Do you prefer wearing heels when attending any special occasion? If you want to glam up your outfit and overall look, it would be good if you have a pair of stilettos with metallic straps. 

It is a common statement that if you give a girl a perfect pair of footwear, she can win the world. No matter whether you believe this statement or not, a pair of right heels has the power to lift up the glam of any outfit. It is also true that every woman has a dream of having different kinds of footwear collections. Every woman loves to wear different footwear with different outfits, while some are fond of wearing footwear that matches the color of their outfit.

We also can’t ignore the fact that wearing an uncomfortable pair of heels can make you walk like a penguin. So, you should focus on wearing a pair of must-have heels that not only make you look taller but give you an air of confidence.

When we talk about heels for women, they have always been their best friends. But, it is important to buy the right pair of heels, such as stilettos is one of the must-have heels in 2022 that you can pair with any outfit and also, make your outfit look interesting.

Whether you love stilettos, pumps, kitten heels, or block heels, you will look stylish in whatever you have worn. If you are looking for the next pair of heels, you should know about different types of heels so that you can have one that you have never worn before.

Here, we have covered some of the must-have heels that every woman should have in her closet.

Heels That You Must Have In 2022

  • Stilettos
  • Pump Heels
  • Metallic Heels 
  • Kitten Heels
  • Lace-ups Heels
  • Block Heels
  • Slingback Heels
  • Mule Heels
  • Platform Heels
  • Wedge Heels


If you are looking for the best heels for women that create a statement of their own, stilettos are a pair of classic heels. You can pair these heels with denim and rock your style. Moreover, stilettos can be paired with any outfit. If you are going to choose stilettos for a wedding, it would be good to opt for different colors, such as green, red, yellow, gold, silver, etc.

These must-have heels in 2022 will help you look taller and however, slimmer as well. If you love wearing heels, you should have this type of heels in your closet. You can opt for marvelous lace-up stilettos or can choose a pair of heels with embellishment. One thing is for sure these heels are perfect for making a striking statement.

Stilettos- must-have heels

Pump Heels

Pumps are one of the perfect pairs of must-have heels for women to give your height a classic look. If you know about kitten heels, they are similar to them, but they have a close-front design. These types of heels are a great choice for formal and informal occasions. Pumps give a sophisticated look.

These heels are a fabulous footwear option to enhance the glamour quotient. You can opt for wearing these heels with slim-fit jeans and enjoy a perfect look. If you are working on building a stylish heels collection, you must not forget to invest in pumps.

Pump Heels- must-have heels

You can opt for different must-have heels colors and patterns, such as a pair of heels in leopard print or in plain color. You will be amazed to find a pair of black or nude pumps is something that ensures becoming your go-to heels options. They are also a perfect choice to wear on your weekly 9-5 job.

The effortless idea is to combine these heels with jeans or a cocktail dress for social gatherings.

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Metallic Heels

Wearing a pair of metallic heels is something that will set all eyes on you. If you are planning to shop for heels that can be worn on special occasions or looking for the right pair of heels for a wedding, you must buy a pair of metallic heels. These heels are perfect for adding bling to your outfit.

You can opt for any color of your choice. But, having a pair of metallic heels in silver, gold, purple, etc., is something that works great in giving a gorgeous look to your attire.

Metallic Heels- Must-have heels

Kitten Heels

Do you want to add something exclusive to your fashion goals? Are you afraid of wearing long heels but still want to try heels? Wearing a pair of kitten heels not only makes you comfortable with heels but also looks amazing. For women, who feel really painful with stilettos, kitten heels are the best choice for them.

Kitten Heels- Must-have heels

Kitten heels come in less than three inches. They are a great must-have heels option for travel and even for semi-formal occasions. The classy look and the level of comfort enable them to gain a position in the list of must-have heels for women. Whether you are going to wear them with jeans and t-shirts, a midi dress, or a power suit, these heels feel both feminine and relaxed.

Even if you are on the taller side and want to wear heels, you need to refrain from wearing heels, especially when you have a pair of kitten heels in your footwear collection. It is good to have something that you will love to wear, with almost all outfits.

