Meanwhile, these are some of the styling tips that can keep you on par with the trends. Winter clothes in reality bring out the best styling ideas than other seasons and leave a wider road to explore for ourselves.

Most of the celebrities, stylists, and fashion trendsetters around the globe can be seen rocking various winter outfits with their very own charms. And similarly, outfits inspired by them can be a good idea too. Or even better, we can add our own ideas to them.