Lace-ups Heels

Whether you are going to wear a printed skirt or a sweatshirt, lace-up heels are something that you can never go wrong with. These types of heels are very much similar to ankle straps that are great for holding your ankles gently. But, in lace-up heels, you will have lace in varied colors, which you can stay in any area of your leg, somewhat 4-7 inches above your ankle.

must-have heels - Lace Up Heels

If you are wearing a short black dress, nothing would be better than pairing it with lace-up heels to get a smart and stylish look. These heels give more elegant and feminine vibes, along with giving a strong and sexy tone to your overall look. If you are the one who loves wearing short dresses, don’t miss investing in lace-up heels.

Block Heels

When it comes to comfort and designer footwear, block heels are another staple to be added to the must-have heels list. Block heels that come with sleek straps are something that gives a modern classic look. You can find a variety of block heels that are not only simple and glamorous but can also be worn on casual occasions. In other words, we can also say that these types of heels are available for every look and occasion.

Block Heel Type

Stilettos are the type of heels that are not comfortable for every woman. But, block heels make you feel comfortable by distributing your body’s weight equally. The design of these heels is such that they reduce a little pressure from the front of your feet, thus giving you a more comfortable stand. They look super stylish. 

Slingback Heels

These types of heels are known for their sophistication and timeless look. Whether you are styling yourself with an office outfit or romantic silhouettes, you can pair your attire with slingback heels. These are something that has the power to make your outfit feel more refined quickly.

Slingback Heels- Must-have heels

These heels have a thin strap around the heel that helps in securing your foot on the shoe. If you are fond of building a stylish footwear collection, it is advisable to invest in slingback heels with a light neutral hue. The heels in white or tawny are the best forever-chic option.

Mule Heels

These types of heels have open backs that are also considered as one of the best must-have heels in every closet. These heels come in a variety of styles. You can find mule heels with closed-toe designs, strappy silhouettes, and even an open front.

If you are the one who prefers wearing slip-in heels instead of using your hands to put your footwear on, mules can be the best thing here. No doubt, these heels were highly trendy in the 90s. But, they have been making a big comeback in a variety of designs and colors. Mule heels in a velvety textile look fabulous with any outfit. 


Platform Heels

Not all women feel comfy in wearing platform heels. But, when we talk about heels for women, the fact is that platform heels are one of the most comfortable and supportive types of heels in the market. Though these heels are not a great choice for everyday wear, you can pair them with elegant gowns or long jeans to get that vivid effect.

You can also try platform high heels with short dresses to get a chic look. What you must know is that these heels are usually a few more inches in height than your heel. You can opt for wearing platform heels for night-outs, and they are also best for off-the-clock occasions.

Platform Heels- Must-have heels

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Wedge Heels

If you are after buying comfortable heels, wedge heels can make you stand out in your group by offering a high level of comfort. These heels have a base made of materials from croc-embossed leather to wood. You can also choose the one with an ultra-modern design that is styled with metallic leather straps. You can also opt for wedge heels without straps.

Wedge Heels

It is true that comfort and heels do not work well together, especially when you have to wear heels for the whole day. But, wedge heels ensure to give you a pleasant experience, along with giving a fashionable look.


What heels should every woman have?

If your lifestyle does not call for heels or if you are the one who is afraid of wearing more than three inches of heels, kitten heels are the best heels you should have in your closet. For heel lovers, there are numerous types of heels that they should invest in. These include stilettos, wedges, pumps, block heels, slingbacks, and others. All these heels can be paired perfectly with all outfits.

Which heels are most attractive?

High heels are most attractive. You can choose from different types of high heels available in different colors, styles, and designs. The most common type of heel is stilettos that attract women to wear them stylishly on any special occasion.

What type of heel is in Style 2022?

You can find a variety of heels in style this year. These can be block heels, kitten heels, mule heels, platform heels, slingback heels, and other types of heels. The best part of these heels is that they look gorgeous and can be paired with any attire. 

Are chunky heels in Style 2022?

Yes, chunky heels are not going anywhere this year too. Chunky heels are a perfect pair of footwear for women who want something more stylish, elegant, and something with a unique design.

What are the types of heels?

There are different types of heels, such as block, mule, kitten, lace-up, wedge, pumps, platform, Cuban, comma, cone, slim, square, spool, etc.

What type of heel is most comfortable?

Platform and wedge heels are some of the most comfortable heels for women. Always keep in mind that the lower and thicker heels are more comfortable than high heels with slim style. The thicker and lower heels put less pressure on your feet and keep your legs and feet muscles well balanced.